Absolute Beginner's Guide To Slide Hop and Air Strafe [Titanfall 2] [PS4] [Multiplayer]

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Absolute Beginner's Guide To Slide Hop and Air Strafe [Titanfall 2] [PS4] [Multiplayer]

41 108 views | 9 Jun. 2017
41 108 views | 9 Jun. 2017

I've watched a lot of videos on slide hopping and air strafing, and none of them ever put all of the pieces together for me. I had to figure out a lot of the missing components on my own. And now I want to share my experience with you - how to slide hop and air strafe with a standard PS4 or XBox1 controller! No need for an XBox Elite or SCUF controller to do this. Just set your controller layout to Evolved and follow these simple steps.

Jump to the part that you need to practice, again:

Evolved Controller Layout - 1:12

Practice Hold-to-Crouch - 2:20

Slide, Then Jump - 2:52

Let Go Of Left Analog Stick - 3:56

Jump While Strafing - 4:45

Slide Into Jump Strafing - 6:01

Aim While Jump Strafing - 6:31

Put It All Together - 7:55

Do It Backwards - 10:03

candycane 1902

Thank you so much it helped out a lot


Why does his gun not flip up but mine does when I try to slide and then hop????

Nick Arnold

I really hope this help me get become the master trophy.

Sergio Moran

10/10 in this video. Awesome work, i will put some time and practice. Seems fun. Im still playing and saw some guy made a tribute to movement mechanics of Tintanfall 2, it just look awesome.

Kyle Dice

By far this is the best tutorial compared to the other ones i watched


Tanks for this


My man I git this down thanks to your tutorial

Dan Gore

Hands down bet tutorial


Very detailed best tutorial yet

Underage Anime Gurl

I can do it for like 2 min now.Thx


Default controls work better just slide your finger across X and O


I learned how to bunny and slide hop without evolved and a normal controller.


I’ll stick to flying around like Spider-Man with grapple

Ty Wind

I can do this backwards but not forwards


Here’s a tip for anyone that’s complaining from hurt thumbs: Change the button layout to “Ninja” so jumping is R1, making it less hurt because r1 is exactly where you index is at, so instead of using r3, you can do r1/index for more comfortable handling/less hurting issues (sorry for bad English it’s not really my first language)


Bro you dont have a lot of subscribers but you deserve more :)


I'm very thankful my 150 fucking dollar elite controller finally has a use

Mary Potts

Dude thank you so much I needed this because all the other guides weren't as good to explain it ty

GX Phantom

Thank you, i could learn it pretty quickly with your introduction :)

Brendan Chester

Thanks for the tutorial. You earned a subscriber

MMRaynor 89

Finall thank you so much i was so confused when people hop

4 Games

nigga you want me to hold the R3 for the whole match? nk thank you i'll pass


I just picked back up the game cuz I just got really new to this but by far you are one of the best tutorial teacher’s ever, I give mad props to you

Erwin Lising

My tumbs hurts is this the vedio to hurt your fingers

Alexis Alexander

What I always get confused by in tutorials of this is whether or not you’re supposed to hold crouch the whole time? Your gun is always in the crouched state so it seems like it, but I never get a clear answer


Thank you so much man this has helped me alot hope u hage a great christmas :)

Holy Glockamole

So quick questions.
If using hold do you just hold it down the hole time you are hopping?

How would this work with toggle?

Tomboy Mandalorian

Not sure if anyone will see this, let alone find useful. However if you have trouble with the crouch set to RS, switch it to B and see if that helps any. Otherwise thanks for the help with bunny hoping in 2020 lol


Thanksss every helpful. i did it well at the end


I can't find "hold to crouch". Is it only for multiplayer? (just started the game 2 hours ago)

Electro Charger

We need this guy to teach us in school
Like dude ur teaching skillz go beyond the indians

chris renteria

I'm new here and I can do it with standard

Giannhs Alexas

To all new players there are 2 controller binds that will greatly improve you movement
1 is evolved
2 is a custom one :
Lb/L1 jump
Rb/R1 crouch ( either hold or tap doesn't really matter what ever you prefer)
L/L3 tactical
R/R3 ordance
A/X sprint BUT with sprint by default i can't stress how important this is
B/O melee

The only disadvantage is that you cant melee without taking your thumb of R/R3
Overall i highly reccomend the second way and it is what i personally use on a standard Xbox controller and in 5 days i was able to do everything fluently and started implementing it into real games

Samuel Shepperson

Thank you so much for this. It is the best tutorial I have seen!

Seeker Erebus

By far the best tutorial I've ever seen. Before I'd watched a few dozen, none of them helped me get this figured out, now I'm actually able to slide hop regularly on PC. Thank you.

thevulture 929

Damn it works for me

Dren x

Thank you!




oh man .im SO hardwired to use Default for the control scheme i dont know if ill be able to really learn how to slide hop and ive been playing this game and first one for years xD but i want to learn so bad, but Evolved fucks with my head so hard, i guess im not "evolved"


Thank you so much none of the over videos showed settings so i was hopless but u changed that you definetley got my subscribe

Tristen Richards

Best slide hop toutorial ive ever seen



Bryce Waltz

this video is amazing


Youre throwing me with saying to the left, while youre going right


Thx for the tips u the best, 404th Subscriber

Maloka khoja

Holy shit! Thank you so much!


How to do this on pc

Richard Beckering

This video is much better than the other ones I've seen on this topic. Great work, liked and subbed.


more people need to watch and learn from this

Raccoons Are Epic

Thanks for the tips

Date Mike

Very nice, but its pretty easy doing it with default controls.


Thanks alot, you are one of the few youtubers who actually explain this good. I’m still playing this game in 2020 and I’m enjoying it alot


I've owned this a couple of months after its release and can't tell you how many times I've looked up tutorials to try and learn this; only to quit playing for weeks at a time because I couldn't wrap my head around the movement system. I find this tutorial and I'm instantly curving around corners like it's natural. Thank you for relighting my long lost love for this game

red alert

You are appreciated brother.

WakaBikaLocka II

i have tiny hands so it kills my thumb. but this was very helpful.


I found it 10 times better to put the controls on customised but I have jump as right bumper because it hurts my thumb. This rlly helped me thx


Ow my thumb

I need a medic bag

Gergely Bikfalvi

This is the best tutorial

Buddyhunter 95

I never new about slide hopping in titanfall2 and this video was very helpful

portal 2 master


Dixon Side

Thanks man super helpful I subscribed :::)))

bruh '

I slide hop without a different button layout

Aryan Paul

Hello I know I am very late but I am going to subscribe and I wanted to know the specifics of how to turn whilst slide hopping because when I am doing it my fingers seem too preoccupied with the jump and slide buttons


Great tutorial really helped me out alot. You deserve more subs my dude!


thank you fellow pilot


I use default and toggle crouch (I'm too stubborn to relearn muscle memory) and honestly its possible to bunny hop and strafe after a lot of practice


I don’t have 42 fingers lol so this is so hard

Tanky 124

Thanks bro really helped


Still can't fucking do it

Code-Ninja Gaming

what are you struggling with in Titanfall 2 movement? I might be able to help, from the total n00b perspective


Why cant i do it on standard control


This is going to mess me up so badly


Mother of god thank you so much by far the best tutorial I could find

Fraudulent Earth

Fantastic instructions, simplified and broken down. Best on YT - thanks!

محمود عبد الرسول منير

I feel like its unethical and completely retarded to not sub to your channel. What a great guy and great tutorials!!! Keep going.

Antoine Elliot

Thx soo much man so much better than all the other tutorials but just approx how long does it take? Like 2hrs or more like 5?


I can't play without the jump button on the x so i will simply go straight

Koy Gale

This hurt my thumb good vid though

Shaggy Rogers

I’m a 35gen and I never watched videos but am excellent with grapple and slide mechanics but I just realized that with this video I realized my slide hop I could not hold the crouch button to do a smooth jump-strafe, Thanks alot for the tip

Lorenzo Yat-Mendez

Think you for knowing what I got to do

Nathan M

This helped, i never set my controller to hold to crouch i instantly was able to bhop after this

Marius Josefsson

I don’t want to use evolved, I am already used to holding to crouch

Marcus Freeman

You're never un-pressing R3 when slide hopping??




Dude thank you so much I’ve been playing titanfall since it first came out and I didn’t really know how to slide hop this video help me so much
I practised for an hour and I can do a pretty good now


How do you move your camera when I’m pressing crouch because I’m crouching with b and I sure my thumb how do I move the cAmera

Xcommander 46

This is the best tutorial I've watched. Before I watched it, I hadnt tried changing my button layout and I was mashing my thumbs together; great video


I suggest instead of setting your control scheme to evolved, go into to private game and customize you layout, so that you are comfortable with it, and altogether be faster in learning. Just my opinion tho


Why evolved though

Ki11ometer CB

Thank you this is so helpful :)

santa's replicas

this is an amazing tutorial thanks alot i was wondering how to slide hop


My thumbs have broken

Jheighrben plays

I know its 2020 but thank you it helps out so much thank you LEGEND


Possible on keyboard?

Ryno Art 88

Im comimg from Apex so the slide jump is a must in Apex, which i use in TF2 and makes it extreamly easy to do the slide jump. Good video

Jacob Norris

Thank you for mentioning the hold to crouch, the moment I switched to that it clicked! Thank you.


that was the most helpful and descriptive video thank you!

Bless iniquity

Oh go f... yourself what if you’ve already played through the campaign and are already too used to the regular layout huh smart guy you guys are all no help at least to me iniquities the only one that actually shows us how to use it with the regular layout

Meme Town

400th sub


My xbox controle is at normal and i slide hop like a beast.