Elite Dangerous The Auto Field Maintenance Unit AFM The Explorers Friend

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Elite Dangerous The Auto Field Maintenance Unit AFM The Explorers Friend

8 704 views | 17 Apr. 2019
8 704 views | 17 Apr. 2019

Elite Dangerous The Auto Field Maintenance Unit AFM The Explorers Friend

Link: https://youtu.be/f5IC-2PoQh8

When the AFM is powered other modules can be set to repair by toggling their state in the module list. Modules will cycle from On to Off and finally to Repair. The AFM will slowly repair module that are set to repair but will consume resources to do so as indicated in the module list. The AFM can be resupplied at starports and outposts from the munitions interface.

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T Ray

I don't think you can repair your power generator since the amfu needs power to work and you have to turn the module off to repair. Catch 22? (edit: oops, he says so latter in the vid)

Thomas Ford

What I suggest is that Frontier make a srv for exploring that has a fmu that can repair the ship while its turned off. Deploy the srv. Hop into your srv after turning the power plant off, fix it, hop back into the ship turn it back on and then collect the srv. It's a job but what are you going to do out in the void?

Simon Burling

A good guide, I found out about the thrusters interaction the hard way.
I would like the modules listing for life support to state how much time is left, as well as what is on the screen.
I also recommend a hull repair unit and some limpets for when your hull gets damaged, especially if you do long range passenger and exploration missions like I do.

Benjamin Bierley

Most explorers: 200lys? Those are rookie numbers!


AFMU, I couldn't use the neutron star highway without it. I sometimes, though fairly rarely, need it to repair other things too. I haven't yet seem any need to carry 2 of them and I believe that even if the one gets to 0%, it can be rebooted to 1%. Haven't tested this, to be honest. Repairing the hull in the black requires repair limpets and I plan to add a D limpet controller to my exploration Krait once the new slot is added.

A point on builds: As you have to turn systems off to repair them and pretty much have to stop and have a repair session, there is not much reason to keep the it powered when you are not using it. This means you can effectively ignore its power usage when choosing the power plant and its engineering modifications.


I am confused if it needs ammo do you need a cargo unit? I am trying to have as little weight as possible for increased maximum jump range on my conda

Shikkamaru Lazy Shinobi

What do you mean by AFMU can be resupplied at a starport? O.o

Constantine M.

Thanks for the information on the AFMU. I was unsure on what it could repair. ✌

The Bound Bowman

Excellent video. Thank you, Commander.


Nice one! V useful, and your accent is making me homesick for my Cardiff roots.Subscribed.


Thanks Commander. I'm planning on an exploration trip after the big update. I actually assumed the module was "automatic", so this helps. I was going to do the arduous grind for mats and data before I left, so when I'm out it's more of a top up.
Remember to back-up your keybinds and your graphics and UI settings before the update.
Have a great day Commander! o7