Slay the Spire - Northernlion Plays - Episode 352 [Juggernaut]

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Slay the Spire - Northernlion Plays - Episode 352 [Juggernaut]

44 251 views | 14 Nov. 2018
44 251 views | 14 Nov. 2018

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Slay the Spire is a roguelite with deckbuilding mechanics, similar to Darkest Dungeon meets Hearthstone. Let's go!

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We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!

Hồng Lê

he you alway forgot about ori


Fuckin juggernaut.. rip last run when it would of been goddamn perfect


That was so thrilling!


Not a 60 Card Deck? No Like.


Has no exhaust cards, takes feel no pain


Goddammit watching you try to force Searing Blow into that deck was a shit show.


Ah I have made in the title, good, good :D


SO close

Paulo Mangano

Searing blow is awful...

Edit: Oh god he skipped dark embrace in a juggernaut, feel no pain, corruption deck.
What happened to you NL?


i hate how he just forgets about Orichalcum and upgrades searing blow instead of true grit

Darkness Dash

This run made me feel so much pain. It was handed to him and he just said no and slapped it with searing blow (this bad boy can fit so many throws in it)


You let the heart get to you. You win by playing cards, and you ended your first turn with three energy and four cards. There was literally no reason not to play at least some of them, but maybe you thought the beat of death hits you through your block for some reason.

If you had played your other blocks before body slam, and had used your strike, you would have won this run.


Man, NL absolutely butchered an amazing build handed to him in the first act. He could have started the second act with Juggernaut, two true grits, shrug, metallicize, maybe an iron wave or two, impervious, body slam, and thread and needle. Instead, he took a useless searing blow, feel no pain, and traded impervious and body slam for double tap and shrug. When you have juggernaut and the game gives you a monstrous defensive build, you just take defense cards, remove strikes, and wait for a body slam. Could have had a fast 13-16 card deck of pure synergy. But I get he hasn't done much with defensive ironclad decks, so hopefully he learned something.


Valiant effort man that was a close final fight.


NL really enjoys using searing blow huh

Bruh Bruh

NL: We need to get to juggernaut faster
Also NL: But that spot weakness looking mighty thicc

Kack Pou

oh no


Ouch that one hurt me


So close


You can do it!

Max Mach

Christmas came early and so did I, he took Metallicize.

Nevermind, he went for Searing Blow, instead of full Armor build, RIP.

Spot fuckin weakness and Steroid Potion, ok game you have tried, you gave him free win and he said Fuck off, it's not your fault Slay the Spire, eggs just are like this, it takes a lot of time before something gets through their shell.

Sage Meleney

Corruption in this deck is peak Galaxy Brain



Josh Puckett

Crushing defeat.

Steel Gunsuit

so close.


22:50 NL COMEON!
Take Dual Wield, it can tripple your good power cards! Plz, notice that card for once
UPD: 28:35 Finesse? Free armor = free dmg


so close

Smol Pretty

"I don't think Fairy in a Jar is what we want" what on fucking Earth did this Madman just say??

Silvio Daniel Atencio

shittttttttttttttttttttttt ssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo clooooooooooooseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

fy _


GWAC store

this made my day

Nick. C

My opinion ironclad is best with skills and exhausting skills also never remove his starting relic

Salvador Leonardo

Why would you ruin the juggernaut synergy with searing blow?

Ryan Phillips

That final boss fight was a bit of a nail-biter eh?


Today on this episode of Slay the Spire, Egg forgets what the Return button does

Existential Crisis Core on Infinite Earths

-has a backlog of solid losses.
-immediately picks up a card he undervalues AND also relies on unlikely synergies to win. Over completely safe bet cards.

The. Mad. Man.

Darkness Dash

How do you unlock the ending

Derek Anhalt

What an incredible turn from last run. 10/10 would watch again


hopefully he'll learn that armor blocks the heart's damage.

if he didn't misplay the first turn, he would've won. :(

Demani Davis

I got a funny joke
"Fairy in a bottle? I dont think thats something we want."

Ben Osick

If you had taken that fairy in a jar you would have won. RIP

Drectan BnS

Should have completely went with the Juggernaut deck, and stopped trying to shoe horn Searing blow into it by wasting upgrades, and taking cards to work with it when your juggernaut combo was much better, and was already going. By doing that you made two competing competeing deck types that weakened the deck as a whole.


I feel like NL just doesn't know what Orichalcum does


NL missed [Juggernaut] last run. That was his greatest misplay.

Will Shuf

y does he not block


“battle trance into an offering”


Please NL, at the heart block before attacking, the damage for every card played gets taken after defending. you keep playing cards and defending only at the end.

drk dragn


Bradley James

This run was fantastic good job, glad to see you got out of your deck comfort zone




This is kind of like playing the defect, where not directly attacking still kills the enemies

jesse martinez

How close that was hurt me on a spiritual level
That being said misplays are afoot

Shockala Pagus

I screamed a darth vader style noooo. I'm rooting for you dude this got so close.


The Corrupted Heart is soo boring.


If only Egg would have taken the Fairy in a bottle...



alessio vocisano

He would have won the fight by upgrading the second Juggernaut instead of Searing Blow at the last campfire, very close though. Still rough at the edges, but NL is getting there.


Bruh torii is actually godly on the final boss 3×12 turns into 1×12? Yessir

Lovely Kõhai

Does his mic sound different or is it just me?


strength and vulnerability have no purpose in a juggernaut deck

Moritz Schmidt

our boy is trying to count on searing blow thats for sure but as he said himself "my math is bad"

Sir Sir

Jugg such a good deck type, you were so close


Nice try egg I approve this video

False Dragon

I'm calling it:
Upgrading the second Juggernaut would have won the run


Just upgrade the fking armaments maaan...

Blade Bro



"Fairy in the bottle"


So close man. I beat heart with 1 HP left for the first time.

Josh Hori

so about that fairy in a bottle. didnt need it huh?


So close and yet so far


Wish he had committed to the shield archetype with barricade bodyslams, juggernaut and his relics were crazy good and lined up

Elijah Kleinhenz

What the...ok

Pick Juggernaut, which is a power to build off of alone. Heart deals massive damage and the good amount of block is a great thing and the damage allows for damage and sustain.


Look, searing blow takes upgrades. In a skill based defense deck, u need those upgrades to make ur Mets and true grits amazing. He really messed up with that pick. Searing blow lost you the run.

Nicholas Ohmann

At 41:20 if he would have played the defend, the armaments (Upgrade the strike), hit him with body slam, then striked, he would have dealt that extra 18 damage to kill the heart exactly. NL WHYYYYYY


Honestly mixing two bad archetypes together didn't work as terribly as I thought it would have. I was about to turn off the video when he took Juggernaut out of that initial selection then grabbed Searing Blow but I kept watching as he was handed every relic and card needed to make it work with the exception of maybe the thorns relic and the clay. And dead branch obviously after that Corruption pickup.

It was Ascension 0 though...

Udjin Nobody

Soooo close


Y'know... If you wanted the Iron Wave, you still coulda pressed Return and grabbed it.

Darren Hatfield

That ignored fairy in a bottle!


Literally lost because you played body slam before your defends

Gabriel Llorente

Best part is, he kept the steroid potion saying potions the potions are important for act 4 when fairy in a bottle would of literally saved his life


Weird deck. Powers up and then thins it out to play searing blow often.

tobias kievit

In my opinion, this deck was quite well drafted. but execution was.. eh.
The corruption + FNP + Juggernaut combo is interesting. Exhausting every single card and then blowing enemies up with your searing blow.
NL would've won the last fight if he played the first turn way better. If he played the armaments on the true grit, he could've exhausted the strike and block for a lot, then use body slam to get more than above the 18 damage he needed at the end.


Good run egg

Nujum Key

Everyones flaming the searing blow but i liked it

Eric Tannenbaum

Now imagine how well this deck would have done if he had upgraded 6 other cards instead of one card he never plays 6 times

Marzelle Delacroix

Here I thought this episode was going to be the last run where he skipped Juggernaut and it just.. replays that mistake over and over the whole video.


I laughed so hard at "I don't think we've screwed ourselves at all."

Shadow Spider

That first turn on the heart physically hurt me to watch


Finesse was extremely good for this deck - missed it in a shop

Jovan Karlicic

43:32 you can actually hear the pain in his voice

tor maldonado


Cyber rb25

NL, for the record, Iron Wave is great with Juggernaut: It blocks, hits and then procs Juggernaut. It also works well if you have either Shuriken or Kunai, as it takes advantage of both

Tundra Turtle

I've never actually played this game but not removing Spot Weakness was a mistake no?


God I love Juggernaut builds. There's SO MANY different synergies that interact in fun ways. I'd never even thought about Thread & Needle, for example.



Nicholas Maier

Hey NL my vancouverite neighbor, have you ever considered playing modded slay the spire? (If it's balanced.) You played modded Isaac, but it was sort of a supermod so I'm not sure. Thanks in advance.


Where’s my “he’s a smooth operator, coast to coast, LA to Chicago -baby!”




This is what happens when you get a really good run with Searing Blow plus Necronomicon then forget that you had the Necronomicon and attribute that win solely to Searing Blow.




I’m so glad egg boy knows the DK meme