FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday - Week 136 - Theme : Desert Mage

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FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday - Week 136 - Theme : Desert Mage

9 410 views | 4 Sep. 2020
9 410 views | 4 Sep. 2020


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Robert Bintzler

Would the veil of devotion work?

Eric Carter

i think the meta-conception is GOLD and BIS dye. I don't know how points work, but some combination of bronze, silver, and cheap blacks&oranges might work? I know people don't research for bronzes and silvers, but they are things.( I'm new to all of this so i could just be sounding silly)

Robin Bartlett

I did it on a 53 WHM alt, used the acolyte's robe and dyed my hands and pants pumpkin orange, cost me at about 6 and a half k gil


Couldn't you get an easy 80 just by making sure two of the required items are gold? I might try to test that out later but thats what I did last week as two of the items I was able to purchase off vendors.


Welp looks like I'm not getting 60k this week




Went with star-velvet hood of casting and extreme survival slops, ESS are 4 star, so it got me to 81. Just used what i happened to have :p

Probably works with any gold item and ESS, no dyes needed.


Was able to get easy 80 points with just Royal Vest and any gloves/legs dyed pumpkin orange.

My Forehead Your Future

Thank you very much for doing these!Keep doing what you do Meoni

Mr.Jeorge XIII

Man this was the week I was gonna use that to get my fenrir mount :( gonna have to wait til next week I guess

Jef Hansen

My “easy 80” was Acolyte’s Robe for the Gold, then dye everything else as suggested but subbing “soot” for “gunmetal” black. Scored an 83. Got my bonus of 50 MGP, so I’m satisfied. Thanks Meoni!


Got an 81 with an Acolyte's Robe, a headpiece dyed Soot Black, and gloves and pants dyed Pumpkin Orange

Beatriz Solis

XD now i want ice cream....


Dessert mage? Ice (Cream) Mage confirmed viable?

Daniel Picher

Thanks for doing these videos each week!


Yikes, not gonna make it easy for a ranged only gal, eh? Thanks for the video.


Brand New Robe works too but it just doesn't give you gold.


While not precisely an "easy" 80 (easy for me because I happened to (a) be an omnicrafter and (b) have all of the needed materials on my retainers except one Goblinol), the Star Velvet Veil of Casting and the Vanya Silk Robe of Casting got me 84 points.


Ok I have to say that even if it ia a hard to get fashion set I damn well wanna get it even if it's bot for Fashion Report, it really does look great and I wanna try it on on my RDM or even BLM hell even on the BLU it might look great!


82 as a healer using:
Anemos Constellation Turban (Astrologian) - Dyed Soot Black
Body - dyed pumpkin orange
Hands - dyed pumpkin orange
Legs - dyed pumpkin orange
Feet - dyed soot black

Angel of Art a.k.a. Artwear Couturier

Easy 80 - any class (friend did this as a Bard)

Head and Feet dyed Soot Black
Body, Pants and Gloves dyed Pumpkin orange

Used Legionary Visor (dyed Soot Black)
Best Man Jacket and Pants and Hempen Gloves - (dyed Pumpkin Orange)
Rope belt and Scaevan Jewellery

Un-dyable weapon, so did not dye it.

Stephanie Morris

The lv15 Acolytes Robe and ANY dyeable Hands AND legs Pumpkin Orange for easy 80


kudzu culottes of crafting and crafted 3 pumpking orange dyes, easy 80 for me

Jualber Rodriguez Annabel Lee

Tank Easy 84 (legs: Nomad's Breeches of Fending), (feet: Sharlayan Custodian's Boots)

Joshua Saldivar

A Sand Witch if you will

Shaquita Austin

Apart from being able to have some diversity amongst ypur friend group, this is Another reason you should have one of each class leveled.

Jassiy Baabiy

Thanks again <3

Melissa Waldrup-Old

I got 85 with items I already had. No dyes.

-Head: Dreadwyrm Hood of Healing
-Body: Battlemage's Robe
-Hands: Sharlayan Preceptor's Gloves
-Legs: Sharlayan Preceptor's Longkilt
-Feet: Sharlayan Preceptor's Boots


Easiest 80 for me was Acolyte's Robe from Tam-Tara with Soot Black head + boots, with Pumpkin Orange pants + gloves.
The Acolyte's Robe is dropped from last chest before last boss. If you play a mage class you will only need to go Tam-Tara a maximum of 5 times since you always get one part of the set after completion. It can also be found in the chests between the bosses.

Cody Brown

One post I saw said that Acolytes Robes, along with Pumkin Orange dyed gloves and Pumpkin Orange dyed legs, worked. You will have to be a healer for the robes, I believe they drop from the 3 lowest level ARR dungeons.

Jon C.

Koppranickel turban of striking+ random body, hands and legs all pumpkin orange dye got 82, spend like 700 gil on dyes, cheap and easy

El Khan

will skip this week, but thanks for the video!


Got a 97
Head - Star Velvet Hood of Casting - Soot black dye
Body - Acolyte's Robe
Hands - Pumpkin Orange dye
Legs -Pumpkin orange dye
Feet - Sharlayan Philosopher's Boots

Just realize this is too late.

Scholar Life

Got 87
As healer
Head: star velvet hood of healing
Body: royal vest
Legs: just pumpkin orange
Feet: boots of the white griffn (pvp) soot black


I just used the Kudzu pants with Pumpkin Orange dyed gloves and chest for my 80, no need for dungeons. Although lvl 65 DoH/DoL needed.


man I dont have any caster leveled


thanks for the guide. I have tried cashmere robe of casting with pumpkin orange and dyed a random bottom pumpkin orange gives me 80 rating too

Rene D. Schubert

This week is rather disappointing. Too much work for too little a reward.


Landking's Turban also works well for the head slot, just used it.


Yeeeahh...no, no this week for me.

Nico Leonhart

Gonna skip this week don't have time or gils to waste for such a small reward... :/

Nusha Z

I usually like to find a cheap lowbie option to get the 80, but it looks like some hard farming is your only choice below 50 this week.

Vee Lociraptor

Just a quick thank you for your Fashion Report vids, they are immensely helpful :D

Casey louise

I got easy 80 yesterday

Patrick Murray

I did vanya robe of casting and star velvet hood of casting for an 80

Frederick X.

As an AST main, I am happy :D


The item images you displayed is kinda small to read. Unless my eyes are getting worse.

Jared K

the Star velvet casting hood and Cashmere robe of casting + pumpkin orange dye got me 88 with the rest of my gear being random (I did dye my random pants orange too).


I have White Mage to max all my other casters are under 60. Guess I'll just take my 10k and be happy for the week.


Maybe I have time to level my alt conjurer to 18 and get that done today


not really a fan of the small item windows of this week i cant see any of the items.

Alien Marksman

With the exception of the Head item..
I have all these in my Armoire/Glamour Chest.

Spectral Spud

Easy 80:
Any Weapon
Any Helm (dyed soot black)
Acolytes Robe (requires Level 15 DoM)
Any Gloves (dyed kobold brown)
Any Pants (dyed kobold brown)
Any Shoes (dyed soot black)
item in every slot


Astrologian (at least 70)
Weapon: Soot Black (crafted)
Head: Antiquated Constellation Turban (1000 gil Calamity Salvager)
Body: Pumpkin Orange (crafted)
Hands: Pumpkin Orange (crafted)
Legs: Pumpkin Orange (crafted)
Feet: Soot Black (crafted)