Glyph of Dark Absolution

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Glyph of Dark Absolution

11 052 views | 16 Sep. 2017
11 052 views | 16 Sep. 2017

The new Penance glyph for Disc Priests in 7.3. You can get it from the new dungeon, Seat of the Triumvirate. Glyph of Dark Absolution

Oluf The Explorer

"Leans more towards shadow" - is entirely shadow lol I don't think Blizzard realize what it means to lean towards something xD


You man deserve everything on this world.
First time I look for one quick thing without having to look 7 mins before someone greets, tells their life story why they haven't uploaded for a while etc.

Kacper Snicket

The most straightforward video, thanks.

Hans Peter Skobelj

Thanks! That helps me for my decision.


Thanks for this vid, looks great :D