Return to Pooh Corner- Lyrics

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Return to Pooh Corner- Lyrics

236 774 views | 2 Jan. 2010
236 774 views | 2 Jan. 2010

Hey here is another video. I heard this song on Full House when Jesse and Becky was singing to there twins I never heard of the song until I looked up the song and lyrics I really liked it. My boyfriend got me the CD!. I grew up watching Winnie The Pooh I used to love watching the movies and shows like Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, to the Book of Pooh. I like the old school t.v. shows. They still play the winnie the pooh but they changed it to My Friends Tigger and Pooh. I miss the old shows, I dont know why they never played this song in the cartoons before the new ones begin. It should go back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh. My boyfriend likes the old school Winnie the Pooh and old school shows to. We miss alot of good shows. Enjoy (This is for Entertainment)


@SuperLYNN1975 that was deep....


I lost it at "I swear the old bear whispered, 'Boy, welcome home.'" I've never cried so much at something related to a kids show, since Toy Story 3.


@withlovemyah it is


@benjaminkabukabu look new shows are gnna come one too


that is it. Thank you so much :)


This song makes me cry so hard, my dad would play this for me when i was an infant:)


i danced to this song with my sister when i was this song(:

Jordan Gibson

I ♥ Winnie The Pooh Brings me Memories when i herd this and its soo sad/good because i have the first book of this :(


Disney doesnt even deserve to be called "Disney" anymore. it really has to go back to how things used to be.

Tae Wood

This my jam!

Billi Blaze

this is a great folk song! !


@JulieLovesTheBeatles XD


T.T why the hell am i crying?!

Mariah Sermons

Nice video :)


Winnie the pooh is ruined now day's I cant wait for the new movie in 2011. Finnally going back to the way it's suppose to be! =)


Amazing song


this is beautiful


Wow, don't know what to say 'bout tht buddy, keep being strong! I'll pray for you, god less you<3


Simple lyrics, great melody, just cant help but be affected by it.


wow... when i watched this i started to cry.! all of my childhood memories came back to while i listened to this... I never really reliezed how much i missed being a kid..... If I could go back I would in less then a heart beat...... back to the days of winnie the pooh....

Sarah Preston

The feels :,(

Paige DizRadio

I grew up with this song :) Dad made me a tape from the CD and I'd fall asleep to Kenny Loggins almost every night!!

Western Echidna

I agree but its more Disney "Channel" that sucks, Disney in general is still an amazing company


@JulieLovesTheBeatles idk! XD

Catherine Trammell

My mom use to sing this song to me when my sister and I were growing up all the way till when left for college, she is now in her own hundred acre woods in the sky! R.i.p mommy we love and miss you everyday I play this song for her everyday and I now sing it to my kids and there 2,4,& 8 and they love it.

Noctis Caelum

I remember hearing this song on full house


can anyone tell me what that show is called, it has weenie tigger and all the rest, but they were like real characters, not cartoons, I mean like maskots. I watched that growing up, and I want my son to see it.

Jordan Mccaff

this is my fave winnie the pooh cartoon!! ;' ) i used to watch this when i was young! :''(


Such a beautiful song...I'm gonna play this for my kids one day and show them every single Disney movie I grew up with.