Blightfall: Minecraft Modded Adventure Ep.139 - PREPARING FOR ELDRICH BOSS BATTLE! (Modded Roleplay)

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Blightfall: Minecraft Modded Adventure Ep.139 - PREPARING FOR ELDRICH BOSS BATTLE! (Modded Roleplay)

5 726 views | 7 Jan. 2017
5 726 views | 7 Jan. 2017

Minecraft Roleplay in an epic Modded Minecraft Adventure Map?! Blightfall is a Minecraft Adventure Map with its own Minecraft Modpack to help make for an exciting roleplay!

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Blightfall is a Modded Minecraft Roleplay Adventure Map series using the Blightfall Technic Modpack full of awesome Minecraft Mods! In this series, Waffle must roleplay and explore the mysterious, tainted, purple planet for the promised paradise! Will he be able to survive such a treacherous planet and establish a successful colony?

▶︎ Blightfall Roleplay series playlist


▶︎ Minecraft Modpack: Blightfall Technic Modpack (1.7.10)


▶︎ Minecraft Mods List


▶︎ Outro Music: Raider - "Futuro"



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I can't remember if it is in this version but if it is u can make more powerful potions using botania using either the managlass or alfglass for flasks which can hold more than one use for each 4 for managlass vials and 6 for alfglass flasks
EDIT: This is the block u need for the botania alchemy

Jasper Chippendale

I think green heart canisters are a rare trade from the tinker's construct villagers
hope someone sees this :)


added the poll so feel free to cast your vote fam

Rob O'Neill


Vic 4T

Remember that feeding gold to a hungry node, it gives it all the primal vis


Can you add updog?

Shane Faircloth

Deval bat

Gyon Niens

waffle you need to make a mob grinder so you can levelup your cleaver much easier

Marcus Strömsund

devil bats



I dont like seeing long usernames on youtube



pls keep posting a jurasic world vids

john parker

you can fill the orb directly by right clicking it (first time just binds it to you)

Robert Stoianof

devil bats

Deekx Sizsable

devil bat sound good

Aleksa Djordjevic

i made it in an 43 min

Marcus Strömsund

try a mana cookie

Matt Wall

Waffle I'm on phone, i cant vote so hopefully u see this message and think 'bout it, get the bars that dont explode because of your nine helps vampire bats so they heal you more

Gyon Niens

look at the pool waffle create every body voted for devil bats
lol never happend in a vid of you waffle

fortnite troopz


OmegaShadow 999

devil bat

Romeo David Jr


Minecraft360 205

I subed

Mae Bartolome

The ingredients are glow stone dust

Max Moore


Vic 4T

Waffle the thumbnail

Mae Bartolome

For the longest potion

Music By Reid

work on the twin emraleds hotel in jerassic world


I like devle bats

Aleksa Djordjevic

hey waffle craft bound arrmor its good its the best

Ray Ray

isnt this suposed to be a Roleplay not a lets plau