How to get both Ring of Hircine and Saviors Hide

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How to get both Ring of Hircine and Saviors Hide

105 594 views | 30 Nov. 2011
105 594 views | 30 Nov. 2011

This is the ILL Met by Moonlight quest and this is how you can get both items, normally you can only get one.


Thnx dude


Maybe next time you record a video you should turn your televisions volume down so we can hear what you are saying dumbass.


@FluffyFly24 you can buy wardogs in markarth.




You really need to prioritize your narrative's volume...


S u can only use magic?



UT Fong

I'm trying to follow this too. No luck for me here also.


i actually thought of (i havn't seen the vid yet) first helping the werewolve and getting the ring from outside the cave and then killing the werewolf and skinning him..

Ancient Lore

Dawnbraker. You get it in Dawnstar

Blaze the Planeswalker

thanks I'll remember this when I next do this quest

Just TheCoda

@TrickzCast Me ether



Fabian Ladouceur

does he fallow u or does he just stays their ?

Just TheCoda

@ragugalu Same here wtf


thanks man for this u saved my ass from not getting the achievement cos i fucked one of the other ones up


Wtf, I did the quest and helped the werewolf then when I left the cave Hircine said I had his blessing and the ring just disappeared... It's not in my inventory or anything... Can someone tell me why?

Cole Burrell

How come you play as girl? ru a perv?

Vayren Scourge





Not sure if they fixed this but.. as i followed exactly what you did but when going back into the cave to kill the wolf he is gone and nowhere to be found :(


You mean Dawnbreaker lol


you mean dawnbreaker

luke odell

in order to become a werewolf in skyrim you can either use the ring or hircine OR you can do the companions quests and they can turn you into a werewolf (Beast Form) is what its called, its under powers once you get it. But I have both the ring and beast form so...


another method will be to kill him after killing the hunters and talking to him.

then skin him, talk to the aspect, get the hids, then run outside and the stag may still be there if done fast enough.

of course you can always open the console and type "coc qa smoke" and get the hide from the clothing cabinet (unless your not on pc)

Vayren Scourge


Mauricio Gonzalez

Did you do this on the computer or on the Xbox and is this a mod or not

Flame Shadow

you had to do it right after you finished the quest


Damn wish i watched this video before doing thw quest

Nicolaas De Groof

What you can also do is: kill the hunters, talk to Sindis, drop the ring on the ground, kill Sindis and skin him, then pick the ring up where you dropped it.

KayVeeRiot K-Dubb

i think one of them might be the dog that follows u in "A daedras best friend" And the other is bought


simplest glitch ever

Smrda Mudic

ahem, dawnstar is a town, i think the sword is called dawnbreaker


You are a terribly weak player but thanks for this walkthrough. It's fucking stupid... I should never of givien up the skull of corruption... Fuck you bethesda.

Gamers Discussion Group

I was able to go back and get it almost a year after I did the quest.  All you have to do is run the path you took with Sinding all the way to the end of it, save, then kill him.  Even if you see him at the entrance, running the path will make him appear at the end of the path.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Fabulous Dreamer

what if u already killed sinding and got the saviors hide but u still want to have the ring of hircine? is their like a cheat or another way to get the ring of hircine?


nice video thanks






Ohh i feel bad for killing Sinding. But FK IT! I got the hide!

Austin F.

i cant kill sinding what do i do


What location do you find this quest? Unless I missed it I don't think you said it in the video

Lexi Mcilrath

thx dude


Wolf form, Damn auto correct.




Dawnbreaker, another Atrifact

Rvxe exvR

Is this all in dawnguard... like dogs and hircen and other crap

ethan ueckert

that would be dawn breaker

thibault ranschaert

can i still get armor when he is back in jail cant i kill him there ?


it is called a dawnbreaker actually xD :)

Jerry Tribout

Whats the saviors hide?


not only does this video suck but it lacks detail as to what items you need to equip. what perks you need prior to starting this quest to obtain both items.


use the ebony blade though the whole mission it helps


How do you get the paralyze enchant? D:


Counts only as one

Joel Neill

in mine sindig didn't stay in the cave and wondered off into the sunset :P


I'd rather have barbas than any other dog.. invulnerability :)

Taliesin Morgan

I know this sounds a bit silly, but have you put on the ring? I've noticed when you turn into a Werewolf, it automatically takes it off, so you have to put it on each time. Sorry if this doesn't help. :(

Jabba Desilijic Tiure

You have dogs?!

Patrick Kronberg



no... ??? this is just normal skyrim

Solaire Zalinto

Would be nice if he could be a regular follower

Hazey Lemonnet

hey punk you come to me with fists raised your lookin for an arrow to the knee


so your saying the saviors hide isnt a daedric item? or that it dosent count for the achievement when you do this glitch if neither of those options are what you were saying then i got none of what you said


its called the dawnbreaker


do you need the ring of namira to do this?

kermet thefrog


Rat Baby

doing this makes me feel dirty but I NEED all those artifacts to complete my collection qq


@bigz735 Go to the falkreath guard barracks then the jail and talk to the prisoner there, your welcome ;)


@TrickzCast Falkreath jail in the barracks


You can say the second option to Hircine when he's is in Stag form, just a quick tip for anyone, Like my comment so others can do the same if they for whatever reason wish to do the second option


how do u use the ring

Donna Mayhew

lol i found him walking around riverwood i was like ok off to do this quest.... WTF sinding was right there in werewolf form just like hey

Josh _

*dawnbreaker* -_-


Do the quest before you become a werewolf, and the cursed ring wont turn you randomly into a werewolf in the middle of town. You can avoid random changing by going werewolf, which will de-equip it.

Towering Abbadon

"for the glory of the lord hircine..." Blaargh
"May you walk on warm sands."

Hartley Alphas

I did the same thing with Barbas in A Daedra's Best Friend, I learned to hate that dog, he actually pushed my off the edge of a cliff and killed me, so when I got the choice to kill him, he was like "No wait, we ca-" and down came that axe. Now I need to use this exploit because I didn't get that mask at the end, totally worth it.


@Ancient Lore No you get dawnbreaker in haffingarsomthing or other at the statue of meridia or if you find meridias beacon in some random place


i heard from someone that on xbox 360, they fixed the glitch and getting both artifacts only counts as 1 toward the achievement, can anyone confirm this or... does it still count as 2 artifacts?


I got the ring and still can only change once a day. Anybody else have this happen?

johny aapson

go to falkreath and than find the barracks ( of the soldiers ) than go to the prison section . than you'l see on the left a dude standing behond bars in a round chamber of water . speak to him and youre quest starts ;)

Tyler Morgado



I found this out on my lonesomes, but is the saviors hide considered a deadric item so I can get the achievement, I know that rueful axe is not but it works out in the glitch to get it and the masque, but in this after you get ring and comeback and kill sinding your quest veiwer only mentions you killing and skinning him in the name of your deadric lord. So I if it isn't then in this glitch(not nessesarily) it wouldn't work out so well if one would wanting oblivion walker...PHAQ


i did the quest again last week and it counted as 2 artifacts


I had the ring on but that's not all you have to do. I went into my powers menu and added the ring like you would a shout and that allows you to use the power. Of corpse you have to also equip the ring once you change back from wolf for. Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated.

Syed Ashgar





unless u want to use console commands


I couldn't find sinding after I got the ring


i killed sinding twice they were right next to eachother wtf lol but i got both so thanks


no dont think so


who do u get the quest from

Austin F.

does this work with all updates


its the dawnbreaker, an insanely cool sword


@leomaximus1299 Ditto ^_^


in oblivion this armor could make you invincible.havnt used it much in this games because of smithing and enchanting.



UT Fong

I'm trying to follow this too. No luck for me here also.




u really need to pick a type of armor