Weird Haircut Seth throws a football

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Weird Haircut Seth throws a football

261 676 views | 3 Jun. 2013
261 676 views | 3 Jun. 2013


Justin Ballard

Stephen McNamara

I went to summer football camp with Drew Bledsoe at Oregons State....He used to throw kneeling field goals from 50yards out. It was not human!

Lebron Jr

This is top 5 funniest video I’ve seen


portland sea dogs represent

Xx Yy

60yds fucking LOL


Vintage Dave

jigb jones

I watch this video almost daily since I found it.

Ryan Ackerman

Brandon Walker brought me here


fuck you

D Forreall

I can throw it 60 yards prez. Sign me up


Biggest failure? You kidding me? The biggest failure was Prez pulling his hamstring two strides into the 40 yard dash.


you lost the combine you herb. big cat for life

MoistBandito ¿


Drew Waggoner

KFC seriously has the athleticism of a girl child

Michael Justice

Donnie brought me here


"winning the combine", I guess thats the jew term for "cheating"? Big Cat dominated that shit.

Wookie Goldberg

el pres is a dickhole, no way he could do better than WHS

Space Cowboy

Best clip of all time


Dave’s laugh is the greatest thing ever. Cracks me up each time.

Phil S.

Todays PMT brought me here.


Best old school video from the stool. Go Prez Go

Colin Ancel

"What an idiot!" gets me every time


Commentator is cringe

Shot Caller

Pres you the bum with your weak ass stamina

William Evins

"You don't like being called a bum, but you are."


Weird haircut Seth would have finished the spartan race