Brave Frontier Grand Quest Warped Reflection (Lugina 6stars Evolution!)

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Brave Frontier Grand Quest Warped Reflection (Lugina 6stars Evolution!)

92 644 views | 16 Jul. 2015
92 644 views | 16 Jul. 2015

Finally Lugina's grand quest is here on global! So this video is about to get 100% clear to get Lugina's 6stars evolution material. This grand quest is actually simple if you know how. Find out more in the video. Enjoy! :D

Also watch my JP run and my other global's Grand Quest 100% Complete Clear Walkthroughs :

#JP run :

Grand Quest Lin's Long Day :

Grand Quest Paris Chapter :

Grand Quest Seria Chapter :

Grand Quest Grahdens Chapter :

Grand Quest Karl Chapter :

Grand Quest Lugina Chapter :

Grand Quest Edea Chapter :

Grand Quest Loch Chapter :

Grand Quest Michele Chapter :

#Global's Run :

Grand Quest Demonic Agitation :

Grand Quest Proud Soldier's Feast :

Grand Quest Cobalt Spirit's Waking (Karl) :

Grand Quest Crimson God's Cry (Seria) :

Grand Quest Old Dawn General (Grahdens) :

Grand Quest Lin's Long Day (Lin) :

Grand Quest Virtual Garden (Paris) :



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Big - B

This was really easy in 2018 LOL


Doing 3rd run ATM :))) can't wait. Luginaaaar

Spencer Sim

Ermm.this GQ can be done in 2 runs.
1st:get all the treasure and Summoner go to boss place.(no need to move lugina.)
2nd:Karl to get the treasure again and to the boss place.after he move to boss place,the rest go to boss place.
U don't need to move lugina to boss place first and moving lugina to boss place will cancel the gold task.yes moving him to boss place will get silver 1 but following 2nd run mentioned above will also give u sliver 1.


いろいろ ありがとう たすかりました 先生

daniel hamilton

this quest isnt unlocked for me how do i get it?

Benny Wijaya

silver 2, is it must be done at 1st time? Because I've done the silver 1 first, and then directly trigger to gold quest, even though I defeated the demon without Lugina.

what is wrong with that?

Tywi Liang

why cant i merge run 1 and 2 together. Let Lugina squad kill final boss on first run.

William Chavez

Can a magress be good for a def buff person ?

daniel hamilton

nvm i finally got it and beat it

Gjon Gaming Channel

Lugina has a 7 star now :)

Arnold Vasquez

He never reads comments

Tariq Mirzada



I fоund this awesomеe aаaall in oooone chеat for Brаve Frontier :)


Before i actually watch this, and learn what i've been doing horribly wrong, doing straight to the boss with Lugina is a damn marathon of bosses, holy shit. Makes me wonder if i'm going straight for the hardest part. Unless there is some kind of trick to the fights..Which i will find out now!


when do you think lugina get his 7stars form?


Is Aaron's def up buff enough for fake lugina&karl fight?


I used Tora's UBB to curse Nebulous' 2nd form to stop him from using that massive attack at 50% HP but he didn't get cursed even though Tora's UBB is a 100% chance to inflict all status ailments. Why do you think think this happened?

1 rommel

+Arnold Vasquez He does read comments.

faisal akbar

i was shocked when my nyami FL OTK the boss

Bryan Herberth

Umm Ushi- san can i ask for some tips on seria ex ? i keep getting killed when she summoned vargas
my squad is :
grah lead malice and heresy
megurin luka (o) malice and sol
Shera (b) malice and queen's tear
Balgran (b) malice and sol
Ulkina (a) drevas and sol
fren is raaga
my luka keeps dying when they spammed normal attack on her :'(



Ciro Delgado

I only need to do this GC 2 times because i don't have lugina...



daniel hamilton

nvm i finally got it and beat it


when can you unlock lugina's grand quest "Warped Reflection"?


Thank-you ushi :) I finally got the sphere I needed and getting my Lugina to 6 stars

Arnold Vasquez


daniel hamilton

this quest isnt unlocked for me what is the requirement to get it?

Caleb Calhoun

I have to go back in AGAIN

That Dude

I don't have sefia/balgaran/tora... Anybody else?

Nate Ortega

was i the only one who saw Lugina on the top left of the screen because why is he there o.O

JC Santana

alguien que hable español y me diga como saco la Sky Harbinger por nunca vi que se la dieron


why lord? what's his best typ?

Mayank Shankar



My Yuura has 11k attack with that sphere..holy cow

Damian Fernandez

Ravenna makes this quest so easy

daniel hamilton

this quest isnt unlocked for me what is the requirement to get it?

Reverse Luck

What if I don't have any of the 7 star mitigator units :/

Charles Weimer

i cant beat this grand quest. i dont have balgran or medina. and i can beat both nebulous but as soon as fake lugina and karl come out its over for me. i cant stand up to them. please help me?

Tariq Mirzada

Man thats why because i killed fake lugina first ;-;


Lugina's bb is a water aoe? Typo?XD

daniel hamilton

this quest isnt unlocked for me how do i get it?

Daniel St

Hey ushi.. I have added u as a friend in BF Global.. Nick : DanielSt.. Please accept it ^^

Lord of Tartar Sauce

It's kind of weird, I got him to 15% on my first run for silver 1, but instead of using his ultimate attack a second time, he just turned into fake lugina and karl.

Kevin Armando

#RoadTo100kSubs, just a little more

Brandon Buchanan

I have a request video!
Can you do Ultors MAX damage with Sky Harbinger??
I'm really HYPED for it

Detective Goro

This GQ really grinds my gear, 1 hour fight for the sake of that awesome sphere! lol use Semira instead of Tora. I managed to paralyse lugi several times

Yeenis Vang

he can be taunt :) deimos :) = dead

Khalid Tejansie

I love how Ushi just said "at the Dragons butt". lol

Jr Daily.

How do you get this quest I caint find it


10% is at the Dragon's butt.


is it possible to survive the 50 and 15% by mitigating and defending?

daniel hamilton

this quest isnt unlocked for me how do i get it?


How come I haven't unlocked this grand quest yet? I've beaten all of the story and all ex dungeons, do I have to beat the new map? Cause I'm almost done with it


your game glitching out, look where the fake lugina is at lol.


Ushi you don't always have to type an with a u vowel. In some cases you do though.

Dylan Simmons

How do unlock this

Ardent Breeze Gaming

Ushi,huge fan.i have a favor to ask,may you be May friend on global?

supper kaio

I fоund this аwеsоme all in оnе сhееееat for Brаvе Frоntiеr :) Brаvе Frоntiеeеr Grаnd Quеst Wаrрeеееd Rеfleсtiоn Luginа 6stаrs Еvоlution

Djaunk Warrior

hey ushi, if i don't have Medina, do you have a list of alternative choices? i see the point of medina being able to mitigate and also buff your BB to get pass the thresholds surely. i can use elimo's 75% mitigation but i really need to beef up my damage instantaneously...


Do you know if I can use other squad to weaken his second form then let Laguni squad finish it before the fake Karl and Laguni come out?


So far the most interesting grand quest from top to bottom to me is Karl Grahdens Lugina Paris Lin and sadly Seria was the worst. Sadly none of the ladies transform during their final battles. Karl final battle was awesome and the boss was interesting felt like Goku vs Frieza. Grah and Lugina were tie mainly because their enemies weren't that great. But no lie seeing Karl and Lugina fight was cool

Bahamut Belladonna

... did I just see +200% water attack on all enemies for the bb....


First lol jk deleting later jk


This GQ had fights that took absolutely forever.. The fight with fake lugina & fake karl took longer than the nebulolus fight.

Tariq Mirzada

The first run I just brought lugi to the boss him self

Jesse Xiong

Lugina in your squad died, but you didn't fail??