FFBE: Aldhafera, Budget Clear, All Missions

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FFBE: Aldhafera, Budget Clear, All Missions

8 807 views | 12 Jul. 2018
8 807 views | 12 Jul. 2018

This guide is mostly budget, but I did have to use one rainbow unit (Fina) and four cheap TMR's. Otherwise, full mission clear complete! I have a more detailed guide of this fight on reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/FFBraveExvius/comments/8ybhzm/aldhafera_budget_clear_guide_all_missions/


Great video as always! but I'm wondering how I'm going to get Mystea's elemental resistances so high for 5 types! What if I get earth and lightning to 130 and the others to around 60 and then use a 40% resistance buff would that work?

Diego Gomes

What about Rikku instead of CG Fina?

Lord Nuclear

This boss hits like a savage.

Sadly no evade and Fina does not want me.

vinicius mazzochi

Hello Sinzar. thanks for this great strategy, I died a few times, but finally I was able to win this trial with your tips.

Floor Daoc

well done

Omega Weapon

Can you break any other stats other than spr?

Liit Bibe

Endy J

Man you are FAST af. Thanks for your guides! keep up the good work!

John Doe

Nice work man! Thanks for this early vid!

Omega Weapon

Just after I beat every trial, including the Torturous Trio, they throw this and 3 more trials at me!


I had a problem that forced me to burst him down without my Magic attacker (BS Sakura) and with Aldhafera with 38% HP left , it was still doable, thanks mate.

Omega Weapon

Is it just me, or was this fight the easiest 10 man trial so far?

Jack Lovelock

Less than 3 hours from release.
Damn haha.
Impressive as always!

Hugh Tube

Great stuff! While you were quick to start clearing trials, I'm still fusing my cactaurs to clear inventory space.


Maybe instead of using William you could use lexida as your damage dealer and use meliadule for reraise instead of fina.


Two rainbows.

Dilfido Ventura

Is there a trick to timing bahamud and your chainer attack or do you need a macro? I been trying to practice my attack but i only can get 5million damage on the dummy.

Gabriel Cardoso Ribeiro

cant do this since i dont have fine nor ayaka or yuna rofl