Super Mario Series Warpless Relay Race in 2:47:12 - SGDQ2017 - Part 122

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Super Mario Series Warpless Relay Race in 2:47:12 - SGDQ2017 - Part 122

462 564 views | 9 Jul. 2017
462 564 views | 9 Jul. 2017

Interview with BloodyBizkitz and Daxat 4:27

Runner introduction at 32:29

This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2017, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2017, find us at:

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Yussif N

1:14:13 KOBE

Thomas Alvarenga

I would like to see a New Super Mario Series relay race.

Zara The Furry

Why does doki doki panic count? And not the REAL MARIO 2 which is lost worlds?


This was epic, can we get a Dark Souls relay next AGDQ?


No surprise super mario world 2 was such a success in agdq, that game got game of the year for the last 10 years according to some youtuber

Tristan Frodelius

The Notch donation: 2:00:43

Raine In Spaine

Who did you guys root for throughout the run? I was Team Boom Boom all the way!

The Stern Dragoon


That was hilarious and awesome to watch happen! The announcer's reaction and the realization by the crowd were priceless. I think that is the PERFECT way to throw shade at Autoscrollers. Simply glorious.

Crissyfox Does Stuff

2 hours of marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles marbles

makes me happy :D

Per-Erik Nielsen

Hi SGDQ. Greetings from Norway :)
Have watching your race and doing a incredible job
with play those games and donations to the fondations
and help the people struggling with the cancer.
Keep up the awesome work guys :)


When they mentioned google glass and told google to donate, my Google Home actually responded. It couldn't do anything, but it did pickup the voice.


"the frog suit is the closest suit to a frog they have in the game"


I gotta be honest: I wish they raced on SNES's All-Stars. Great race nonetheless, amazing comeback by Team Birdo around the second half!


When he said OK Google at 1:43:55 my phone thought I said it

Bernie Wen

What are the Mario games included in this relay?

Richard Bg

guau q pros,

Michael Bond

Haha, Poo has no respect for that fish. 1:36:11


Fun Fact: I made the darbMinusWorld emote on darbian's channel.
Also Fun Fact: I made it the day he stopped doing Minus World runs. He still holds the WR today.

Stuart Livermore

Announcers are really making it hard to watch this....


42:10 Oh the bitter, bitter irony...Mario is no longer a plumber.

Feño Sky

Sad to see Darbian didn't perform, he was killing SMB2 at the time and still is. Shit is bound to happen in a marathon, sadly..


Why is Giygas taking over Team Birdo's Mario 2?


Damn Darbian!

Eme Koo

If Poo kept his Hammer suit, team birdo might have won.


yo it's so weird hearing BJW. Those are my initials haha

Matt Kava

Such an amazing set of runs. Very impressive.

Joshua S.G.G.

2:00:44 for the fastest crowd hype-to-lull of all time

iori yagamy

Puro caposss


Auth is SOOOOO good at being funny without trying to be funny. Too many couch talkers try to hard to make it a comedy show, be yourselves! With that said, this was a fun run to watch, runners, commentators, crowd!

The Finster

Great run! However the audio becomes desinced at about 2 hours in.

T. T.

Its a shame big jon wasnt on this relay dominating lost levels




I hope this get to GDQ: In my personal opinion, whenever a player finishes a game you should stop his/her timer and wait for the others to finish it and whenever the next game starts, all the runners would start their respective games at the same time so you can appreciate who did better of the 3 for every game. And if you still want to know which team is ahead, you could put a little total timer under every team. In that way you can enjoy the whole thing as a race and each game as its own race. Anyways, thanks for this amazing event!

Jon Squirrel

Super Mario 4 Life!!!!


Gg to all the runners, you did an amazing job

Rafael Sampaio



"So...which levels do you think are going to make the biggest difference heading into this final part of the relay?"

"...There's a few stages throughout this run that are gonna make the difference, but I think this is going to be extremely close..."

Well...that was a pointless exchange.

Sam Krygsheld

Awesome run idea! Great commentators too.

Andy Gaskin

This was great

James McCoy

Please someone explain to me this kill the animals save the animals thing. I really don’t get it

Daniel C

Wow, that's worth watching all they way through. Incredible.


NO, don't spam comments about Undertale down here you disgrace

Riah Wren



2 death 20:25 for Kosmic is unbelievable.

Dude is the best in the world


Abbreviated Nintendo console name pronunciations:
- Fds (FDS) = Fids
- Nes (NES) = Ness
- Snes (SNES) = SNess
- Super Nes (Super NES) = Super Ness

Just thought I'd post a comment about that. It was just for fun. Personally, I thought it was funny how the guy pronounced those abbreviated words (NES and SNES).

FUN FACT: The crowd actually chants 'Super Ness!' in "Smash 4".


I have a hammer suit in real life. I enjoy throwing hammers at my neighbours when they're relaxing in the garden.


This IsThe Craziest Speedrun I Have Ever Seen

Medigo Verus

Boss Bass later, this one's Big Bertha.  Had to laugh at Poo's loss of hammer suit...he's always so cocky.


Was an awesome Race.
Please more of that it was amazing!

ryan phillips



2:16:13 when the run was over :( OH NOOOOOOO


For those wondering...
Run and SMB1 start at 33:11
SMB1 ends at 53:10
SMB2US starts at 54:12
SMB2US ends at 1:19:54
SMB3 starts at 1:20:34
SMB3 ends at 2:16:16
SMB2J starts at 2:17:18
SMB2J ends at 2:42:36
SMW starts at 2:43:35
Run and SMW end at 3:19:25

SMB1 = Original Super Mario Bros.
SMB2US = The US version of Super Mario Bros. 2
SMB3 = Super Mario Bros. 3
SMB2J = Lost Levels
SMW = Super Mario World

I hope this helps people who want to watch the race, but don't want to have to sit through 3 hours of gameplay!


does anyone know which game the winners made the losers play?


this was on my b-day
thanks this was a amazing gift too enjoy


So many paved Peaches in this vid.

Jarrod Pairgin

i just wanna know what the_kobold_inn does for a living. poo could literally live off the donations he gets from him. ive seen him donate a thousand dollars plus to him SEVERAL times lol.


32:35 because I like intros...

Griffin Ray

Americans love Mario. Just look at the crowd.


I have never seen that glitch happen before.

Anton Tron

2 Chainz announcer really

Frogman Forever

They forgot Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.

(I’m kidding . . . but not really.)

hellfenix batata

why these music note on the names?


Whoa, for the first time I heard the commentary say the word "strategies" in a an GDQ video. I never thought I would see the day.


Who else came for Darbian?


Boss Bass? wtf is that, it's Big Bertha...


Gotta love that sportmanship at the end :)




Fav run of the event. So close towards the end.


That guy in the middle stops breathing for the entirety of the smb3 run.


when you watched part of the run live, saw the tweet of who won, but forgot who it was so you were on the edge of your seat the entire time rooting for team birdo in the end XD

Chris Ortiz

Does the blue commentator dude not like the red commentator dude or something? Their chemistry sucked :\


This was really fun to watch. Perhaps a Zelda relay race next year? PLEASE?!?!

Sam Krygsheld

If you, like me, had trouble keeping track of who the runners are, here's a breakdown:




Lost Levels


Coolkid Gaming

what about super mario galaxy

Eliane Santos


Jan Deiniel Ramirez

I got weird question: Why would they play the JP version of SMW? Maybe GDQ are out of copies of US SMW...

Caleb Adams

Holy balls, is one of the commentators mrcreepypasta?

Domain 119

1:58:25 music you ok?

Alec Sjoholm

1:51:45 Scrabble expert here. AUTHORBLUE would score exactly as many points as AUTHORBLUES: zero points, because both are nonwords.


i can't believe i watched the whole run!


This was by far my most anticipated event. I was so annoyed that its time kept getting changed. It was originally scheduled to start at like 3:30 then was moved to 6 something, then 8, then 7, then finally 6:40. I ended up missing the explanation of small fire mario.


blue commentator keeps interrupting and talking over the other commentators. when someone dares to keep talking after he's interrupted them, he just gets louder until they let him speak


Such amazing sportsmanship showed by all of these runners. It's great to see the gaming community doing something so beneficial for the world. I hope things like GDQ continue for a long time to come.

Liam Gallagher

Great sportsmenship on display with the other runners waiting for the graphics fix. Wooo

Joseph Guerriero

It's a me MARIO!

Chris Abraham

It's kind of nit-picky but what would really make the races even better to watch is if you knew how many seconds the 2nd and 3rd place runners were behind the leader. There are times when I wish I knew just how close or far the runners were from each other.


Team Reznor won, they were the only team who finished Super Mario Bros 2 for FDS, lost levels is not a real game, it's too easy

Julia Pereira

2:25:17 Best super mario 2 ending ever!!!


"This video is over 3 hours long? Eh I won't watch it."

There goes all the views that could've been saved by a little video editing to make it the actual length of the run

Spam Account

One of the commentators sounds like Eric Warheim so everything he says sounds sarcastic to me.

Matthew Brantner

wow the guy running lost levels for team reznor needs to get guuud


Why did I find myself so badly wanting Team Birdo to win? What an amazing race.


Kill the animals!!!


I only came for the interview with bloody XD

Ben Turner

I keep coming back to this video! Great performance from all the runners, and stellar commentary from skybillz, johncarls, and authorblues. authorblues' deadpan kills me, especially in this exchange:
johncarls: [Svenne]'s also the only person with a Swedish flag wrapped around his neck.
authorblues: In my experience that's true.

Steven D.

Too many crazy tricks to even call them all out. It's wild how close this was over nearly 3 hours.

Wypsotor Nyloff

2:04:08 watch poo there


You had one job poo


Props to Svenne for playing through that.

Johnny Torpedo

As great as it is that this event has grown huge. It saddens me that they feel they have to explain the puzzle castles in SMB1. Like, who is watching speedruns but has never played SMB1? That's a pre-requisite for being a gamer as far as I'm concerned.