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70 801 views | 8 Sep. 2019
70 801 views | 8 Sep. 2019

New series from Siri Sims Studio


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Hope you like this video.

Thank you very much for watching it.

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Pose & Animation credit,


Izack Simer 2.2


Chantilly Sims Production


Ideal simsfour

Enamorado Studio



kelvin city



MS StudioGaming



Error 404 Phillips

Expressive Girl

Music credits,

Most music from:

7:36 LAKEY INSPIRED - The Process


Hollywood sign


Kevin's home -BellePinte

School - Lionking2112

Hair salon - Kyla5sos

Target - brebh

Steve's home - Manondclt

Airports- tostita


Maya and Tara's home - tennczowy

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WOW are you sure we're both playing the sims because yours looks so much better than mine lol.

FairyArmy BtsTail

damn her sister missed out on meeting a hot boy

Glyn Newton

So perfect xo

Ruthy jj

I am in love with kevin

Nars si Siszt

Heya! I saw one of your vids in my recommended so I checked your channel. You're great with the storylines and editing. I have subscribed to your channel since im your new fan already. Well, im also new in youtube and creating stories. Hope you'll check mine soon. Let's support each other.

minni paws

I'm so excited


I've been waiting for this so much, let's do this! First off where is that amazing song from, it sounds amazing? Tara and Maya are so gorgeous, love that they are twins too. The two hairstylists where stunning, I loved the woman's hair and guy was smoking stunning! I loved how nice Alex was being to Maya [Tara] so lovely. Was funny when Kev's mom asked if he wanted to pick up Maya but he would rather play games. Maya's room was stunning, it actually gave me a lot of inspiration for my building, so thank you! Kevin and Maya look very adorable together in the car, aww. Steve is handsome, he looks like a jock. OMG when Kevin and Maya got romantic I thought that was amazing and I really hope they get together! This episode was so amazing, I loved every single bit, it kept me watching, so amazing! Good job as always


dang this was my student exchange fantasy hahahahah

Bubbl Gum

She didn’t actually switch the hair at the salon, the one with pink hair is wearing long socks in the way in, and On the way out

Cassandria Fleure

Oh la la la la la !!! Mais c'est ouf comme chaine !!

Michelle Austria

I actually love this! Great story!

HeyItsJes :D

omg! the twins are beautiful!

Ekmani Devi

Can you make another series like this but in that can you find a couple for Maya... Please! But I am not forcing you please...this series is cool so please.. ❤️❤️

katie anderson

Hey there! I love your channel! I just liked your video and subscribed :) I just need to say your videos are amazing, you have so much talent! I only hope I can be as good as you one day x
I'm new to YouTube and I'm trying to build it up and get to know more people. I'd love if you could support me and subscribe back. My channel features a LOT of Sims 4 videos as I am obsessed with the game and building! Can't wait to see and support more of your content! X

Melissa Nilsson

Me stuffing my mouth full with popcorn:
Them walking through the door:
Me again: Gacha logic


Ah, I love the kdrama ending!! Hehe!! But I can’t wait for episode 2. I so ship “Mevin” or “Tevin” or Kaya/Kara. But I wonder is Maya [Who is acting like Tara] going to be making an unexpected appearance in America? I can see this series going in so many directions. Like, I can already since a dope finale.

Lexie Marrufo

i kinda cringed but this is good

Patricia Garcia



me at the end oh he drunk bruh

Jada Brenner

Why is everyone talking about Maya and Kevin when Tara went to the USA for her?

Rornao Ruivah

I'm I the only one who cringed alot seeing the Uniforms =_=

Adrianna Bronkema

What is the song called 0:00

YunaMeia Reed

Aw, this is so cute. I wonder how the first day of school for her will be..

Its A Kay Simmer

that was awesome Siri.. Kev is so cute (pixel thurst).. I can't wait to see what happens between the two..

Twins LLitU

Aw, Siri. I loved this so much! Kevin is cute and Maya is so pretty. I like how Tara was all like I don’t want to go to the USA, and she confided in her twin sister. I also like how they have different styles. Oh, I might be getting the twins confused. Is Tara as Maya, and Maya as Tara? Hehe


Great series! And completed, so I can watch every day a part!

Black Team

I love your series

Yuu Ninth

Woww new series...! Screaming fangirling Noise

This is good too!! I luv the story... And still want to see where the story will go...


Btw the twins look soo cutee, and other characters is made beautifully too! I will wait for another new characters later!! And thnks for the good job and work hard!!

Miss CaT

Aweee siriiiii this is soo cute

noname noname

7:19 why he look like a 12 year old

Game Genie

Oh my just made my day siri...thank you

noor Az

When i bored i love to see your channel.your channel make my day happy.not bored.thanks for it.


where are maya and tara from?