Fallout 4: Frost - Part 23 - Unexpected Friends

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Fallout 4: Frost - Part 23 - Unexpected Friends

107 824 views | 18 Mar. 2018
107 824 views | 18 Mar. 2018

Fallout 4: Frost continues, as we flee the Glowing Sea and return to the coast guard to find the next clue, but the biggest surprise is who's waiting for me in a ruin I just wanted to loot...

Fallout 4: Frost - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/18898/?

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Fanfare for Space, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Additional graphics from http://www.movietools.info/

Space Reptile

why dont you take the cannibal perk ? pretty shure that would solve your hunger issues

Spencer Black

Stack alcohol and buffout to increase your carry capacity

Henry Monroe

When I wake up early in the morning! Look outside, Deathclaw's coming! Chasin' me around at such a speed, can't it see there's no need (there's no need). Please don't spoil my day, just go away, I should be sleeping (ba dum bum bum)


Hazmat suite at the kremz's tooth location tho


I find that if you ever want to leave something behind that you may want later, don't leave it in a container, just drop it on the ground. For some reason when an area resets containers can be reset but things you have dropped on the ground remain there seemingly forever.

Alex Denney

"If I get drunk enough, I'll probably be able to carry all of these home with me!"

Sounds legit.

Also, Jon - the cows only seem to harm you if you attack them from the front, so don't do that. And why haven't you ever taken Lockpicking? All those Advanced locks you could have opened.

jonathan sanchez

the bombs dissapearing isnt frost thats just fallout 4 lol


Thanks for clearing that up. I'm playing survivial as well and I thought you just left your PC on for days

fiery harp

Can please do more through scavenger hunts thank you matn

And get all overdue books


Notice how Jon keeps calling Fallout 4 vanilla "Fallout Frost" and the comparing it with this mod... xD


Was the Blue Line door the one at the very start with the mines and the ghouls and dead federation outside? Like right at the start. You come out where the two survivos are with the cooking pot and go past them and turn left????


Great episode as always! That mine you stepped on while you were bypassing the death claws almost made me yell right out! BTW, I recommend always storing your equipment in workbenches and cooking stations, as they don't seem to regenerate (in regular survival mode at least). Some areas regenerate as soon as you leave them (usually different areas every playthrough, no idea why). I also lost some really important stuff on my survival playthrough.

Phil Tucker

Drops a Stealth Boy? For 1 weight? Seriously? That's a guaranteed get out alive card down the crapper.

Austin McClary

Undertale mines....spooky...


the daisy mentioned in the library terminal is the ghoul in goodneighbor that asks you to clear out the library


dude, you could've put the assault rifle in your base, you get a ton of 5.56.

Bobby Drown

Best scripted commentary ever! LMAO

Under A Bridge Too Far

How has he not figured out yet that when he saves and exit game respawns ennemies and refills loot.

Joel Gouvion

The “cock” count is off the charts

Jackson bermingham

watching jon bumble around 1 episode a week .. is boring now.. but twice a week now that's entertainment


This is probably the best episode in the Frost series

Aron Wellbelove

Polymer labs - rad suite. Or get into downtown underground and you can buy one.

Daniel Lussier

YAY John said Natick right finally!

The Laptop Lagger

Oh no.. the story of the romantic proto ghoul dude actually made me sad even though it's fictive flavour text

Werner Van Wyk


Robyn Pellican

Well that’s Massachusetts for ya. None of the pronunciations of anything make sense


Mines not respawning after death is actually a feature of the base game to prevent people from exploiting their knowledge of where the mines are as (at least in the basegame) that'd basically be "reload for free mines".


I really don't understand how Youtubers don't go crazy from their own incompetent commentors. 100+ comments saying the exact same cocking thing and others repeating the same useless advice while the few people with helpful advice is buried amongst the trash.

Zenex HD

Are u using mods for the enclave

Jared Riedel

Quote of the week: "I might be better off murdering you, oh wait I can't murder you, your wearing a fabulous hat."

Sofia Andersson

Jon, why won't you pick up the Sea Captain's hat? It gives you +2 endurance in base game


actually x 26

Aron Wellbelove

Just to say jon. Mine respawn and some bad guys will not appear after a death unless you full reload - not a bug, its set to stop people getting stuck in places. Sometimes takes a coupple of deaths to trigger.

Brian Bitner

Mines not reappearing on a reload is in the base game. I think it's to keep you from just being able to spam saves and avoid/collect mines.

Shaun Hedinger

I've just recently discovered this video series and it's making me want to play this mod. Does anyone know if it is available on Xbox One?

Jackson bermingham

Remember to give a like!!!!!!! a terrifying like that this current world criticizes...

Hal Wakka

"Basically loot this entire place for anything vaguely metally."
Picks up plastic spoon.

Savva Sumin

So I’m guessing Arthur Gannon was the father of Arcade Gannon (FO:NV companion)?

Bren Tenkage

When the explosive groundhog day happened and the game state hicupped all I could think of to myself was, "Space is warped and time is bendable"


This guy seems to exist in a constant state of panic.

Craig Collings

I suspect the journal comes from the guy you woke up in the cell with, at the very beginning. He was bangin' on about Gilgamesh too.


I was thinking, why not use a facecam? It'd add a bigger level of quality to these videos

ozeal D.

he was down on health so many times... why is he never using stimpaks! sure it makes him thirsty but sometimes its a worthy trade off.


Ey Jon, you're about to go off the deep end (as in, down an ocean, right now atleast) and that means a lot of rads and drowning, as you mentioned. You've just leveled up, so check out the requirements for Aqua Girl and what it does in this mod! That might just save you there!

x AuriiHikarii


Justin Ortega

"Booze, no not booze, water. Actually both. Why not both?"

Aurelian Rolea

Jon you might want to get your hands on a radiation siut 1000 ead resistence woukd certanly help with your litle diving mision

AutoApsilite 28

Why did the deathclaws not die of pneumonia!?


Didn't he just let pass some hats that give +2 endurance?


20:47 Wish 1: get killed, Wish 2: get Cook, Wish 3: get eaten..... or not

Snek Boi

“If I do whiskey, I can probably pull it off”-Jon

Led Del

Jon, you should play Dust after you're done playing Frost! It's a New Vegas mod that is fully finished with a few endings

Geert Terluin

Common bug in frost, explosives after you died from them are gone.

Gale Crystal

Jon stored his stuff in a Radiant loot container. How does he not know how this game works after all this time?


Happens in vanilla FO4 too.
I've died from explosives several times in normal FO4, reloaded, and when I go back to pick up the mines they are gone.

Keg Man

I'll be honest I'm constantly wondering why you didnt scrap up and develop most of the settlements for increased QOL and also the free experience for crafting... Unless there's no exp for crafting.

Gregory Milbrandt

Jon where is the minuteman playthrough? You need to download FCOM and militarized minutemen and do a minuteman General run. I'd love to see that.

Feyyore Dirkear

"I'll just drink some water" Necks three bloodpacks instead. XD


the fusion core got deleted after the reset, and so did the IED's because if you die and respawn, it doesn't spawn things again sometimes. Things and people, as it happened to me with ppl in metro, it didn't spawn the survivor who killed me last time, as well as the items that were in containers and laying around were missing in that place. And it's because the mod is WORK-IN-PROGRESS and you should UPDATE IT.
unless you're doing it and just not telling us


Jon, you don't need fugal purges to go for a swim. You need a hazmat suit (not the kind the enclave had, the kind named "Hazmat Suit"). I'm pretty sure you're running Frost v0.4 or so and I know the hazmat suit removes all rad dmg in Frost v0.4. Frost takes the (hidden) 98% rad dmg reduction the hazmat suit normally has and makes it a full 100% reduction.

When I played Frost v0.4, I wore a hazmat suit into the glowing sea and took 0 rads. It's like the ghoul mask in the sense that it's a major game changer.

Ashley Barber

Level up Jon

Carlos Ramon

whole place has respawned
doesn’t check the fusion core thing behind the building


You have 28 pounds of carry weight left but you don't pick up the other ammo types or the buffout, I get that you don't use them but you are on the way back to your base why not store up a little for when you inevitable will start to use them?


No update since December 2017, is this mod abandoned???

Unpredictable HalfBread

There's an intercom for the library??


you missed a whole ammo bag

Z oof


Twenty After Four

"Oh I can't murder you, you're wearing a fabulous hat!"

The Sunroses

why was no one talking about how holding your breath with a scoped weapon uses AP, doesn't that use up the fusion core

Andrew Bennett



Isn't that key for a door in the same room as the int bobblehead?

Jake the Snake

Mines have always disappeared if they explode and you reload a save, even in vanilla. I think it's intended.

Joe Priest

drop a save bat the sleeping bag and try and steal that miners helmet.

Harry Jangles

power armor not boosting (in this case, reducing) carry weight is just silly


Drop a save and try to get in diamond city. Just to see what it's like!

Robyn Pellican

Well that’s Massachusetts for ya. None of the pronunciations of anything make sense

Leon Buongiorno

Glad you do this on monday :)

Isaiah Wright


Maliek Fuller

I love his pronunciation of aluminum

fiery harp

Quote of the day ''actual booze enough to keep me going'' suggestion from Australia try triple xxx it's cheap

Ryan Brewis

See, your prejudice against the Metro Fed was ungrounded. They're lovely people.


Jesus Jon...your obliviousness while looting gives me anxiety lmao


When you do the quest with deacon and get the silenced pistol out of the vault, in the room before the vault you get an orange hazmat suit kind of thing that gives 1000 rad resistance. Maybe that can help.

Rune Dybdal

Hey MATN, big fan and patreon supporter!

Just a small tip: If you need bottles go to Prost Bar near Swan's pond! It's swimming in bottles and there's only a single Feral in Swan's pond(at least in my current playthrough of Frost).

And the last thing: Thanks for a great channel! You were the first to make me want to support a channel on Patreon :)


fallout 4 tends to remove mines when u die to them.

Maximilian Montserrat

I've noticed mines disappearing in the vanilla game when I've set them off and reloaded. I presume it's to keep you trying to disarm them multiple times until you get it, or possibly just to keep their locations a surprise.

Jonny five

Those raiders were just chilling at the hotel when some dude in power armor burst through the door and murdered them....Think of it from their point of view


Damn I love this series!

Carlos Ramon

There’s a mod that fixed PA taking away your armor bonuses

Grant Sprinkle

In the military base under slocum joes there is a hazmat suit, in the base game at least. You might want to check there but there will probably be ghouls.


"If I get drunk enough, I can probably carry all of these with me"

Only in a Frost playthrough.

Logan Fisher

I feel bad for the one bottle Jon missed in the brewery. So sad - left behind with no friends.

Jayden Carson

Me: God dammit Jon! Stop screaming insults when my mom is right in the other room!

Jon: Screams as many unintelligible insults as loud and frequent as possible

Tyler Roberts

"I can't murder you, you're wearing a fabulous hat." Lol

Della Damson

That one bottle he left under the stairs at Beantown really upset my OCD


the amount of times you say you will never have enough ammo for this and that basically means you would have enough ammo at several points for this and that lol youve passed up at least 100 rounds of 5.56 and .45 along the way and im sure youve missed much much more due to the perception bug your character seems to struggle with lol <3


Am I incorrect, or is there not an exit from the underground system that comes up on Spectacle Island?



Jared Bø

and you can pronounce it Natick not Nadick if you want.


Does John actually not know that if you explode a trap then reload it's not there anymore? Thought that was basic knowledge lol. Then again it might just be to me because I have to reload a lot after dying to mines :(