r/GarfieldMinusGarfield - HOW DID THIS GET CURSED?!

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r/GarfieldMinusGarfield - HOW DID THIS GET CURSED?!

614 828 views | 26 Nov. 2019
614 828 views | 26 Nov. 2019

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Vetera Novus

2:30 You would know all about being stupid


5:16 jon's descent into insanity

The Click

There actually is a small sub for garfieldminusjon. You want it ya wee rascals?


r/imsorryjon is very relatable with this


That first strip pretty much sums up 2020.

dragongod39w the chanel

Garfield somehow kills gorefield us:HOW this is just a thought

Thomas farquhar

What about Garfield without Jon?

robin goblin

You are a therapist


It's definitely more interesting than Eldritch Garfield, which stopped being funny at about the tenth post.


This is so old we dont even see click

Mikey Pierce


Velstine Thunderfoot

comic should be renamed "Jon's inner monologue" or "My Inner Monologue" by jon


y E S

KtmIsPro120 GAMER

2:03 Yiff artists: Here I go drawing again!

Alisibeth Tolliver

Without Garfield is Jon being a depressed Schizophrenic man who's losing his mind slowly. Without Jon is Garfield just being philosophical about the most normal of things.

ray shirogane

The first one is me when I go to school and hates going because school sucks


Man, Jon's really depressed or something.


Plot twist: Jon has schizophrenia


my school used garfield minus garfield as an example of fanfictions

Luner_ Eclipse_Studios

other name for this subredit.
If John had schizophrenia.


the punchline is no garfield

Ronny the Pikachu

To quote Lemon Demon (in the only house that’s not on fire yet) “the punchline is that there is no punchline”.

Minecraft Viatr

3:10 why is there a spower rendition of Holy Night in the background of all things, wait i think i know........ IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME WOOHOO HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y'ALL
Edit: oh, dis from last year


"Cats are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." ~ A fridge magnet

Coisinha DCE

jon is so relatable

Bre Johnson-frow

Jon: 4:17

Gordon Ramsey: whomst has awaken the ancient one


Thanks for the advice I won't listen to the click life hacks


Plot twist: Garfield is invisible

Goatman Brigance

Imagine if there was a comic that was literally just a wall the whole time.

Pacho Thompson

See ya’ll in hell b*tches


This is the most depressing subreddit I've ever seen

ThatOne ArtKid

Wow cool John is insane!

Jacob Meister

Lets be honest, we love this man's voice and videos.

Mark Harlow

“These comics are just about a middle aged man having a midlife crisis” so its not that different from the original Garfield comics then

Patrick Star

Is Garfield minus Garfield just comics with Garfield photo shopped out of the picture?


First thing first I’m going to show my kids /Garfieldminusjon then show them /Gerfieldminusgarfield


the first one is such a mood

Idk a name I guess

7:03 why did this one get me

Donny Shields

Why does that look like THILL at 2:03?

[ Devils Advocate ]

This is like Garfield died and he forgets and remembers

I Can't Reid

5:28 it doesnt help that hes looking down

Ash D

Taking away Garfield really helps me realize why Jon is still single.

Mya Wong - MRH Student

Garfield minus garfield is the best thing I have ever seen!

Cappuccino The Mantis

That's back when The click wouldn't show his face

garrison sharp

i’m slowly starting to feel like click

The Devil

This subreddit is probably singlehandedly keeping SCP-3166 at bay, the GOREFIELD

Jairra Javier

this comic is about a man that has anxiety that garfield leaved the comic:


5:45 Jon hit his face with the Medicine Cabinet.

Himiko Youmeno, the Ultimate Mage.

Plot twist: Garfield is hiding from John, making John go insane more and more. That is Garfield’s master plan to ruin John’s life.

The autistic Artist

Like many have said, Garfieldminusgarfield is just Jon slowly going insane

Emma Hietikko


Josiphine Tarr

"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!"
"HmmMmmMmhMm F*ck a bear"

Katherine Tressler

Without garfield, Jon just seems crazy


...uh I..I think Jon's finally lost it

Lord Crabby

John King of the incels before incels was a internet thing

Ivy the Alien Cat

Jon, you forgot your schizophrenic pills again

Witchy Poo

Am I the only one who finds this funnier than the unedited version? Jon is just so relatable.


Are we gonna ignore that this 9:39 kinda lame comic turned into an obvious su1cide joke without Garfield so hilariously?

Certainly11 Suspenseful22

00:29 "and a coffee in my hair"


this is just 2020 in a nutshell

• YumekoWantsYourSoul •

I love how this is literally just Jon being insane and depressed

Move I Do Bite

... In your hair?..

lit magnet ice

This is just a schizophrenic guy

DJ Doodles


Pineapple Pizza isn’t Hawaiian

David Hilgendorf

Jon: has nervous breakdown



Garfield-Jon's Schizophrenia Edition.

wiebe V aken

I can't breathe!

Snek Mc sneky

John is just purely depressed after Garfield died


Time for Jon to take his shcizophrenia medication

Grimslade Leviathan

7:29 This strip made me laugh the hardest like wtf

Mya Wong - MRH Student

9:46...DReAm! Is ThAt yOu!?

that girl

But… what if…
Clicky Kitty as Garfield…?

Luna Sulphur

There's something strangely different about 2019 click vs 2020 click. I wonder what evolution of the click 2021 will bring us.


Not seeing The Click feels just wrong


now, john has schizophrenia


the third frame being empty has the same vibe as "bottom text"

Rhett’s Renderings Inc.

The OG comics were told from Jon's point of view. These are told from Lizzies point of view. It may explain why she is fed up with Jon at the end of episode.

Annabelle Lee Studios

I always question myself this... why do I always hold a knife whenever I watch the r/GarfieldMinisGarfeild stuff?
I'm concerned now...

Smug Dancer

9:46 All Dream fan art ever


Jon. Jon let go. The accident happened 10 years ago.

The First Charlotte

this is just depressing...

Droidix Bacon


Logan Offley

Jons actions throughout this video feel like a direct reflection of my mental state and that I'm surprisingly ok with that.

i dont care bout my name fireaxe

r/garfieldminusgarfield is just jon having a schizophrenia episode

Block Head ツ

Sometimes, i skip 5 seconds when you make a joke that goes on for too long.

A Human, Not Gaster

2:53 Why did you play a sadder version of "silent night" here?


ima just do this Jon:"garfield come and eat" Garfield :"......" Jon:"OoOo you ate Odey why?" Odey dead now he was always been dead......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa............He was takeing drugs this hole time!

Mikko Generation

Alternate title: If John is actually crazy.

Yellow Crewmate

Garfield but Jon has schizophrenia.

rarah pse

What if you did this sub again? Lol

Renton Thunder

Plot twist Liz is a mental health doctor treating jon for his rampant hallucinations

Daren The Bear

10:19 fun fact:this is the first every comic strip of garfield

i am human

“Pizza in my stomach and a coffee in my hair”


These are so fucking funny

JToH dan

Jon has been schizophrenic ever since he ‘got’ Garfield, he used the cat as a coping mechanism for it. Everyone in the comic is trying to make Jon snap out of it, but he can’t, it’s a part of him. Arlene, Nermal, all the other ‘talking’ animals are part of his imagination. This is his life through a spectator’s eyes, he’s suffering because nobody respects him because of his mental disorder, leading him to major depression. I’m sorry for ruining your Garfield experience

Bubba Go Video Channel


im_a_poopy_head517 Hoop

6:10 I as well would mind having my living space overflowing with white substance...

Henry Duke

I pissed myself laughing at this like “tHaT fOOd iS foR EatING”

Mikey Pierce

He’s basically on drugs, acid


Needs renaming. r/RelatableShitposts