DBZMacky Joseph Joestar VS Kars POWER LEVELS All Forms - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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DBZMacky Joseph Joestar VS Kars POWER LEVELS All Forms - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

18 722 views | 11 Apr. 2020
18 722 views | 11 Apr. 2020

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John Krain

hmm.. I just realized something. so Joseph Joestar isn't real blood sibling of Joestar family as real one got killed by Dio in the boat. Joseph Joestar is actually some baby Elina picked up when real Joestar died.. so their entire bloodline was stole by someone.. :(

Emanuel Ursan

Finnaly more JoJo


So no novel kars ?


I don't their power are weak like that but its your oppignon i think this https://youtu.be/uNQaQerzoKM look more logic for me.

Kaido Oroshi



These are just random numbers, they are not correct.

Platinumbeat 007

Whats the name of the soundtrack??

Déjà Boo

Hey, DBZ Macky, I joined your discord server but everyone there are only 8 people there and they are mean...

Brick Battle

Abandon hospital sound


Joseph’s Luck is stronger then Goku.

Ali Muhammad

Now do a wammu vs esidisi power level video


Novel Kars power level = Infinite


How is ulf Lars only 250??


Sniper: Medic i like kars theme
Medic: Kars theme? More like vars theme


Joseph saying ur next line is
PL: Infinity

harun kilicer

Tf you talking? Ultimate Kars is literary immeasurable cause he can copy every and anything but better

- Najin

I got a question, how is the super Aja stronger then the ultimate life form? how Kars obtain the power is with a mask and super Aja plus a literally vampire (Kars)capable of killing 100mil other vampires? This is not a hate comment but for myself a little confusing to read

Broly Legendary Super Saiyan

Darn old joseph weak
Young joseph could beat up dio in few minutes

Edit : Miss click

Victor Lima

do jotaro vs dio power levels

will wh

I like how joseph luck is immeasurable

adeleine the artist

Joseph Joestar is the strongest character, he can easily beat Goku.

jestem nie wazny

kars ultimate form vs dio or diavolo who would win

Chase Dreemurrz

What if joseph stayed young forever

Mr. Stealth Mode

In my opinion kars is like over a 100 times stronger than full power Joseph.

Jotaro Kujo

Can we see an ssj Joseph

UniversalWarriors Power Levels

Nice vídeo Bro. Keep growing

sangi vs zami



Davon King


DB Disciple

Great video

Kira Yoshikage

Actually the music is pretty good



Gia Huy Lê Trần

Caculate that:
Dio(part 1) < Kars( light mode )
Dio( part 3 ) > Kars( light mode )
Dio( part 3 + joestar blood ) < Kars( ULF )
But with heaven ascended dio definitely can't be beat by ULF kars


Joesph uses RUN AWAY

Goten TZ Pl

I’m speedy again like gohan

Terry Douglas

Diavolo vs dio power levels

Dark Gamer

this not kars real power

adeleine the artist

Joseph Joestar power levels (my version):

Kid Joseph: 5
Kid Joseph (Hamon): 10
Joseph Joestar (Base): 11
Joseph (Suppressed Hamon): 20
Joseph (Tommy Gun Attack): 54
Joseph (Grenade Barrage): 81
Joseph (Weak Hamon): 110
Joseph (Hamon Overdrive): 200
Joseph (Clacker Volley): 555
Joseph (Hamon Training): 999
Joseph (Rebuff Overdrive): 3000
Joseph (Airplane Crash Attack): 120000
Joseph (w/Super Aja): 999.99 Undecillion
Old Joseph (Part 3): 6
Old Joseph (Hamon): 666
Old Joseph (Hermit Purple): 10000
Old Joseph (Hermit Purple + Hamon): 6990000
Old Joseph (Part 4): 3


Bro I also make PW videos
Anyone who subs to my channel i will sub to his


Whats the song name?

Milectrical Morality

Next time, do Jojo vs other anime characters.

Lukas Bader

Could young joseph beat jotaro

Giorno Giovanna

Can you make JoJo parts Power levels? Like The dragon ball sagas Power levels


Ultimate kars 400- but isn’t he the ultimate life form


Could you do RWBY power levels

Goten TZ Pl

Remember me DBZ from your other

Dr Jotaro Kujo

Yay you finally make Joseph vs kars next time do jotaro vs dio and his stand,

Crick_ Nerd

I am making a all Joestar 1 to 8 with the game eyes of heaven power level the video will upload 20 April my second channel link-https://youtu.be/_d3HY8yI-VA where the video will be. Upload

Sami Dragon Ball



How do you not notice Joseph defeated 3 Aztec pillar gods by himself with barely no help and you say his max should be

lamaita 69

How theme name in video is?

Uomo Ago

Lmao ultimate Kars is a lot more than powerful than "240"

Razif Fadhil Akbar

Kars novel op

The Great Guldo

If kars copied the genetic DNA Of a Saiyan from DBZ He be OP As hell

Ryan Ryan

Imagine being the ultimate life form then losing to a 19 year old that is nowhere near your power

Blame araki

Will Livingstone

Prime part 2 joseph>normal kars. It was quiet literally shown when Joseph blitz through kars bone blade and destroyed it with hamon overdrive. Also being much faster than kars as to go around him.

Mr. 69

I like the poses in the thumbnail


Ultimate kars=700PL
Joseph Josetar: youre stronger than me but not smarter than me

mark likes games

Kars has the cells of every lifeform hes like a possibly stronger cell

lil L

When ur simple breathing is strong than a tommy gun

Very cool araki,very cool