Trenny Gibson - 5 - Laura's Case File

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Trenny Gibson - 5 - Laura's Case File

1 575 views | 2 Jul. 2020
1 575 views | 2 Jul. 2020

In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna chat with Laura Riste about the disappearance of Trenny Gibson. Trenny disappeared from Knoxville, Tennessee on a field trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park on October 8, 1976. In this episode we discuss Simpson, Bowman, mysterious tips and suspicious messages.

Laura runs a great blog dedicated to the case, check it out here:

If you have any information please call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 615-744-4000.

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Traci Francisco

I wish you guys could take a look into the 1974 disappearance of the Fort Worth three. On Dec 23, 1974, three girls aged 17, 14, and 9 went to the mall to go Christmas shopping and never made it back home. Literally there has been no leads and nothing found in almost 46 years!! The family is literally dying for answers. Look up the wikipedia article I wrote on the case under "Fort Worth Missing Trio".

R Emanuel

I am enjoying Laura's content. Her reporting and research is compelling! Laura, you need a podcast ma'am! Thank you for being a voice for Trenny and her family.

Tom Jones

Well done. Her case must me solved.

Traci Francisco

I'll admit it. I already hit the like button even though I haven't listened yet. I have however listened to the other 4 in this series about Trenny and not only is it a fascinating case, Laura is amazing! I love hearing what she has to say about this. So I already know I will like this episode. Now time to play on.....

Laura Riste

Missing 44 years today


I’m enjoying the series on Trenny. Laura has put in a great deal of research, and it certainly shows in her extensive knowledge of the case. I have some thoughts about a couple of aspects. I highly doubt the principal would have affirmed Bowman’s presence at school for the entire day if he only had confirmation of him being in homeroom. Based on reports, Bowman was a known troublemaker at school, and one of a few black kids in the school at that time, so he would have easily stuck out to the principal and teachers. For such a serious matter, the principal probably verified his attendance with each of his teachers and/or may have even seen him periodically throughout the day. Simpson had Trenny’s comb, and another student had her jewelry. Both should be questioned intensely by authorities, particularly the female student who had the jewelry. Following the jewelry trail could bust this case wide open.

Melinda Francis

Great lady. So good someone cares to solve this.

Charli.xo.fanpage !

I hope she’s found I pray for it

James Mcdonald
apparently trenny's sister died in 2016 and her dad and brother Bob had previously passed


Really enjoying this series on Trenny guys. Laura really has a good grip on the case. I hope someone cracks and finally tells the truth of what happened to her.

Tom Jones

It's an unsolved case. Perhaps it's time for police investigators to put some people under oath and interrogate them.

Luciana S

Thank you Laura, Tim, and Lance

Yorkie Tea

I’ve been thinking about the jewellery and wondering why she had to remove her necklace in the wash room? Maybe the other girls saw this as boasting, taking off all her jewellery and asking another girl to take care of it just while she washed her hands could have been seen as Trenny making sure everyone saw/admired her jewellery (not victim blaming just trying to see it from their view). Has it been mentioned if the first girl gave it straight back after Trenny had finished in the washroom? Did Trenny just leave it with her for the rest of the hike and if so why? Maybe then that girl gave it to Simpson when she knew Trenny was missing. If she lent out her jewellery then maybe she lent out the comb too