Calling Scammers with IRLROSIE & KITBOGA! #scambaiting as Broken Alexa and Dysfunctional Family!

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Calling Scammers with IRLROSIE & KITBOGA! #scambaiting as Broken Alexa and Dysfunctional Family!

624 235 views | 9 May. 2019
624 235 views | 9 May. 2019

Calling scammers with IRLrosie and Kitboga! Playing Scammer Grammar, changing voices, talking nonsense, and more! Don't forget to subscribe to our amazing friends!!

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Damion Preston

You guys are going to hell... LMAO

Ice Cold

Kit is on another level

Persona Humana

Wow she is amazing my god!!!!!

Laura Ferreira

they are so good its funny ahahah

Debbie Daniels

Loved it

Zakako Makako


Peter Wright

Not to self: mute my echo dot before watching these videos. Cancel GMO-Free Bounce House order

Wilma Wilma

Funny and entertaining hahahaha

Greg Richardson

Hilarious together

Edwin Silvestri

A year ago and I find this now?!!! This is fucking amazing!!!!

Moot Point


Ayanna Marielle

These are the best

Brewka vlogs

I can't think of a better collab

hoyan Wong

“Powering on
Powering on
Powering on
Banana airlines.”


These vid's are awesome. They are sooo funny Next time do a "Miranda Sings" voice

J&b desiderio

that was hilarious nice jobs guys

rebel without a comma

lol what a circus


Hahaha just started watching this and laughing hard already

Christopher Labedzski

To be honest we mostly here for the women good looks right

bob southard

I bet the scammer has smoke coming out of his ears lmao

Sharon Duval

I love this channel. You guys are great. Y'all make me laugh.

Harun Abdulrazak

I love Kit and IRLrosie!

Oyola Aliser

The bite-sized start densply behave because nerve postsurgically deliver abaft a shallow vision. clever, gleaming panda

Nic Bbb

James went up in flames

Nic Bbb


James Dowling

This was awesome

Flawless Sack

I want a slime kit

EU Tudor

And Vlad just wants a confruntation


OMG.. Kitboga's female voice is sooooo seductive ❤️❤️❤️

Jannie .K

this is literally the ultimate collab

steve miller

That was awesome !

Mark Durham

Lol you guys set off my Alexa

Grym Gaming

besyt video ever

John Fowler

That was a joy

Science Chap


Nathan Rencher

That same idiot called my friend im pretty sure

Kelsi Hubler

This is GOLD

Mac Winter

This is gold!

Bany Russia

Alexa is so pretty

Alex Aguilar

Jajajajajajaja is great video

Kevin Kilpatrick

Alexis shut up Alexis Don't Get that prescribed shut up a link Lol ALL Day Autopilot How you turn it off From Autopilot

JD Desrouleaux

This was crazy

Prakash Mondal

Big fan of you guyz.

Hammerbro 010

You guys definitely need to do this more often! Loved it!

Terrance Parsons

Ask Alexa " Alexa, what is 100, 100, 100 in Welsh?"

El Gran Juanito

OMG, OMFG! I have a headache from laughing so much! This is awesome! It’s like all of the marvel superheroes coming together to battle evil!

Charles Murphy

That was the best one yet!

Thug Life Social

This is the greatest thing ever.

Nubian Queen Tee


Joseph Ajman


John New


Linda Domecus

THIS IS SO AWESOME! After watching your work and talent, I was thinking how great it would be for you two to collaborate, or simply get married. It would be a riot with you two. Thanks for getting such a great group together!

Alexander Barroga

I am dying!!!

Vegan Ian


loretta wilson

This was SOOOOOO FUNNY !!!!

Mark Sands

Excellent video. Subscribed.

Fly Skyprince

You guys are amazing!!! Giggle pickles.


Is it just me, or does Kitboga sound strangely like Winnie the Pooh in the first one?

GBLynden's Random Reviews

The Russian dude acts worse than porn stars high on coke.....

Joseph Whitehall

Its so hard to do that and trying not to laugh at the same time

Barry .Scannell


Gina Martinez

I love all of you. Going to part 2 now

Twins Roblox

Omg my Alexa just went off



Likho Chokri

It would be funny for Americans as most of the stuff you say are used over there. How about using words which are familiar with Indians instead?, The scammers would be more annoyed. ,

Hussein Hassan


irl rosie cute af

Randy S.

Is Alexa Single?

Uzo Design

"Ma'am, ma'am please try to turn it off. It's disturbing us and I can't scam you properly".

Soul In Bliss Theater Company

Truly wonderful!

Brian Gibson

IRLRosie does a good computer generated voice. Lol!!!

Cantara Bella

Alexa busting up

Tuti Fruti81

Love you guys

James Gordon

This is the best collaboration I've ever seen in my life.


Wow! That was amazing

Petra J.

Came for Kit, left impressed by all of this. Hilarious collab!


I literally can’t live this enough!!!!


I just recently discovered Rosie. She deserves a list very high up on the most entertaining of scambaiters!!

Xiaoran Meng

How am I supposed to call you guys? Scammer scammers?


Omg the guy is so good at voices and the girl too

LuLu Bell

Thank you guys for fulfilling my scammer's nightmare.. haha.. this was great.. I just watching Rosie, and I have been a fan of Kitboga for a while now.. buy you guys made this rich!! I found you by accident so I subbed you guys too.. guess I won't ever sleep again with these three channels plus my hubby's


I can't stop laughing

Welina Reed

i love this video,,,, I can't stop laughing yall guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny Shukla

I'm so sorry I saw this a whole year late.

Chiang Kai Shek

Getting a scammer to interact with the entire family is pure gold.

Josiah Gilbert

Y’all should do this with pleasant green

Arthur Mabb

Lmao u guys are awesome ty for the laughs I enjoyed it

H.R. Phooey

This slays me! Sign me up for more!


C mamo

Arian Sadeghi

My man (Scammer) was like if I continue any longer they are ganna bring their entire family and friends on the call.

Theophilus K

IRLrosie should be a voice actor

Natalie Hitzel

Jim Browning and Scammer Payback need to join in with you guys for the next one!


Let me get this straight: 8:03

A female youtuber who plays as a kid and also played as an amazon alexa in the call with an indian tech scammer who has no idea that she previously played as alexa in the same call is trying to talk to this very scammer while his youtuber tech savvy male friend who plays as a "stacy" female (who also played as a grandma) is asking the indian tech scammer to play as a grandpa for this very female youtuber - now playing as a child going into the call with her while the acting russian boyfriend and a father of this kid is listening to all this and some dude next to him puts up the papers of random words which is read by the actors.

Trilogy Media


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Jennifer Francisco-De Leon

I love her voice!!!

This Beautifulflower03

One thing about scammers that we all can agree on is the fact that their true intentions show. And one of the ways you can identify them is by their lack of patience/professionalism.

Don Beck

Oh my god, I’m dying!


Zaltan ibra in this video

Personal account

Rare Vos