How to set-up Couchbot | Discord Tutorial (English)

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How to set-up Couchbot | Discord Tutorial (English)

14 038 views | 23 Jun. 2019
14 038 views | 23 Jun. 2019

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awesome vid thx buddy

Camper2You __

I put bot on my server, it doesn't work


how do i do this for mixer , plz :-P . great vid btw

Faizan Khan


You can unpin the top comment :) Couchbot is back! Unfortunately a couple of the commands used in this video tutorial don't work anymore. They made a couple changes to the syntax of the commands. Still a good video though. :)

Murray Frost

i type these commands and the couch bot is blocked. why?

Zev Hadar

This helped so much!! Please add more tags to video to better help people find this tutorial!

Belmix YT

thank you bro ;)

T10 Titan

Links arent working. The new things for couch bot say I have to pledge for it does that mean I have to pay now to use it?

Senpai Kratos

Guys check description, the command list link is provided there, great video!

itz xStr3am

i think this was one of the best vids i saw so far.. but I think you should add Mixer as well as Twitch when it comes to add no live channels.. <3

Mahadev Mahanto

thank you for halping


Since this video has been uploaded CouchBot was deleted, but has just came back. The new CouchBot is a bit different so some of these commands and links might not work anymore. Let me know if you guys would want me to make an updated video tutorial!


Thank you so much for this but I would like some more details and if at all possible could you do one for mixer

Adam Mcvay

You should put the commands here so we can copy them also


thanks for the video mate cheers

Paulo Lira

Yes daddy please do a twitch video

Hungry Snake

So are the commands the same for twitch or whatever streaming service your using? Are you just changing it from youtube to twitch or mixer?


Hello. Great video. Stupid question. How do you get your messages to appear bellow your name and not besides your name? Thank you :)


What if I wanted to setup for both my YouTube and Twitch? LIke live stream for Twitch and videos upload for Youtube could you do a tutorial on this? Thanks and great video on this tutorial


How do we make it announce for mixer?


thank you so much

Suryakanta Adak

!cb message live ℅CHANNEL℅ just went Live. - ℅TITLE℅ - ℅URL℅

zebra hunter

Twitch? yes please


ayee, thanks so much. ive been looking for a bot like this. :D


WOW THANK YOU! Very helpful video!

Team Vespers

twitch please


Twich plz


Thank you for this. :)