Weeaboo orders coffee from Starbucks with his body pillow waifu (CRINGE)

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Weeaboo orders coffee from Starbucks with his body pillow waifu (CRINGE)

42 753 views | 25 Dec. 2016
42 753 views | 25 Dec. 2016

Weeaboo orders coffee from Starbucks with his body pillow waifu (CRINGE)

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Cringe but Kirino is my waifu too

MDF osu!

i appreciate the will power


think your shying newron has been dead

Unrelenting Discharge

I'm genuinely disgusted and can't even get passed him walking through the door.

Fire Rodan

This man is a hero among weebs.


Absolutely Mad Lad

Unboxing Everything

true weeb

Izuku Midoria

Why does this seem like something Filthy Frank would do

Jorge Art

He is a real Otaku

Austin Reed

Imagine a Weaboo Vegan...


Anime Waifu: Help me, please! Somebody, HELP!!!

Jacob Mathews

I only just realized he is fucking with us

Cédric Trottier

One of the humanity champion

Olivia Newton Einstein

Pleaseeee I need more video about your waifusss..

The ReTaRdEd DoLpHiN

Well, at lest he have someone that love him



This remains a classic on youtube. Should be preserved for the history books

Paladin Rense

2:31 That woman knows she is being replaced

yuhhh Runa’sSpicyTounge



Nobody brings it home like Mairou.

mirandu !

To be able to so this you'll need to either have no self respect or have too much confidence!


This hurt to watch and gave me PTSD from watamote but still enjoyable to watch


If I was there, I would've gently ask to see his pillow and cuddle with it.

random weird YouTube channel

im surprised they didnt kick him out good job starbucks


this man obviously has nothing to lose.

apex catfish

To much cringe

Mauro Padrón

"I'll take m'latte and also one for m'lady"

Tips triple fedora


What’s the name of the Waifu on the pillow for uh... research purposes?

Chao Yang

This is beautiful

Anime Weeb

imma just say...

I would shit myself


Alpha male

I Gaming

Even if this was staged still very funny!


He did something most of us would not dare to do. He shall show us the path to inner peace , success and ascension amonh the gods

vipbeef •

small Hinata

Nah Bro that ain’t cringe...

It’s called being cultured af

siivagunner wannabe

I wanna die

John Averill

i had the knife to my frot the whole time


Such a brave Finn.
I would have been so nervous.


there wasn't any cringe it was just pure comedy lol


When you take waifus seriously to a whole new level

Alexandra White

I wish i had half of his confidence

Oppai King

what a brave soul


This video embraces the fact that I have small balls.


what a legend XD

Sara Valestein



How to isolate yourself socially

viera ?

im supportive of this.

Kelley Robinson

I have to secretly cuddle meh deku body pillow when no one is home XD and you’re in public omg I wish I wasn’t embarrassed to!!


I am Jealous, Proud, and Shocked at the same time.

dio brando

lol Elf Yamada

Corren from Deutschland

whats wrong with anime body pillows


Why this in my recommendations and my moUth Is CrinGIng! So HaRD


He is like melonpan

Kaden Beals

I give this man all of my respect

uriel galindo orozco

Videos that you can smell



D Hufflepuff

I'm thinking about surprising my friend by give him a loli body pillow for his birthday, should I do it?

Liza Mendoza

This guy is such a Chad.

Jesus Christ

Almost brave as qpark


I cringed and laughed so hard at this

J. P.

But not so cringy like the fat Korean dude.

Andrew M

Nothing like taking your favorite girl to Starbucks for a drink.


this guy has bravery to do this. Only 1% of people go outside with they're body pillow


what is the cringe of the video? there is just a man walking with his girlfriend

daintytoaster boxyam

Ok but what Starbucks drink did he get it looks so good what the heck

Scalamaster Electros

you are the proude member off the weeb race wee solut you comrad

Aidan Miller

In conclusion,
1. This guy has balls to do this shit
2. God is dead
3. This man killed him

Ardainian Soldier

Who... why... WHAT THE FUCK?!




I love this guy. Embracing his culture

Aiden R

Literally me XD

Green Potato T

Balls of steel, I respect


Bet he’s planning to binge watch for the entire night.

Maya Schmidt

It touched the ground oh no

Kiraro The Kitsune

They're jealous their man doesn't wear three fedoras and a robe that fits two.




Is fake but NOO not in finland!

Daniel Esaa

This man is a trooper


This guy is a legend

Hollie Moodie

What's disturbing is the cum stains on the pillow.

Solid Tone

0:38 what everyone is here for.

Katy Lepetsos

Better than a real women. This dude scored. I’ll have to admit (besides being a chick myself) I find waifus to be way cuter.


I don't know if i should be proud of him or laughing

Little Wazzock

Thing is I cant tell if this is a joke or real life

only4weebs ツ


Sergio Melian

I've been trying to sleep, but the memes are too gud

Sam Ogilvie

To any 9 year old kid out there watching this,

This is the reason your parents tell you not to talk to strangers


Penguin Magallan

i like anime but not that big of a weeb. don't people get offended by the pillow???

Mister CyberBully

Jokes aside he has a nice coat.


This guy gives 0 shits and I love it.


i've done this with my sister & her friends as a joke. course i didn't use a body pillow. i used a pillow with a anime character on it

I'm on some x game S

I thought that I was a Chad but this guy is a next-level chad


Not cringe this guy just trollin

Natsu Killua

Do it on America than you have balls of steel


This must be one of those rare “extroverted” weeba

4Lajf - Anime Shitpost

You are absolute madman

Rin Ch.りん みつもの

Damn this guy is baver than i am

Random Music Generator

starbucks promoted this video


Haha good one, got the stereotype down to a T.

Nine's Own Goal

How are you walking around with those steel of balls

lego starman