No Man's Sky: Rocket Boots Vs Melee-Jump | GAMES

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No Man's Sky: Rocket Boots Vs Melee-Jump | GAMES

11 824 views | 15 Sep. 2018
11 824 views | 15 Sep. 2018

A look at the difference in distance between the Melee-Jump and the "Rocket Boots" Upgrade.

Current relevance check: NMS v1.6

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Ryan Porcun

Thank you Kyle Korver.


Melee Jump is only good for clear lateral movement, I find that the rocket boots have been my every day Mandalorian jetpack booster. I jump everywhere I feel like I can't run fast enough to.

Poynt One Gaming

Cool vid Kyle


I was pretty disappointed by the rocket boots. I don't have any upgrades for them, but I was expecting something more. On PC, continually tapping the space bar can be a bit annoying, for me. The delay it causes for the animation just feels like it slows me down and often I'll seemingly get stuck on something which reduces the jump length. So, yeah... Probably using to traverse a mountain may be it's primary use as of now.


If you are using a rifle isn't your melee boost much worse? Maybe the rocket boots are useful in that regard.


Try testing this again but removing the rocket boots completely for the melee jump.


had to remove rocket boots its soo annoying it activates at times when you dont want to and i aint even tapping spacebar just holding it plus it also seems to drain the fuel on jetpack a lot faster for me

William Guy Thilgen Jr.

Personaly on occasion I've receive damage when doing the melee jump technic. I have yet receied any on my attempts when using the rocket boots.


Haven't been able to play nms for a while, so this was definitely great to see since I haven't seen the comparison.


How do you get hydraulic wiring

Poynt One Gaming

I use the rocket boots for climbing vertical terrain like mountains and hills
The melee jump is more for covering more ground quickly as most from launch have done
Melee jump is largely ineffective when using it to climb steeper terrain


How to melee jump on pc? Wha button is it

Torey Beau****

I didn’t see the other one