ESO PVE Magicka Dragonknight Build 84k DPS - Greymoor

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ESO PVE Magicka Dragonknight Build 84k DPS - Greymoor

2 160 views | 20 Jun. 2020
2 160 views | 20 Jun. 2020

Vampire and Non-Vampire setups! This is an easy static rotation. More detailed info below.

rotation 00:14

Cmx report 04:32

Build info tab 04:38

For the vampire setup we have a healer providing healing springs without any other (set) benefits. We did this so the basic rotation doesn't have to be adapted for self healing and can be used directly in raids. It also makes it a fair comparison between classes.


Front bar: Scalding Rune, Flames of Oblivion, Blood for Blood, Burning Talons, Inner Light, Shooting Star

Back bar: Barbed Trap, Elemental Blockade, Eruption, Burning Embers, Engulfing Flames, Standard of Might

ROTATION (LA = light attack, BFB = blood for blood):

Buffs before combat: Potion, Flames of Oblivion, Scalding Rune, Eruption

LA - Barbed Trap - LA - Elemental Blockade - LA - Burning Embers - LA - Engulfing Flames - BARSWAP - LA - Burning Talons - 8x LA+BFB - LA - Burning Talons - 3x LA+BFB - LA - Scalding Rune - BARSWAP - Restart

* If Flames of Oblivion or Eruption runs out, replace one Blood for Blood with it

* Use Ultimate whenever it is up. Standard of Might is the best Ultimate for static fights.

* Try to save one Standard for execute

* NON VAMP: replace BFB with force pulse or molten whip

* Solo VAMP: use structured entropy or time the casting of burning embers


The best gear changes depending on the type of fight.

In the video + static fights: Maw of the Infernal, Perfected Siroria, Elf Bane, Maelstrom Inferno.

Moving fights: replace Siroria with (Perfected) False God's Devotion

AoE setup: False God's Devotion+Mother's Sorrow+Grothdarr (unstable wall, mystic orb, eruption, engulfing flames, spam force pulse).

vMA: False God's Devotion + Mother's Sorrow + Iceheart/Slimecraw

Beginner + alternative setups: Burning Spellweave, Mother's Sorrow, Julianos, illambris, new moon acolyte, zaan,


Altmer is the best choice for DPS but Breton has better sustain, alternatives are Dunmer and Khajiit. Your sustain will be affected by vampirism. Keep in mind that your racial choice might affect your food options and sustain: Clockwork citrus filet, Witchmother's potent brew, Artaeum pickled fish bowl, blue max hp & mag food. In the videos we use Ghastly Eye Bowl for magicka classes to make them all comparable.


Shadow is the main mundus to go for. Sometimes you might have to swap to Lover like vMA, groups with no alkosh/crusher,...


* Prismatic enchantments go on the backbar

* Ranged fight: replace trap with channeled acceleration, replace BFB with force pulse

* If you need a shield, replace inner light or scalding rune on front bar

* When you are used to the class, try moving over to a more dynamic rotation as this will increase your dps.

IMPORTANT: The main aim of these videos is to show builds by and for guildies. We don't claim to be the best of the best at what we do, but instead we want to showcase a build to help people learn and progress at a class that they enjoy playing. Because of this we don't adapt our gear or rotations to get a perfect dummy parse, but we show how we would use these classes in actual combat situations: both for absolute beginners and for experienced players.


emerging from the lights

by TeknoAXE

Joe L

Is inner light a flex spot that can be replaced since getting major prophecy from flames of oblivion or is it the best skill to have slotted since it adds magika?

Joe L

is it 7 light armor? or is it 1 heavy, 1 med, 5 light?

Mobashar Syed

Hey could you make a video for StamNB but showcasing non-meta set combinations for sets like tzogvin's, new moon acolyte & aegis caller?


Good video