Riders of Icarus - How to Tame Lynic

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Riders of Icarus - How to Tame Lynic

29 132 views | 18 Jul. 2016
29 132 views | 18 Jul. 2016

I'm in the Sea of Hakanas to tame the flying lizard Lynic! The hardest part of taming this familiar is farming the parts to make a Silencing Scroll! Find everything you need to know about taming Lynic in Riders of Icarus in this video!

utubn guugles


Awesome vids dude!

Krishnan James

lol man how do you get so many familiar orbs ? and what was the name of your ground mount :) gr8 vids btw


Let me help you :) The quest : threat of the frost guard. In order to find the heavy Infantry guard you have to go to the shinny purple orbs at the quest location and kill all enemies in there. Keep killing them and Heavy guard will spawn as you kill them. Your welcome.


I remember fighting the boss in the rainbow reef. It was really really tough. Since I was a priest, I am too squishy to tank multiple damage from the mobs around the boss so I had to 1v1 him. To do that, I kited him up stairs to the small circle rooms lol

Ryan Wood

Good video man! You've helped me 2 years now, thanks for your fabulous advices ❤


Ahhh, your videos are always so entertaining to watch. Thank youuuu~

KP Melo

is the ellora storage shared between char?


it's hard man ;-;

KP Melo

and its not ez men for poor ppl ;-;


tell the guys i aint dead my tinterweb is fcked at the moment

The Wielder

Striped Seawings are also better to kill for the Essence because they drop the Yvoke mark recipe, got 2 of them while getting the essence

Dragon Borne

Im like your dragon!

Dragon KnightWV

what is the dragon u used because it looks cool


이대로 흥했음 하는 ㅎㅎ


How do you tame Windrunner? Pla help

Jefferson Mendonça

How do I get the Gyreon?


how can i ubgrade my place for the skills?

Mihail Dragov

You should do Yvoke next

Heather Proudstorm

Where is the Striped Seawings located?


Why you stop uploading videos man? Your vids really help me with this game

Riaval Lavair

He talks like a douch