[Quick Guide] Tears of Guthix

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[Quick Guide] Tears of Guthix

83 275 views | 10 Apr. 2020
83 275 views | 10 Apr. 2020

items needed:




cut sapphire

bullseye lantern

you can buy this using the GE

OR: a swamp tar, 600 coins and access to Dorgesh-Kaan to buy a lantern from a salesman at the market and use the the lamp still standing next to it.

OR: a swamp tar, molten glass, glassblowing pipe, steel bar, hammer and 49 craft/smith

make frame, make lens, add lens, use swamp tar or lamp still, use lantern on lamp still


Rope and a spiny helmet if you don’t to start the Lost Tribe quest


1 quest completion

Quests: / 43 qp

skills: 20 mining, crafting, 49 fm

0:00 - Intro

0:23 - 3 ways how to obtain a bullseye lantern

1:57 - Intro part 2

2:16 - Sapphire lantern

2:26 - Getting to the quest area

3:08 - Getting magic stone

4:02 - Quest

4:39 - Mini-game explanation

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Slayermusiq1

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/slayermusiq1

Old School Runescape 2007 2007scape quest

Liam Roddy

I hope you realise how happy you make people, Slayer.

Get this guy a statue in Varrock

Savage Ortiz

Thanks bro.


this mini game is so good


that was quite allot easier than i though


Je bent een nederlander of nie soms :P

Aamer Faiyaz Shams

thanks for the guide. the quest has been com-ple-ted


Just got barrows gloves as a new player to RuneScape in 3 weeks! thank you for your amazing guides


Got my quest cape so long ago thanks to you! Still watch to support :) "K thanx Bai"


yayyyy <3


he said :66


Hey Slayermusiq1 i love your guides and i have i a question will u do a guide for "Architectural Alliance" and when ? thank you for your answer <3

Gilberto Beltran Reyes



I’m being blocked by shelves in the castle basement.. any advice?


Dude what I just looked in your old guide and you send out this. MVP, as usual.

Mark Rutte

Even tho i’ve completed the quest, i still want to watch the video :)


thanks for the guides @slayermusiq1 but was wondering why this quest was so low on your list in the google sheet? feel like i've missed out on a lot of easy xp. thanks again

Daniel Osaulenko

My favourite melody in osrs

Only Trails

that was a 10/10 "hi"


Please do deadman love your content


i don't think you need a lantern lens?

Alex Popescu

I had the exact number of quest points as you in this video. I've been blessed.


i ran this last night aaaaaaaaa

Jack Man

quickest quest ever! thanks again slayer

Lucas Mehus

flawless guide as always

Nobody Whatever

thanks man!


I just grinded 45-49 smithing last night for this quest as I’m Ironman... didn’t realise I could buy it from a shop

Mahdi A

are you planning on doing hero's quest anytime soon?


Last time i did this quest was rs2, like 2009 maybe.. took me hours.. i'm just curious how and why that was lmao.


thanks homie

Carlos Turcios


Levi Smith

Can u make elite diary guides man?!


I remember you back in 2013 when i first started osrs in members world. Your intro always starts with "Hi welcome to my guide!". Back then your accent was much funnier. I would try using many other people's quest guides like Thirdagefilm, framed etc but thirdagefilm would fuck it up for me sometimes so i would use urs. There's so many other less popular quest guiders but I legit have no more recollection.

Lee Wilson

u can also steal from the chests in the upper level of dorgeshuun place, the rich chests have bullseye lanterns fully made in there pretty easy to get if you have the thieving level.
good guide thank you.


underground in the lumbridge area theres a shelf blocking the whole to get through.

Johan Nedregaard

Tormented demons <3

Ryan Shewchuk

Olaat where is he :( xoxo



Anton Sjöstrand

I gotta be one of the first who did this at 256 QP lol

King Condor

5 minutes is a bit long... guess the king will have to crank it out properly once again ;)


I refuse to watch any other guides on youtube out of respect


That took so long


If ur a 1def pure will it give u def xp?


So if you are a pure... absolutely DO NOT do this lol

Super Famicom UK

IF only all the quests were that easy lol

hashem rex

fuck you

John Smith

why are the stats all 66? you have a lot of accounts right

EL Markush

thanks as always <3

AMV Senpai

Hiiiii and welcome to my guide

Tyler Comeau

I would be the only dude who brings a knife instead of a chisel...

Vinicius Pezza

My Sapphire Lantern must need oil to turn on. But I have problems to light. Could u help me? I already try put sagred oil

Don Edu

I was just thinking about making a guide but this one is really good so nvm lol

Blur BlurO

Commenting to help you. Thanks.

mack city

I randomly decided to finally get this quest done and I see that you uploaded a fresh guide for it 10 hours ago holy shit MY MAN!!


l0l im almost maxed and havent done this quest yet and its this short..


The “Hii” was an absolute unit in this video


So how do I get down there if I didn't start lost tribe??


perfect timing, need to do this quest. Love you.