KOTOR 2 Swoop Race Glitch

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KOTOR 2 Swoop Race Glitch

11 352 views | 29 Jul. 2009
11 352 views | 29 Jul. 2009

This is a glitch i found like 5 days ago before i posted this. this glitch will work on all swoop races in Kotor 2 on Telos, Nar Shadaa(but Destroy the Droid First) and on Onderon. just when u see the mine pause in front of it then forfit, then what ever time u forfited is the time u beat. Im Not sure it works for PC. I have it for PC i'll Check Later on. Time ***0:13:66***



@bonnolog Im very sorry about that I never played the PC version, only the xbox:/


oh i found an unofficial patch that fixed LOTs of bugs on the pc version. its 1.0c final by xenon. It actually fixed everything lol. the swoop race got fixed woot!


does nt work for pc. also PC version has an ugly flying glitch

R.G. Amsterdam

@MegaChris456 i got 12.92 also on 360. guess i'm the new swoop champ ;-)

Lynelle Kratz

awesome glitch. i play on xbox too so this will save me yelling at the tv when i dont win xD


I have a glitch on PC where I cross the finish line and they say I crashed. I have the restored content patch-mod


@bonnolog no it doesnt work i tried it on the Nar Shaddaa track didnt work still get the "That was a Terrible Accident, Im So Sorry, You must finish the race for your time to Qualify" I finish the race and he still says that wtf...

Mari Nara

1:36 to skipp the loading


Still works on Xbox One Love You Man


Lol, it worked. Thanks :) I played on 360. My time was 0:13:27.