Klondike Adventures- Scalp | full Walkthrough | by amazing gameplay

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Klondike Adventures- Scalp | full Walkthrough | by amazing gameplay

205 179 views | 26 Jul. 2018
205 179 views | 26 Jul. 2018

watch energy walkthrough

Everything about Energy | Klondike adventures


thanks for watching :)



Klondike adventures scalp full Walkthrough


Rupal Singhal

In the trader set how do you get chains in the hunting set instead of cupcakes???

Xxxccc Jyrgnnc

This game will cheat you they will not fix any problem you have and they were all about my money my opinion play this game if you'd like to b cheated


how could you have 800 + energy in the beginning```?????????

Terry Robison

Trying to find all of the scarlet gems for the trader in scalp

Venancio Hernandez Chumillas

I am ON scalp :D
LVL 28

Nabila Badrawy

Thank you so much for your help


how do you hide high caves and trees? so they are short


They are so greedy with rewards and energy, makes me weary of the game

syed moin

Thank you so much for your best video..

Tasfia Prima

you missed a box..its before the last bridge,behind the torch by the quartz pile. btw your videos is what's keeping me playing or i'd be lost

Ashley Oliva

In my collections, i dont get any money for completing a set. All i get is the items. Whats the deal?


When my interest in the game begins to slip...I check your videos! Thanks

Alan Pearson

The energy depletion is certainly very annoying. Determined not to pay out any cash so it takes AGES to do anything. Also - once the main quest has been completed, why not "show all" the remaining boxes and rewards for easy collection..... You did the main quest so give something back. Like others, I am getting tired of the game as it takes waaayyy too long to progress.

ama sakura

Thank you(T^T)(T^T)

priyanka soni

How do u get energies

Tanya Simmons

How do you manage to get that much energy? Lack of it is killing my interest in the game


how do you hide the trees????

Paulie Scorpiomoon

Mine is not the same. Any more recent videos for scalp?

Melissa Vance

Mine isn't set up this way


please zoom out more <3

Mami Loui

Thank you ! Very helpful !

Christy S

Where do u find Royal Ruby's?