Eu4: DHARMA Afghanistan into Mughals FINAL

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Eu4: DHARMA Afghanistan into Mughals FINAL

15 376 views | 26 Sep. 2018
15 376 views | 26 Sep. 2018



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In this run we are hunting the Achievement: True heir of timur which requires you to start as a Timurid Subject form the Mughals and conquer India by 1550.

Not exactly easy but lets hope the new mechanics help us out a little bit.

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Sean M

Just a general question does bankrupting reset inflation?

Andrea Costanza

This is AMAZING. I would love to see other runs here on YouTube


Im so proud of you, will you be the father of my children?

sea of scissors

Imagine this happening irl

Max Fer

Next episode: Florry vs World now without Transoxonia

Şahin Alp Taşkaya

Pity that he'd forgotten the Maldives...

Martin Olsson

HOW can you be so good T_T


This has been a pleasure to watch

Ca Ad

He said he wasn't going to go bankrupt. How? I hope thats the next vid. Well done Flurry.

Daniel Thomas

The mad man done it!


Madman Florry


You should become the Treasurer of the US, they need a little Florrynomics

Akshit Tripathi

wipes patriotic tears

The Neighborhood Furry

Whats the trick he mentions about integrating Deccan fast? Or am I hearing it wrong.

Davkodav Davkodavovich

Where can I find the music Florry uses in his playthroughs, and especially the one in this episode? Thanks in advance.


So it's not possible to tell who is going to DoW you in the coalition right? The fact that it's the Timurids is pure luck?

Sadettin ARSLAN

love the part reading separatist sentiment when coalition formed :) spawn of devil omg :D

Salim Abouajwi

I would like to see him stablize the country

Sadettin ARSLAN

florry the most trustworthy ally of all times :)

terry Terry

Is this doable without massively falling behind in dip and admin tech?


this guy is real life Ains Ooal Gown


song name at 26:50 ? Sounds familiar


separatists sentiment :s

Jo Smo

Congrats! Now, coalitions forever until you either die or kill everybody.


why didnt you take maldives????