HAUNTED HOUSE! | Let's Play Creativerse Pro Part 9 | Picking winner - Adventure maps | KEY GIVEAWAY

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HAUNTED HOUSE! | Let's Play Creativerse Pro Part 9 | Picking winner - Adventure maps | KEY GIVEAWAY

1 872 views | 23 Jun. 2017
1 872 views | 23 Jun. 2017

Another Creativerse episode and another pro key winner picked. Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway! After the giveaway we check out some more of popular Adventures maps.

Thanks to Creativerse team for giving me the keys to giveaway to you guys.

Make sure to comment down below to get a chance to win Creativerse pro steam key.

Tell me in the comments if you wanna see more Creativerse episodes.

About Creativerse :

Stranded in a vast, mysterious world. Surrounded by ferocious beasts and remnants of ancient technology. Awash in treasure, treacherous catacombs and breathtaking vistas...

Creativerse is a delightful next-generation sandbox game about adventure, exploration and creativity with your friends. And it is now FREE TO PLAY!!!

Adventure awaits - From the highest peaks to the furthest depths, through jungles, deserts, and swamps, over pools of acid and lakes of lava, there's something to discover around every corner, whether it's rare materials, curious terrain or a pack of vicious cave dwellers hellbent on your destruction.

Colossal creativity - Construct powerful tools, discover secret recipes and unlock a vast trove of building materials. Add creature taming, farming and gadgets like teleporters to the mix and you've got tremendous world-shaping power at your fingertips.

Your dream team - Invite your friends along for the ride thanks to built in, easy-to-use multiplayer. Together, you can take on the night creatures, hunt down lost recipes and build your own utopia.

Creativerse is a free block-based sandbox adventure voxel game, set in beautiful yet treacherous worlds shrouded in mystery.

The game is developed by Playful, saying about their game:

"Creativerse is first and foremost a sandbox where many different types of players engage with the game in their own unique ways. our plan is to broaden our core gameplay at a regular cadence until we become the ultimate sandbox game."

"We want to take this voxel sandbox genre, the one most of us fell in love with thanks to Minecraft, and we want to create the next evolution of quality, accessibility, social dynamics, gameplay, user interface, graphics, sound, etc etc - we want to try to improve on almost every aspect we can! While maintaining the solid core gameplay loop we all love so much: explore, fight, build, craft."

"Creativerse is a delightful sandbox game about adventure, exploration, and creativity with your friends. Creativity is most free when all limits are removed, exploration is most fun when there's exciting things to discover, and adventure is more rewarding when there are challenges to overcome.Making all of these work in a balanced way is what this game is all about. It's why we are constantly making changes to meet the needs and wants of our different player archetypes."

Although the game is free to play and still in Early Access, if you want to support the development of Creativerse, you can buy Coins to then get Blueprints, recipes for Fireworks and/or a range of fancy Decor building-blocks in the Store.

Creativerse features an easily accesible menu interface and provides tooltips when hovering over some things in the worlds and over items in the inventory for information about what to do with the item, making the game very easy to understand.

Giveaway Music:

Song: Kasger - Reflection [NCS Release]

Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds: https://youtu.be/M4_ivwYfWFo

Artist: Kasger

Outro music used:

Local Forecast - Elevator Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



If I win, I'm going to give it to a friend.


Sign me up for a key :) ..Great vid as usual man!! I keep wanting to try this game but 7dtd ,the Forest and Planet Explorers keep dragging me back in lol ..btw ..Steam has a huge sale right now if you want to pick up any games you have been waiting for ..but you probably already know :) Keep on gaming !!!

eng tee lee

Will like to have the pro key.

Galactic Nigerian

2HandGaming keep up the good work i know you can be the best youtuber and yes this sounds corny

eng tee lee

Just started out on creativerse a very fun game

Ergha Riandana

nice game man, i think i will play creativerse if i win the giveaway. thank you

Ben Chaben Wassim

I feel jealous of TLove I will hire a serial killer to get rid of her >:}


I'm in the giveaway :) from France

kotsios geo

ehhmmm why not?


hi world of comments

Nero Zashi

yo yo yo how is all

Oliver Stapley

Can I enter the giveaway


I look forward to more videos.Keep it up!

Unpronounceable Guy

soo cool man i like it so much ! but im asking you to play UNTURNED ! please i realy wish to see you playing unturned ! :3


Please RNGesus pick me


Has the 3rd winner been announced already? If not i would like to join this giveaway i recently just found your channel soo idk what videos you make

Rajasekaran Andiappan


Lexus RX 2010

Back again with you 2handgaming

Ak Baig

Hoping to get a key


20th yeah

jose palacios

give me the keyyyyy

Alex Janisch

Best Youtuber :)

tristanovic2 -

I hope that I get lucky for the key.


I'm feeling lucky!

Daniel K.

I'll enter the giveaway. This game looks like fun.


fuck this man, i just want ARK and 7 Days To Die :\






Nice Vid :D


Your awesome

Louis Hargreaves

im vegan

Anas 99

i hope i win<3

TLove T

I watch any video from you. You can be just sitting there staring I would still watch and like. Lmao

Yisus Hijo de Dios

I'm a comment


Can I get a key please I. Subbed and liked the video.

Erik Svensson

Key please

Pizza Pizza party

Can I get a key please


Sup my dood :D


I want key cuz i am poor :P

Bill Butt

00100010010001. I'm pandering to the robot


Nice Video <3

Ben Chaben Wassim

Can you play unturned? Plz? you are cool and shit.....But im really looking forward for it! it Has Building.Crafting.Pvp.The same cam You use for recording those intros in 7 Days to die you can even make cars And farming and hordes too!

Big Rain

start a series on this game

Louis Hargreaves



never seen this game before.


Nice video u deserve a big like

eskouro awa

make a farm


najs wideło broł and i want that keyy


i want that key :D


nice looking game, never seen it before :)