How to Customize Kodi Home Screen - Add Menu Item

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How to Customize Kodi Home Screen - Add Menu Item

52 155 views | 10 Apr. 2017
52 155 views | 10 Apr. 2017

In this video we look at how to customize kodi Home Screen and how to add your own menu items. Whether you want to put an addon on the main Kodi menu or link to a certain set of video files this guide is for you. For screenshots and download links for the skin visit .

Is your HTPC media center loaded with your favourite video content that you have been creating or collecting over the years? Or do you store your entire music collections on a centralised PC in your house? It is often a pain to navigate through all of your content to find what you want. In this add menu item Kodi video we will show you how to add buttons on the main home screen to link you straight to the content you want. It is simple to customize Kodi home screen and in this video it takes just 3 minutes to add a new menu button.

Do you have Kodi menu items that you do not use? Follow this add menu item Kodi video to remove those unwanted buttons and replace them with something that is more useful to you. In this video we take one of our favourite Kodi addons and insert it into the main menu structure. From here the addon can be launched and used.

This video will show you how to fully customize Kodi Home screen and add whatever Kodi menu items you want. Repeat this process for all of your favourite programs, addons and libraries.

Pau Sanchez

Hi! How do you set a folder from an usb plugged drive in a main menu button? It'is possible? I'm running osmc with this skin (MOD). Thank you!

Laurent Michon

With kodi 18, where is "add a new menu item" ?


Incredibly distracting music. Otherwise a concise video and pleasent.

Harold Jackson

NO Skin settings in Kodi 18?

Deano Essex

Get a mic!!!!

Spray Made