The Amladaris Lineage {Theory - Spoilers All}

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The Amladaris Lineage {Theory - Spoilers All}

19 583 views | 26 Oct. 2017
19 583 views | 26 Oct. 2017


Welcome, welcome! Have you ever thought about where the Amell family line came from? Are you curious about what happened to Corypheus' family? Do you lay awake at night, needing that tin foil feeling on your skin? Then come and listen to what is known~


This video does contain story spoilers for the Dragon Age games and other related media.


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That bit about how sex/pregnancy might spiritually bind partners sounds like it could also tie into the fan theory of how Fiona was cured of the blight due to Maric and conceiving Alistair. Might make sense if the blight is a spiritual/fade magic related ailment.


I am late commenting on this lol, but considering pretty much all we know about DA4 is that it takes place in Tevinter it could be interesting if the future protagonist was related to house Amladaris or one of the other ancient magisters. At this point it's hard to see how that would affect anything, but it's an interesting thought.


For the Amell name:

English wiki: "Amelia is a female given name. It is an English-language variant of Amalia, derived from the Germanic word amal meaning 'work', and connoting industriousness and fertility."

Also: The Amali/Amal/Amaling dynasty, the kings of the Ostrogoths.

Of course, if that actually played into the name by the devs is anybody's guess. Prrrrooobably not ;)

I think one major flaw in the theory is that Corypheus was a magister, meaning that his the Amladeris are a noble house of truly ancient blood going back centuries and more... so why then were the Amells only enobled after the Fourth Blight? If Corypheus was in Kirkwall, and his descendants have paled around in Kirkwall the whole time, they should have been nobles since forever.

Of course, that could maybe explain the "Why Amell and not Amladeris" problem. Maybe the Amells are a bastard offshot of the Amladeris, with an appropriate bastardization of the name. But, yeah, that just piles assumption upon assumption...


My username is finally relevant!

NightlyRowen Tree

I have a theory what if Malcom was the one related to corypheus I mean we don’t know who his parents are or there background it would explain the need to have Malcom Hawke make the barriers lol I couldn’t help my self


Definitely an out there theory but I like the idea of it. Maybe the Amells do come from an ancient Tevinter mage family, if not Corypheus'. It would explain why the family has a lot of magic in it, even in recent generations. Makes me think of the Trevelyan family in Inquisition that has magic in it, because the Inquisitor is a distant cousin of Dorian of house Pavus.

Wolf Ancap

Maybe the wardens wanted Hawke despite his demands, because he was the most powerfull non tainted mage available?

Nicole E

Unrelated to the theory, but it might be possible that they are using the Amell that means eagle to sort to Hawke...which relates to hawks.....birds of prey...flocking together......blah blah...
i'll shut up now. XD

Blake Newgay

Dad a hwake, mom a eagle?


The oddest thing about any of this is Hawk's father's importance to the rituals. They could have grabbed any old circle mage presumably... or maybe they needed one RIGHT then and he happened to be around. However, if there is one thing that is important in the dragon age series... it's blood. So.. in some way or another this may have legs, but like you pointed out the time for this theory's relevance and punch has passed and would be more of a side note at this point. I mean... the only thing of relevance this could potentially have is people of the same blood can 'banish' other people in their bloodline blight or no. Which... going down the rabbit hole a little further could have a correlation to the 'sleeping' old gods? I'm all out of tin foil at this point.

eva magnusson

If Hawk isn't related to corypheus then Bioware doesn't know what the heck they are doing. When I played dragon age 2 and played the dlc that was the first thing I thought when I found out it was Hawk blood that bound him. The Amell crest is splattered across Kirkwall. Why would Flemeth help the family if they weren't related to one of the dastard Archons who brought on the blights. Hawk whether he was condemned to the fade or sent to weisshapp fortress will be a major player in dragon age. Why Corypheus needed the power of the maker is the big question it can't be just to loom over underlings. The reason is that Corypheus was once a good man and committed to Tevinter he was considered a kind master to his slaves till he and others decided that they had to enter the Golden City. Corypheus is confused when the golden city is referred to as the seat of the maker as if he never head of him. The evidence or bits of information is found in letters scattered in the fade in Inquisition. So I think your theory is quite sound.

C. Sphire

My fav headcanon/theory is Solas is actually the Maker. What I mean is, he's probably not responsible for the creation of life and all we see as the Chantry believes. But one cannot dismiss Solas is responsible for the creation of the Veil. Something the Chantry actually attributes to their Maker's work. And it's not so hard to make the leap, that out of anyone, Solas would approach Andraste in the Fade during his long slumber. There in her dreams, he would offer her his wisdom on how to free her people from slavery. Then after her death, through the centuries, the Chantry raised him up as their God and Andraste their prophet.

I don't know if you've covered this in detail yet but I would love to share more ideas with you supporting this theory if you're interested. ^_^

Drake Ford

Honestly, go back far enough and pretty much everyone is related somehow, and Corrypheus is pretty far back there. It wouldn't surprise me if there was some truth to this, but it also wouldn't be particularly world shattering.


I headcanon that my Surana Warden has the in-universe theory that the Black City was ALWAYS Black and that the "Gold" bit was delusion or illusion by the invading magisters - that the Maker set up a "false Heaven" (not a real one) as shmuck bait to test humanity (and we clearly failed).

Engraved Rogue

I still Not convinced of BioWare's stories,I still very sure that BioWare are just a BUNCH OF LIARS JUST MAKE SOMETHING UP TO CONTINUE THIER GAMES,The only thing makes me continue playing dragon age franchises are the game combats it's really incredible & i like it,There's no THEORIES at this kind of game because i don't believe & trust BioWare,But anyway thanx for video i just saw as a respect for YOUR work.

Vexanie Zinovia

Speaking of birth magic, here's a tin foily thought. The modern elves are not immortal but the ancient ones are. With that said, I know Solas never entered your lady temple but what if a modern elf and an ancient elf had a child (if possible)? Would it be immortal or not?


This is an amazing concept as I made my dragon age keep walkthrough where Malcolm Hawke has lineage to Magister Parthalon who disappeared in Kirkwall and that Parthalon from Tevinter was related to the Pavus line who are related to the Trevaylan Inquisitor in my own Dragon age keep walkthrough!


That's a little late to write about it now but... I think it's rather much likely that Hawke's father Malcom Hawke had a blood relation to Corypheus, and that was the reason why he was "asked" to help sealing Corypheus into the prison. That at least would make sense because blood unites and many spells are related to blood (titan blood or blood magic).
In that case the Amell family has nothing to do with Corypheus at all. Because it was the Hawke Bloodline and not the Amell Bloodline making that connection. That means the Hero of Ferelden has no connection to Corypheus but that the (not blood related) Uncle Malcom Hawke might be a descendant. And as much as I remeber we never really learn more about Malcom's background than that he was born in Ferelden and that he was an adepted mage who was able to perform complex spells pretty early. So all in all the Amell and the Amladaris line has nothing to do with each other.

Fun fact: If you put "Am la daris" into google translator it offers you romanian translation (not latin) into "I gave it to him" Seth is translated with "to set or place firm"


Every time she says "Welcome, welcome" I have to admit I always respond with "Allo, allo."


I feel like it would make more sense if Malcom was descended from Corypheus, and that he changed his name after leaving Tevinter.


Maybe one of the Amladaris daughters, though maybe not Corypheus's kids specifically, married into the Amell family and then it went from there.

Xavier LeBlanc

Hmmm... now just what "seedy Lowtown tavern" could that passage be referencing? Not like we're all familiar with one that fits that description, or anything.

Hovek the artist formerly known as OXOTNHK

First thought after hearing corypheus' full name is amell of daris.

Saurabh Banik

Well I don't remember where, but I read somewhere that the families of the Magister Sidereal are very powerful nobles and highly respected in Tevinter. And also that they draw great pride and prestige from these ancestors. Or maybe it was about ancient somniar and I am misremembering it.


congratulations 2.9k sub
PS more Dwarfs


It makes more sense to me that Malcolm Hawke was related to Corypheous. The Wardens went through so much to find a mage with pure blood (to me this meant blood of Corypheous Untainted by Blight). Malcolm was hard to find and the only Hawke that we know of in Kirkwall. The Wardens threatened so much of him, and agreed to such a high price for his cooperation because otherwise they’d have to wait for her to give birth to Player Hawke to co Tunis the ritual (and the Wardens did take pregnant Amell into custody until Malcolm finished). Maybe they believed that using blood related to Corypheous would keep him securely bound but in fact it was the opposite. He needed Player Hawke specifically to break the bonds and let him free. Corypheous is Hawke’s legacy from their father.


"Hawke always takes others by surprise" in the context it was given ... I lost it :D


Hawk, eagle, get it


Tin-foil like a FOX! Your theories are the BEST <3


To be fair, in Judeochristian culture (The basis for all Western society) having marital relations (read: sex) joins the two people spiritually.

Also it's a fun headcanon, I just might keep it. Bastard child and all.

Josh Hood

Hawke probably is related to Corypheus... but so is the rest of Thedas. Even if the nobility of Thedas mostly marries withing itself after 1,200 years the branching of the family tree would be pretty wide. Wide enough to encompass the entire continent.