Toukiden 2 Still Hidden Brother All Kage Brother's Location

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Toukiden 2 Still Hidden Brother All Kage Brother's Location

23 078 views | 26 Mar. 2017
23 078 views | 26 Mar. 2017

Pretty ez if u know japs, Mizu=Water, Mori=Forest,Yama=Mountain/Valley


Davi Doom

Thank you!


Where the hell do you start the quest?


Do you play on pc of ps4? Also thanks for these videos


Very helpful thanks

Von Briest're on the wrong quest then... You're on "Hidden Brothers" but this here is the follow-up quest "still hidden brothers" ...


you want to play with me

Y Xuy Tụy Hương

thank a lot

Shuren Shimitri

i found all the hidden brothers on demo


checking out the comments. man the guy in the snow is not appearing for me. I have the other bros already.

Neclord X

The Honor and War brothers are not showing to me, I go there, but there is no one there.

Lazy Boy

I don't see snow, how u get a snow?
We have to find forest, mountain, and water. No snow...



Tayfur 88

I love you xD


One is missing for me he not showing up


have you passed the part in single player after you bath with homura, does it give you a message about a final version or something ? after you leave it says to talk to the professor in my house, I go click X next to her, she says how are the mission going and that's all she says it's like I can't play the rest of the game please reply.

Master Piece

Is anyone still struggling in 2020


Where fuck do i find Tsukikage

Crab Apples

If you're looking for Mizukage, he's not in the snow for me, I'm on my ps vita and I found him at the end of the river at Murakumo Forest. Just TP at the watchers outpost and head north with your demon eye on and look at the minimap, you'll find him at the end of the river. He's the blue dot.


100th like cause this was super helpfull

william gordon

Morikage is not in the forest in this video where could he be if theres a different spot


Hey, have you finished the treasure quest with kai? if so is there a hidden treasure of sort cuz he sends the full rhyme on letter

WCB BunBun