What Is THAT?! Pokemon Uranium #6

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What Is THAT?! Pokemon Uranium #6

126 938 views | 28 Apr. 2018
126 938 views | 28 Apr. 2018

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Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen


W. L.

"snoo is the lowest level"

birbury: am i a joke to you?

Dianne Ramos


Marcelo Vieira

QOTD: Cynthia's encounter in White without knowing who Cynthia was

Anonyomus Stryker

Micheal, I know you don't know me in real life, but I feel like we could have been friends in real life if we ever met up cause we think alike sometimes. Like that was a Sonic type of a pokemon even before you said it. That looked like a cool pokemon btw. Kinda weird, but cool.

Jude Anoquah

QOTD either an unix in the grass or a random fishing shiny barboach


QOTD: finding a golden bug (shiny!). but then it blew up. :(


Which application sped up the game and where can it be found?

Ton Of Ash

QOTD: A shiny Zacian

Rusty GreenBean7

QOTD: In Sun, i was battling a cottonee and it called for help and a shiny one came, i was a stupid 11 year old and traded it for a not shiny japanese Lunala


The most surprising encounter I have had was encountering a Shiny Slowpoke in Seafoam Islands in LeafGreen.


mikey- everything is garbage
snoo- gets stab move that mikey predicted
mikey- LESS things are garbage

Ethelvee Mataga

QOTD: When I got a shiny Rockruff in Ultra Sun I named it Alpha

magor squad

Shiny gible

Maxwel 123

QOTD: shiny suicune on route 1(it was the sixth encouter of the game)

Ruth Cotal

When there are battles that are absolute crap can you skip ahead?

Jai DeSilva

Qotd: me getting a shiny charmeleon from the island scan in ultra sun

Also it was first try first island scan

GiratinaReaper Gaming

I rewatched 22:33 6 times just to hear mikey's expression


QOTD: Latios in SoulSilver. Dude jump-scared the frikk out of me one day

G-Hong Robert Hsu

You know how Mickey is really liking the graphics and controls of this game, well compare that to sword and shield


The true definition of “oh yeah it’s big brain time”

Christina S

Ditto has a 10 percent chance of spawning


I'm going to have nightmares tonight

Luke Maleski

No one gonna question why snoop learns metal claw?

kendrick barber

A shiny shadow armard mewtwo

Colin Devoti

QOTD: I randomly found a shiny Mr.Mime in pokemon sword (comment made in 2020) and evolved it immediately. I was hunting for stonejurners (a pokemon in pokemon sword) and accidentally killed 3 OF THEM


latios while surfing pokemon emerald


QOTD catching an abra

Boys Dewar

people : SNOO is the lowest level
birbury : am i a joke to you?

Leo Finnan

A shiny magikap first encounter fishing


My most suprising encounter is when I started a sword playthrough and I got a shiny blipbug on route 1

blade gamer

qotd that random shiny in usum via ultra worm hole did not know that that the shiny chance increced when i found it

Karl Tana

Brailip is Water/Psychic type and....you already know

Jai DeSilva

One thing brailip is really goofy and ugly ass hell sorry if I am offending but it is

Shiny Zygarde 100%

Grass starter is grass /steel


QOTD: A Regirock in the Ultra Wormholes. First legendary I have ever caught that wasn't the games normal legendary

Fabio Spiller

"Well, guys... we need a water type"
I was waiting for this moment

Isaac Tolman

A random encounter mankey that I killed because I thought it was normal...
This was on my first pokemon game so I did not know


QOTD: a full odds, shiny lickitung, wright when i enter the final layer of Cerulean Cave .

Christina S

The most surprising encounter was a ditto

X Dragon

QOTD: 1st encounter shiny Mewtwo

Douglas Pruitt

QOTD answer:A wild shiny Dragonite In let's go eevee

Smokeymtn MP4

QOTD Randomly coming across latias in the ocean after already catching latios in theta emerald ex

Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen

Medulla oblongata, nope. That's probably a similar situation to brainstorm

Martha Paris

My goodness I had a ditto encounter and he turned into the dragonair that I was training and it was shiny

Debabrata Roy

QOTD:Random Shiny electabuzz in fire red

Ella-Mae Woods

QOTD: a random shiny litten in my ultra moon playthrogh

Metal Bat Fan

Magikarp: hey at least I'm not Fortog
Michael: your almost equal on annoyance.


QOTD : I caught a shiny pancham

Kirk Axel Arao

Finding latias in emerald

Storm Bringer

The most surprising Pokemon encounter I had is shiny eevee that i turned into a shiny umbreon in Pokemon x & y

- M07 -

QOTD: A shiny solrock in oras. But...............

I killed it :(


QOTD:Galarian Stunfisk was my most surprising incounter


yeah micheal watches ben 10



JFK Films

QOTD:Random Shiny eevee in lets go eevee

Leon 50

QOTD:When I found a shiny bunnelby while I was searching for a normal riolu

Dianne Ramos


Sally Sabretooth

7:56-8:00, look at the bashaun

Charles Carmichael

Name the fish megamind

Darth Volt

You not leveling up the rest of your team is irritating to watch for 6 episodes

Mysterious X

Fighting is weak to water like did you forget

Iluminati Wolf

Anyone notice that pahar which Mikey battled looks like a pre evolution of ho-oh

Ori L

I had new that pahar was a fire type

Dianne Ramos

yo mom

Freckled_ Alex

QOTD: I was grinding up my Espeon in HGSS, and found a full odds shiny tentacruel, and I named her Emerald, she sone of my favourite Pokémon to this day.

Axolotl boi


Lucas Chang

Snoo learns metal claw Me: Wait that is illegal

Nidhi Pandey

Michael never trains birbury

LetsHaveFun 101

QOTD: Shiny Dynamax Tyranitar Online Battle. I only had one shot to catch her, and I masterballed the crap out of her. I needed tyranitar for my sword dex, so getting into a tyranitar battle was already amazing. Her name is Autumn and she's my treasure.

Olin Benally

Big brain


QOTD: Wandering around Bell Tower in HG and getting an encounter, then saying “ugh gross” and walking away to get some water, then coming back to find a shiny gastly

Lights Everywhere12

A Dragonite on a pokemon Emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke


QOTD: well, probably when I ran into a shiny whismur in my first Emerald playthrough. What sucks is I didnt know what I shiny was, and I was sooo confused! I thought the game was broken. And then I ran :|

The master of Darkness

Um... a dragapolt that I KO’D

Mushy Seal

QOTD: I was shiny hunting alolan grimer and found a random shiny magnamite

Dianne Ramos


David Shelley

QOTD back when I had Heartgold version I was leaving Blackthorn City and heading back down to New Bark Town I found a male shiny Golbat and caught it. I had it evolve into Crobat and I had that pokemon through 5 games

e̶v̶a̶n̶t̶y̶a̶n̶g̶0̶6̶ #3105

QOTD: I caught a mythical Pokémon in a REGULAR poke ball and I’m like hew on da hec.

Gold Sulfur Titanium Nitrogen

For the Brailip, who else is reminded of when in the episode of SpongeBob Scaredy Pants Patrick shave SpongeBob's head and we see his brain? Please give me a Hail Yeah if you noticed or you got the reference when I said it.


Why is that lotad floating?

Eth X


William Freed

Can we talk about burbury’s level?


he should have named it Nerd

Tucker Ordoyne

QOTD: finding a shiny galarian zigzagoon on route 3 at random


A shiny kiogre

Parimal Santra

You should have named it brainhead

Marilyn Phipps

QOTD: I found suicane in the wild sadly i killed it with a crit

urmom isdead

YOU NEED TO TRAIN BIRBURY!!! Also stop running away from magikarp. I know that you don't want gyarados, but magikarp is just free xp for any pokemon(Birbury).

rentowolf blade

Entei : qotd you found baby hooh

Travis Griffin

QOTD: A shiny smore while grinding my newly caught fortog


also bob because its a sponge

Jennifer Barrows

The most suprising encounter I've had was in pokemon uranium in passage cave. I found a shiny grozard on about my fourth or third encounter. Wow.


Mikey:*runs into a Brainilip*
Me,in 2020:Oh yeah.This is big brain time.

Cal Games

PAHAR looks like a mini hoho

Joe Heits Lv100

QOTD: I got Pokémon Y a month before this comment was posted, an my most surprising wild encounter was a shiny sigilygh, my first Kalos shiny, while hunting for a lightning rod electrike

SSJ Plays

QOTD: random shiny chansey.

Tru York

qotd my first pokemon i ever caught was a pikachu(i saw 2)

Youngster Joey

QOTD idk but I know yours. That random shiny yungoos on the second episode on your sun playthrough

JoshandCarla Martin

Brian should have been UGLY and in all caps like I did