Elder Scrolls Online - Auridon - Valano Manor Skyshard (PC)

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Elder Scrolls Online - Auridon - Valano Manor Skyshard (PC)

7 812 views | 31 Mar. 2014
7 812 views | 31 Mar. 2014

2. "Adorns Valano's terrace."

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To skip the quest - enter into the backdoor of the Valano Manor by going down to the beach and climbing a ladder. Quest for the key - To open the door you need to do two parts of a quest chain that starts with Elenwen located across the bridge West of Silsailen. The quest is Teldur's End, which leads to the npc Hanilan for the next quest Real Marines. At some point in the quest you get the key from the guardsmen outside the tower. The skyshard is now yours!

Sylvain Frenette

How did you get permision to monitise a video with eso copyright footage. I asked for permission and they said they don't grant permission for that.

James Darmody