THE BEST MID LANER TO FINISH SEASON 8?! - Fizz Mid - League of Legends

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THE BEST MID LANER TO FINISH SEASON 8?! - Fizz Mid - League of Legends

9 228 views | 20 Sep. 2018
9 228 views | 20 Sep. 2018

Fizz is the best mid lane assassin if you are looking to climb at the end of Season 8, or flop like a fish at the end...

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B. Behring

use aa > w for minions pls

John LaRosa

They get rift herald and the two mid turrets and fail to win? Can you say iron league

I hate teams that forget about objectives and begin wanting kills

Good fizz though

Gracie Ozz

Twig playing Fizz? I don't know, it's kinda fishy...

Fais Faizal

Try fiddlestick mid


lmfao the intro


I was deadass looking for fizz gameplay and then I got your notification lol

Y Zed

Loved that fucking intro THE FISH JUST HITTING THE DUDE

Sah Momo

Fizz is evil but we still love you xD

I don't know if fish is tasty

ur dum wery.

Quinn Sebastian

Twig i love you and all your jokes please don't be negative about it.
Great video keep it up :)
Love you and your sweet sweet doggo please dont leave you're the only reason I'm excited for mondays <3 your videos always help to cheer me up.
Keep going and have a nice day.


I hate Fizz when i play against uim.. ;-;

Daniël Fidom

Maybe Vladimirs 'bloodlust' kicked in after first blood

Juno G

Okay but jhin first goes for Zeal items, doesn't finish it and then goes for lethality?


also, pantheon blocks fizz q/w so that may be why he did not explode.


Dude you gotta start ticking potions more often. Gives extra mana back and the extra damage off


Dude you got the blue buff right from the start. Warwick misssmited it


1:25 : Oh no! Not the summon ahri!

Brat Robi



Your jungler is a complete idiot, getting pushed under tower constantly and not getting one gank?


Best youtuber :D. I love learn with all your videos.

Eli Weaver

Twiggggger it is 1 am and yet I am awake watching this

Joe Pham

you god

Harlem Shake

a rollar coaster of emotions dude, Love ya

Angelica Casey

The first clip... SHOOK. So good <3