RESIDENT EVIL 7 - All Lockpick Locations in Easy / Normal Difficulty [Written Commentary]

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RESIDENT EVIL 7 - All Lockpick Locations in Easy / Normal Difficulty [Written Commentary]

67 916 views | 16 Apr. 2017
67 916 views | 16 Apr. 2017

There are a total of 8 Lock Picks in Resident Evil 7 in Easy / Normal Difficulty. This guide shows the locations of all the Eight Lockpicks in the game, in the order in which they can be obtained. Timestamps:

0:01 Lock Pick 1 (Guest House)

0:22 Lock Pick 2 (Main House)

0:39 Lock Pick 3 (Processing Area)

0:55 Lock Pick 4 (Yard)

1:05 Lock Pick 5 (Old House)

1:23 Lock Pick 6 (Master Bedroom - Main House)

1:42 Lock Pick 7 (Kid's Room - Main House)

1:54 Lock Pick 8 (Wrecked Ship)


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Joshua Ehrhardt

Awesome! Thank you! Also, your video was nice and straight to the point. Good work.


Don't understand. Found first Lockpick in videotape. Picked Up. After videotape is ended there is no Lockpick in my inventory ...

Gamer Bear YT

thank you for this!

Ghost Face

I got the lock pick in the tape and the tape finished after and I couldn’t find it anywhere? Help?

Alexander Paul

Good Work

Eric Cunningham

There is no lockpick on my shelf not even a box why?

Jan Štembal

Thanks you help me a lot ;)


This is helpful...but I used all of the lock picks up and now I can’t get now what

neil dunham

Madhouse difficulty is basically dark souls but without restarting at the beginning

João Felipe

Thank you!!! It helped me a lot!

Cee mcneil



I own lockpick set originally because of Resident Evil, for entertainment, advantage and helping.

I Eat Scousers

I need to unlock the direction room but there’s no lockpicks?

Roger Nelson

Are there 8 boxes or drawers to unlock or are there more? In other words, is it beneficial to leave some drawers/boxes unlocked to save the lockpick for a better prize later on?

Miguel Pla Lope

You can buy them

no se

How the fuck am I suppoused to get to the motherfucking second floor in the wrecked ship?

Maraline Ayala

Am playing normal where to find the lock pick




Bro I used this lock pick on a drawer and got ammo but I ended it for this door in the basement and now I think I am screwed