[SNS] • Heavy in your arms MEP

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[SNS] • Heavy in your arms MEP

146 556 views | 30 Oct. 2014
146 556 views | 30 Oct. 2014

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Hey everyone and welcome to our 2014 Halloween MEP! :D I can't believe a whole year already passed since the DNA MEP, but well here it is

Thank you to everyone for being on time and making such a great work on this MEP! Special thanks to Fan (DarkFanfrontier), Sara (TheFreakyAMV) and Viola (TheProfViola) for taking two parts and to DanParthenis, Anto (piccolinoo94) and Cindy (XXLucyXChan) for doing replacements. ♥

Check our last year Halloween MEP here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw9qP...

SNS on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xSuperNovaSt...



1 | 0:00 | TheFreakyAMV | Another

2 | 0:10 | TheFreakyAMV | Another

3 | 0:17 | piccolinoo94 | Ao No Exorcist

4 | 0:26 | xxSnowyStar | Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

5 | 0:35 | DarkFanfrontier | 07 Ghost

6 | 0:44 | DarkFanFrontier | King's Game

7 | 0:52 | DanParthenis | Shingeki No Kyojin

8 | 1:02 | xXsolanin95Xx | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

9 | 1:11 | CandySekai | Kara No Kyoukai

10 | 1:20 | Tenebriiis | Pandora Hearts

11 | 1:30 | Tenebriiis | Deadman Wonderland

12 | 1:40 | akaneruzu | Tokyo Ghoul

13 | 1:48 | xVanilaBerrie | Akame Ga Kill

14 | 1:56 | MissTitannia | 11 Eyes

15 | 2:07 | xHawtAMV | Mirai Nikki

16 | 2:15 | TheProfViola | Ten Count

17 | 2:24 | DarkFanFrontier | Another

18 | 2:33 | CuteKobato | Kuroshitsuji

19 | 2:42 | TheProfViola | Naruto

20 | 2:51 | Mriot07 | To aru kagaku no railgun |

21 | 3:00 | XxXBringMe2LifexXx | Kuroshitsuji

22 | 3:09 | thesakurafanify | Tokyo Ghoul

23 | 3:18 | xxLucyXChan | IB

24 | 3:27 | xKikari | Mekakucity Actors


SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK6U4...

PROGRAMS: Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop


If you got any question ask the studio or the Leaders:

✉ iBakaCam ► http://www.youtube.com/user/iBakaCam

✉ AnimezzTV ► http://www.youtube.com/user/AnimezzTV

✉ Tenebriiis ► http://www.youtube.com/user/Tenebriiis


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Aw i can't watch it


so awesome ;A; <33 


Happy Halloween minna! The mep was amazing it was an honour being part of it this year, I can help as a replacement again if ever needed :) regards from both DanParthenis and MissTitannia


Happy Halloween at all <3!
This MEP is definitly mah fav x'D


So cool! I enjoyed it a lot


Oh Gott das Lied ist so geil ich hab da eine Träne verloren, der Text einfach nur..Unglaublich und die Mep dazu boah ey xD Einfach nur Geil **--**

Margherita Blandino

is it a song of Eclipse?


Stunning MEP :O Im really happy that I'm in this, happy late Halloween everyone :3


OMG *oo*this is really amazing <33 good job all x3 

ali xo

marino jelenkovic

i dont know why you dont have more views this is amazing


whoaa brilliant work! * O *
happy halloween everyone :D



Rufus Johnson

Chilling... I love it!


OHMYGOD! I honestly don't know what to do after watching that.
Every single part was the utter most perfection* ^ *.

Jorden Young

New favorite video


Chills! Amazing mep and a Happy Halloween to you guys too <3!


holy crap O_O this mep turned out so amazing!! outstanding job everyone, epic mep <333

Jackie Shultz

That was AMAZING!

Baljinder Sarai

Amazing video!!
happy halloween everyone :-)


Wow, this is so amazing!! I love it! Great job!!!


amazing job guys!!! * A * <33


this mep is awesome *o*


This is really awesome! One day, I want to be able to do AMVs like these, and maybe even join a MEP group/studio! I'm starting to save up money for the software and everything else I need now. I have a really long way to go-- I mean, I'm only twelve. It's really hard for me to make any kind of money. I'm really interested in anything animated, and I have been for the majority of my short life. XD You, and other groups included, really inspire me to reach my dream. Thank you. <3


This is Amazing <3


OMG! THIS IS SO INCREDIBLE! I was literally afraid to blink thinking I might miss a second of this epicness! In love with this mep!


Really like the video, the song though, not so much :/

Charles Johnson

Happy Halloween.

Moony Night

that's so amazing O-O

Devon Voyles Johnson



Happy Halloween @all:D
& that's a pretty awesome MEP!

♥Phunky 98♥

This is fucking amazing omg!


Amazinggg * ^ *


amazing everyone!!!!<3

King of Angels; Vincent

This makes me very happy! Well, the video was full of feels... BUT, I like how so much manga was used instead of anime! Because I myself will publish a manga in the future, not any time soon, and I know it probably won't get an anime adaption. So, seeing people use manga strips and pages in MEPs makes me very happy because I hope one day someone will do the same for my manga! Also, great work.


awesome MEP ^^ Like everytime 


its awesome guys! <3

good job lilia <3


this was amazinggg


that mep gave me goose bumps O-O


What anime is 3:25 ?


omfg so amazing! Happy Halloween!! ♥

Eccent World

half kill