D&D Discord Bot: Avrae - Getting Started

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D&D Discord Bot: Avrae - Getting Started

193 547 views | 21 Mar. 2020
193 547 views | 21 Mar. 2020

Avrae is the most comprehensive D&D bot designed for Discord, with everything players and DMs need to run a game over text.

Get started at invite.avrae.io

Versatile Dice Roller, D&D Beyond Character Sheet Import, Full 5e Lookup/Integration, Automated Character Sheet Macros, Initiative Tracking and Automation, Custom Resource Tracking, Homebrew Support, Custom User Scripting and its Free!

D&D Beyond is your official digital toolset for all things Dungeons & Dragons.

D&D Character Builder: https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/builder#/

D&D Monster Listing: https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters

D&D Spell Listing: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells

D&D Marketplace: https://www.dndbeyond.com/marketplace

D&D Beyond Original Articles: https://www.dndbeyond.com/articles


Encounter of the Week: https://www.dndbeyond.com/tag/encounter-of-the-week

D&D Class Guides: https://www.dndbeyond.com/tag/class-guides

Running D&D Monsters: https://www.dndbeyond.com/tag/running-monsters

D&D Spell Spotlights: https://www.dndbeyond.com/tag/spell-spotlights

Dungeons & Dragons Lore: https://www.dndbeyond.com/tag/d-d-lore

Todd Talks: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPjdPog_vKX0yyLp1UqTO6NXWTbvCYAbi

Heroes of the Vale: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPjdPog_vKX1Fxx4LjpMlf4LyOaFiDM-F

Dev Update: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPjdPog_vKX1wY1j_K-H8u6rqyQVZ5YSN

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How does one activate Barbarian Rage on Avrae?

Temir Ra

How awesome ist this!?


These things are neat, no doubt, but I feel they eliminate one of the joys of the game: rolling dice yourself. When I first started playing, I was able to get 5 sets of dice for $12. Even when we play over discord, everyone still rolls their own dice.
I mean, I guess it's nice if youre playing with strangers and are afraid of cheaters..


Wait can i essentially play dnd on discord??! This is amazing as a person who has never played dnd but really wants to play

Jacqueline Albin

Awesome feature! Can't wait to add it to my virtual games. The video made me nauseous though with the weird wobbly zooming in and out. Just a bit of feedback, you may want to avoid editing future videos like this...

Zophar Ptay

But can it make it possible for five adults to be available to play at the same time?


Avrae is Bae-vera

Rich Van Meter

Check the imported stats are the same. My bracers of defense are equipped and showing correctly in DNDB but avrae has the AC 2 lower. Just something to check for.

Danny Kriegbaum Laursen

I didn't know what Avrae was when our New DM asked us to roll stats via it and now I can see alot of use of you play theater of the mind games


I really want this for Slack.


Did WoTC purchase Avrae?

Maverick Hawk



I can’t wait until the functionality that it lets me use all of my D&D Beyond books I’ve purchased.

James Sater

i saw that 5 str roll. Avrae needs to go to dice jail

Steve Von Doom

what is a .io??


Good Timing my dudes!


I don't really get discord so it's probably just me, but who is this for? This bot seems way to complicated for any kind of practical use.

Want to make a monster attack?

![monster_atk|ma|monster_attack] <monster_name> [atk_name] [args]
Has subcommands.

Rolls a monster's attack.

Rolls a monster's attack.
Valid Arguments
-t "<target>" - Sets targets for the attack. You can pass as many as needed. Will target combatants if channel is in initiative.
-t "<target>|<args>" - Sets a target, and also allows for specific args to apply to them. (e.g, -t "OR1|hit" to force the attack against OR1 to hit)

-ac [target ac]
-b [to hit bonus]
-d [damage bonus]
-d# [applies damage to the first # hits]
-rr [times to reroll]
-t [target]
-phrase [flavor text]
crit (automatically crit)
-h (hides monster name, image, and rolled values)

monster_name -
atk_name (optional) -
args (optional) -
!monster_atk list <monster_name>

Like why would I ever do this over just rolling a dice next to me irl?


When i use the !spell command, will Avrae link me the Non-SRD spell from my bought books in DnD Beyond? Can i add monsters in my initiative if i have the right source book in my dndbeyond account?

Vincent Smith

We tried to run a game with avrae last night got 2 combat encounters in then for some reason our DM couldn't target any of the party even though his target commands were correct. Clearly it still needs a lot of work.


Too complicated.

Han Solo

Can’t wait to see what bit Sam makes based on avrae

Nicholas Perez

Ok but how do i make npcs and hostiles to attack my players.

Guy Russo

In the age of digital transformation there is no place for command line operations.
There has to be a graphic user interface with buttons and images that is arrange in a very easy and intuitive way. Plus, setting it up looks like a hustle, even more so to people who are not so tech savvy.
There are other, better ways to play D&D online, even through your tablet or cellphone. I'm not impressed.

Drew Hellings

I just tested it out and was super excited initially, but it was sad to learn that it doesn't include all of the sourcebooks, so a good amount of my spells are missing.

Snowskeeper Ferenczy

ETA on being able to connect your DND Beyond account?

Steph Turner (Feorlin)

You say full 5e integration, but it seems to only be SRD, which is a shame :(

van the ghost

i knew the pronunciation is Av-ray! some people on my server pronounce Av-ree

Jd Jones

Hey guys I have a honest question not to be rude but it seems...very needless. Why not just roll while using a webcam? I'm just curious as to what people think

Sunrise Is a Show

How do I add a sub-race jn my beyond character sheet?

william spencer

Any chance you will ever update this so you don't have to use all the commands? I would rather not have to have a word doc to keep track of all the commands on top of all my notes for my game.

real ev Vaughan

Would love to see some more videos on how to use this

Caleb Way

props to zhu for getting avrae to this point!

Mark Lucas

This was helpful posted this on a discord server to help others

Blair Bird

Must confirm you are not a bot to add a bot to your server. Checks out.

Alex Gornish

Huge congratulations to my man Andrew for his hard work getting this bot from just for friends to an actual, marketable product! Can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

Kyler Dowling

Seems very complicated

Miguel Mora

I can't wait until we can use all information and not just the SRD stuff, but for now, this is so freaking sweet!


Uhh Avrae hates me. I played with the bot on a couple of play by post servers and I have the worst rolls. I looked at all my rolls(quite a bit of work. I was only later informed that avrae apparently tracks all your rolls) added them up and divided them by the amount of rolls I made and my average roll is a 5....
Still its a great tool that noone should miss on their servers. Great for pbp's


Hey wait I've seen this before.

Kenneth Costello

Ah well...it only give me an option to choose a MTG server....

Tyler Loconte

Does the character need to be re-uploaded when you level?

Andrew Jones

It s a cool bot, I can't see using it unless it included unlocked monsters etc. from dndbeyond though, the SRD is just not enough for my games.

Blue fire Gamer

I'm having trouble adding Homebrew from my beastiary to Avrae. I'm using CritterDB. Does anyone know how to add the HomeBrew.


is there a way to enter avrae support server without verification?

Ackim Bergman

For those wondering why they uploaded an almost identical video. It seems like it might be because the symbol for Avrae used in the last one was the old one. Now it's just that A.

Matthew Litteral

Damn, been using avrae for awhile and didn't know a lot of this

Fiesel Productions

Does anyone have suggestions for battle maps?? Or should I just run some grids in Photoshop? Any suggestions are welcome.

Bob Johnson

Avrae only supports characters, spells, abilities, and monsters that are free. You have to do a LOT of customization to run anything more than a very stripped down game.

mr flames

can you play as more then one character? or do you just get one character

Ginga Dreamurr

Just what I needed for my players!

Chris Eccles

Super duper neat. But I homebrew way too much content to use this.

Tony Varin

I know it says they're working towards getting this to work with our subscriptions and paid content, any idea when that might hit? Terrific work as always, you guys constantly blow me away. And to the person or persons that created this bot and got DnDBeyond's attention, I applaud you.

Silver Summons

Cool stuff but I prefer my physical dice.

Andrew Cole

im am not a programming wizard and i cant learn a damn thing from this. He talks way too fast and i cant even see what hes typing on the bottom of the page
. Can we get a more comprehensive video

Lance Loomis

IS there a DM roll, so only the DM sees?


Very good bot.


This is cool and all... but... roll20 + beyond20 does this all so much better. I don't know what this Avrae thing is for. that's a lot of coding to remember just to play.

Dave S.

i saw this video yesterday. why was it taken down?

Damian du Toit

It doesnt seem to be tracking damage in terms of my hp. Should i manually change the hp of creature or character after an attack?


Is there a way for players to utilize mounts, familiar and pets with Avrae? Or even assign a monster to a player as a character?

Yuriev Olmos

Nice gift to the world at large, completely free tool... but only supports SRD content, even if you have the master tier subscription and a legendary bundle. How long until you implement lookup /copy from to already created encounters and lookup to my unlocked content in general? For a moment it felt as the silver bullet for quick and easy remote roleplaying but there is work yet to be done.

Jose Melendez

This thing is off. I have a +8 to hit and it’s shows a +5 when it rolls. Could it be because I’m using the battle smith artificer and attacking with INT over DEX with my infused weapon? If so how do I fix this?


Ok so if I have multiple characters tied to one account, how to I attack with them seperately

Andrew Beauman

Holy hot dang

DG Painting

Yeah but it's just srd. Got another for the rest of the rules expansions? Like volos or xanathars?


How long until Avrae reads our D&D Beyond accounts to see what non-SRD stuff we have?

Boii_ 1daaa

Hey I’m like the biggest noob at dnd I know it’s silly asking but does anyone have room for a noob in their discord? I would like to play but still new so idk if anyone will accept meh

Roger [kirbydudelol] Waters

Who wants to join a D&D Spelljammer campaign?

João Victor Melo

This is amazing

Justin Huesman

Does it have access to more than just the basic rules now?

Smile King

How do I attack while duel wielding

K. B.

HELP---- Why after I have placed my Character in discord & it shows do I get Avrae - You have no character active when rolling things?


Topical and reflective. Very nice addition.

No Zignature

So use an ai instead of rolling dice? Nope

P. E. Albers

As a DM can you fudge a roll result?

Luca Terraz

Seems like a super complicated version of roll20

Sir Grimory

Good stuff guys.


Can someone please explain why one would want to use Avrae? I don't understand why you'd want to introduce a DOS-like command line interface to Discord. Perhaps it's most useful to those without Roll20 or a VTT that DnDB can roll directly into. I still kinda don't get it...

Scott Popken

the down side i see is to many command lines for people to remember. but its a step in the right direction





Pablo A.

You guys are aware that are ACTUAL VTTs on the market right? I mean, that issues commands using graphic interfaces like most end user software has been using since the 90's?

Kyler Dowling

You want to play d&d pen and paper style you need a pen paper and read at least one book if you want to play it online you have to essentially earn a degree and figuring out how to play d&d online.

Tearstone Actual

Been using Avrae for about 3 years now. Good video for a summary, and some helpful tips. Thanks!

John Blaine

Too complicated for me to teach and learn all the commands.

Jason N

Thank you for this from an immuno-compromised returning player.

Adventure Capitalist

About time something like this exits

Tetanus forBreakfast

i can't connect to any servers... there is none in the drop down list... how? what? why is everything so complicated? Anyone could help? thanks

Alex Guerra97

Ok does anyone have the issue that when you get to the drop down bar for"add bot to:" nothing shows?

Benjamin I Meszaros

This is a lot of commands to remember


Yay its back up!

Chance Morgan

Does Avrae integrate with the Beyond20 browser extension? I would love to click on a D&D Beyond character sheet and have it roll in Discord.

Harry Otsuka

but can I just roll a random d20?


This seems nice, but WOW, that's a lot of commands

DJ Tigon

Does this incorporate marketplace content? Can I add monsters from say Volos Guide to Monsters??

Nathan Mancusi

Does Avrae support homebrew content made with DnD Beyond?

Coffee Boiler

Avrae needs to be a character and have her own character sheet! :O


I have a question: If the DM has a character for themseleves, how will they be able to attack as a monster or NPC?

Matthew Jennings

What about looking at a map together? I would love to use Discord/Dndbeyond only when playing from a distance, but the map seems to be impossible


hmm neat for people with some technical know-how. not great for the older dm who runs our group.