The Time Chasm Crystal Shard's - Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Playthrough Part 11 - [PC Gameplay]

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The Time Chasm Crystal Shard's - Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Playthrough Part 11 - [PC Gameplay]

21 567 views | 25 Mar. 2015
21 567 views | 25 Mar. 2015

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This is Part 11 of the Walkthrough/Playthrough of DB Xenoverse for the PC, in this part i am showing where to get the Time chasm crystal Shards.

Here is a list of how to get them:

Shard 1 – Defeat Demigra.

Shard 2 – Talk to non-playable character Recon in Toki Toki City.

Shard 3 – Win Parallel Quest 49.

Shard 4 – Win Parallel Quest 14, 18, or 42 with an ultimate finish.

Shard 5 – Win Parallel Quest 2, 21, or 32 with an ultimate finish.

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Doc Showtime

Can't get the 4th crystal

Elaie Wolfson

trade the kiaokenx20 with super saian 2

billy jones

Get super sayin 2!!

Mohd Aiman

Am i must finish all the mission first? Pleasee reply

Dylan Bemis

Ya same here can't get it

Mohamed Alblooshi

at the beginning game what you do want to learn

Husky Baby303

how do i use em????

BlackSaiyan X

It's not giving me the crystal shards for nun it's like people on youtube have the best luck

billy battles

bullshit cant get shard 3


I got every single shard except for shard 3 that's the only one I can't get

Itz Dnell

thank you very much


It's so hard I literly one shot them

Big Slime


goku super saiyan blue 3

Do you play Dragon ball Xenoverse 1

SyncS YT

Uhm…. I don't see a recon even though I completed the saga

Kajo Guri

i'm level 52 and i need the last crystal 3 but i'ts too hard! In what level you have to by to get the crystal?

Itz Dnell

you help me out a lot

milos markovic

I'm 63 level and I can't use crystal 3

Kai Shipley

is the gt saga dlc

Haldanes Vape Reviews

thanks man got them all because of your video thanks again