Learning to Lag part 1 - Relaxed hands, body swing, Setup 4 Impact golf swing.

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Learning to Lag part 1 - Relaxed hands, body swing, Setup 4 Impact golf swing.

15 509 views | 7 Jun. 2018
15 509 views | 7 Jun. 2018

This is part 1 in my new series on learning to lag for more distance and accuracy with my Setup 4 Impact golf swing.

Setting up for impact improves your golf swing without having to practice for many years to learn it. Many play better their next time out. Setup 4 Impact Golf is the Single - One Plane golf swing that gives you maximum distance and accuracy so you can very quickly improve your golf game without having to practice silly drills for many years.

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I have a series of videos showing you how to hold the club including customizations, how to setup, and drills showing you how to develop your own Setup 4 Impact golf swing. The VERY inexpensive membership even allows you to send in videos to me for my review. You will not believe how inexpensive the membership is. Visit http://learninggolf.tv for more info.

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Setup 4 Impact has been enjoying such great success this year that I have decided to provide more info on it than in the past. I hope you will share this with your friends, and visit my website at http://learningolf.tv There is a free email video series also available there, as well as my complete learning system for the method.

After the method helps you play your best golf ever please help support it with a membership to my website. Currently, the yearly comes out to less than $6 per month and includes all the in depth information, drills, and full email, and video support. Memberships will help me be able to keep making such helpful content available for all on Youtube. More info at https://learninggolf.tv/registration/

The Setup 4 Impact golf method can be fully customized to fit your own personal needs.

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Kirk Junge currently teaches in West Palm Beach, Florida in the Winter months, and Bonn, Germany from March through October. More info at http://learninggolf.tv/about-us/about-kirk-junge/

Kirk has taught golf for 30 years now. Ten years of conventional golf. He taught for many years for Natural Golf Corporation, Single Axis golf, and the Moe Norman Single plane golf swing for the Graves Golf Academy. He currently teaches his Setup 4 Impact swing which has many similarities to all of the above. The big difference is that Kirk fits the swing to each individual.

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German series of videos https://www.golflernen.net/kostenlos-golf-lernen/


Hi Kirk, is this "learning to Lag series" from 2 years ago current with your way of swinging in 2020? Thanks.

Ingrid Robinson


Mario Perreault

Should the club face more flat with that swing because my iron are 2 degrees up. By the way, I’m learning that swing and I like it a lot. Thank you!

james eadie

Slower swing better accuracy, more control of shaping the ball at address and follow through . .

past the breakers

I'm hitting my irons and driver solid. My driver now sounds like a big bell !! Thanks Kirk !!

Mr Birdie

Kirk, thank u for the Bryson video and also all your other ones. I've been working on your swing for a bit. I play d the best round today ever. Hitting 300 yard drives and approach shots within 150 yards soft on the greens..making this game easy..wanted to ask you one question. At address do u put the ball in the middle of the face or do you put it toward the hosel for irons and woods toward the toe.??

Norman Kleinberg

Interesting drills. Certainly consistent with a lot of other swing theories but that's OK because IMO relaxed arms and wrists is key regardless of what technique you use. Just one question: When trying to swing relaxed = slowly, how do you prevent the club from hitting the ground early? One of the tips in your video takes care of this (the one where you hold the club up until you want to release) but when not doing that drill I find that my slow swing causes the club to drop.

Mason Talley

Good stuff!!!