【Granblue Fantasy】My Thoughts On Akasha/Hollowsky Weapons

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【Granblue Fantasy】My Thoughts On Akasha/Hollowsky Weapons

10 872 views | 17 Jan. 2019
10 872 views | 17 Jan. 2019

Sorry for the late upload but here it is, the weapon details that I referred are from Wiki

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I just wanna do some memes with Halle, so I wanna eventually get Axe.

Haza Vair

This was super cool and felt pretty professional; I like this kind of content a lot! It's a good balance between serious + cold analysis and your usual stream-upload memey stuff! More please!


I liked the new way this video was done


I hoped hollowsky staff would help my water team of Diantha (harp) / Lily / Pholia (both staff), but 10 buffs up all the time is a tough task


Pretty unfortunate, since I was most interested in the staff when it was first announced. The effect it has feels kind of out of place compared to the rest

Demirio Claryde


TCG Arsenal

1 question soro:
does the supplemental damage from those weapon can break the normal one-attack damage cap of 440k?

this is what bugs me the most

Joaquin Varas

Im meaning to get Light's Oracle and Grand Vira, only so I can use Hollowsky Axe with Kumbhira. Kumbhira is life


Pray for me, tomorrow I start my very first 40 box journey.


This info makes a lot easier to choose which weapon to make first, great content as always man!

Baria Noaria

Staff water team eh... i need altair for it.. anyways ty for the review

Traumerei Reverie


Franky David


Kirihara Izaki



I agree with the staff being the worst one. Maybe the oracle will change it but its very questionable LOL.


I didn't understand your argument about why the Akasha spear is not good in dirt magna, can you explain me pls?

Benjamin Kim

Do you still do Guild War?

Sri R.

Sora, the high voltage of the staff ougi is a unique mod btw.
You can play ultima staff in water easly. There's a vid of a guy capping with Altair with this staff. It's great, but it needs really high investment to make it work.
As for the Sword, I want it just to be able to play Berserker without missing debuffs all the time tbh

Franz Dale Abarquez

Wouldn't hollowsky blade work well with Yurius?


I'm using light spear with S. Naoise, S. Heles, and Kuvira. and Asparagus Main with Ultima Spear MH.


between akasha weapons that are ex modifiers and the proving grounds weapons that give skill dmg cap i think they're trying to put an alternative to xeno weapons for high lvl players, weapons that give more out of the grid and are nice mh too, xeno weapons are 22% or so? meanwhile those are 20% + pasives and hp ? Like if you can cap with that instead of xeno weapon the effect bonuses are just a plus.

Anton Manuel