FE Heroes - Arvis GHB Infernal ~ Seliph's Revenge

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FE Heroes - Arvis GHB Infernal ~ Seliph's Revenge

7 770 views | 4 Mar. 2018
7 770 views | 4 Mar. 2018

Seliph and his mother lead the battle against Arvis... Will they succeed?

Spoiler: they will. Super Seliph and his teammates are too strong for The Dastard.

why is my Deirdre still -atk waaaah

Music: "Emperor Arvis", "Doors of Destiny", "Ally Attack", "Enemy Attack" and "Versus Arvis" from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and is property of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.


Sigurd and Deirdre would be so proud.


Deirdre: I'm sorry... not sorry :p"

Nice touch with Delthea's voice. Also, great video! I just subscribed to your channel.

Slightly Starving Artist

Unrelated, but Lucina and Seliph look like they could be siblings. Who knows, maybe there's a world out there where they are...

-Aku -

Having just finished genealogy of the holy war for the first time, your music edits here make me so happy


Hahah the quality is bad