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75 458 views | 25 Apr. 2019
75 458 views | 25 Apr. 2019

Today I show you how to access the Secret Loot Room at the East Mall Contaminated zone. Loot box is totally random but there are a few items you want to pick up while you are here.

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For the Bsav sample where is it and how to get it?

Ash B

Your very late to the party on this one Skilz

Darrell Quirino

If you complete all of the Contaminated ares you'll get a plushy toy of a working cone.


Well I didn't know about this one so thanks lol


that's also the place u get back to in order to give to the nun her antiviral, she then join the theatre and you can keep bringing her back antiviral u grab from the tidal bassin boss, what is it for ? no one seems to have the answer right now, might be linked to a coming update


Oh cool thx


smh.. this old. before you open the door that takes you in the secret room, theres a door to the right with boxes. I could open it and its a bugged room. lmao


Hey guys best way to farm the game is challanging or heroic, hence towards end . 'Once picked up loot your after'. Die reset the mission and do it again youll find that it will reset the npc and boss's inorder to farm them again without having to go through the whole mission. Once your done quit. The mission or complete it.

Issa Hoornweg

Aaaah the zoo-loot room
It looks familiar to me
I was here in the release week i think

Charles Couch

Good video bro but I already knew about the room LOL hey I join discord I saw your invite so I'll talk to you on there sometime soon

Momo 13

I remember getting the key but didn’t do any activation man I dropped down the elevator and heard a noise and saw the yellow dot on my mini map thought I didn’t pick up a loot went up and saw the key took it and looked for the room and there it is lol


Update, you no longer need the mammoth panel to make the key drop and also if you aren't 30, The samples for the woman aren't there and you just have to wait for a little, then she'll drop a key for you as well. The Key will be located on the crates to the left of you, when facing her. (I have no idea whether or not you can give her samples once you hit 30, but I did this Contamination area as level 14)

Erik Torell

I've been in those building several times in game and had no idea this stuff was there!! Thank you!


Nice! Keep them coming. How do you find these??

Jeep Lord

All u need to do is hit the four panels in the exhibit room and hit the alligator one. Then the second key will drop. Then u see the lady and she will give you a third key. I feel like there’s more to this than just that small loot room. I went down the rope and got the collectible but I feel as if there’s a big loot room

Zelda Of Hyrule

really nice video. thank you for this.


Dude your one of the few to show this. But me and my friends found this on the 3rd day of the game. Really surprised how long it took for some to find it actually.


Nice explanation, too bad most of it is misinformation.

Timothy Waters

That's the Natural History Museum!


Much appreciated !

Wild Hero

There is a secret gun runner where you can buy named guns so far I've got the invisible hand Aug and the rail splitter ctar


all that for 1 weapon box.........

George St-Baptiste

That’s not a secret loot room you can get to there from the street

Limhill 66

Pleas more secrets room


fck your late

Zoop Mitty

Don’t know if you mentioned it before but can you explain BSAV. Still on WT 4 and I have yet to come across BSAV. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Heard of BSAV for the first timeI watching this video. So what are they, how do you get them, and what do you do with them? Thanks dude n keep up the good work

J_Master05 *

Guess where I'm going tonight

d cole

They should add the devtac ronin helmet in. The division 2

Jeffrey Morse

It's not really a secret loot box room, lol

Jason Richter

Do u have to do it in this order?


ContaminatED zones

R Carmisin

A little tip for everybody, try turning off your cover to cover notification. It makes the game nicer to look at without an annoying cursor following you around everywhere you look.


A little late on this vid been done liken10 times already but still good vid

Junior Couley

Sup bro i watch your last video on how to creat a powerful build can you help me

Benito Robles

Hell Yeah! I love exploring in this game. Thank you!

Dylan Carroll

I definitely appreciate these videos. Thank you. That's one of my favorite things about Division 2 compared to Destiny. The availability of open world loot and especially crafting materials. Not being familiar with how recallibration worked I wasn't worried about wasting materials because you can farm Solar Farm, just got that lol, every 24 hours. As well many other sources.


Secret loot lol

James Pierre-lys

Need more secret places

Brett Huber

There is another room there you missed too... when you go through that first set of doors leading to the secret room, to the right, before the second set of doors, is a door partially obstructed by a couch (or something), but you can still get at the door. Now, I cant tell you what is in it, because when I opened the door, the room was bugged or something. All the graphics inside the room was some sort of void, with things highlighting in strange colors, like orange, and there were things like trees, as if it were outside or something. Something was wrong with the graphic mechanics. So, again, I can't tell you what is in there. Maybe its not actually supposed to open up, and that is a bug too. I do not know. But if you have a different result, let me know.

Canis Lupus

Done this long ago and I met the nurse inside with a sick Man, then I believe I did invasion where I got anti virus

Robert G Vandagriff sr

were do you get the b samples at


Today we explore a new secret loot room in the Division 2. Hit the like button if you guys enjoy these!

Old Ironsides

I only activated the panels downstairs and the key materialized.


Bank headquators, black tusk challanging. I belive this mission really hard evan with 4 people the way the npc come at you are insane and its like a wall of bullets coming and 1 focused spot. Kills instantly almost. Also the warhound is op asf 1 tap 1 tap 1 tap 1tap. But after dieing so meny times you find your making the game break. With loot drops

Lenny negron

Awesome tip. Just did it. I got a key once I gave her the sample and got another ket without having to go bk upstairs to hit the panel.


Did they remove this loot room? I’ve activated all 5 panels and have not see a key drop, and I’m unable to open the door that leads to this loot room.

Jay P

What's up man your videos are awsome. I made a video a week or so ago about this area but it wasn't about loot room it was about giving the civilian in that area the bsav sample I had in inventory. I did not receive anything but was a cool little Easter egg!!


Secret loot room which has less loot than a air drop

Calvin Young

Those contamination areas are spooky as hell, but fully exploring all of them give you a backpack trophy


It’s cool to see this on YT but I found it already, thanks!


Idk how I missed this after I got the hunter’s mask. I haven’t had much time to explore being in college so these videos are very helpful, thank you

Hanzo Zer0

I'm not getting the option to interact with her.

Steven Freie

Did anyone else get a chance to open one of the side doors in the secret room as soon as you enter the room before the secret room door. It would be the doors to the left as you leave the exhibit room. It sort of glitches out and is just a dark room that you can see the other room(s)

Brad Looney

That whole area is good for loot tbh. Looting around the building, the underpass just east, and the area just across the street on the south side will yield 6 or 7 gear boxes and around 15 weapon boxes. Just a heads up xD


Thank you for the continuing gifts. Keep up the Good Work!!!

COD Killer

0-Mr_ Holmes-0

I like how they added secret loot rooms, but then made them completely pointless. There is zero point in having a "secret" room for loot if there is nothing different about what comes out of it.

Aaron Keith

Did this one on my own yesterday and couldn’t figure out if there was anything else I had to do for the woman.

I was hoping she would give a side mission as I am at 97% for those.

Thanks skillz


Old news bro

not tellin

she has the box before you gave it to her


Subbed because your so chill about everything

Александар Дукић

Great tutorial!

Davorin Jurišić

that last panel is non interactable for me! LOL!

phuntsok Takring

It was done by someone else.


Awesome as always bro!!!!


How do you get out from the other side there a touchpad but doesn't work are you forced to get out from where you came in ?


This shit is old as fuck stop copying other niggas vids bro

Clay Johndrow

I activated the displays in the 2nd room and still got the key I never activated the mammoth display


What is with the B-sav sample?

It's Marshall, but not Bravestarr.

Thanks for this man! Just did it and got an AK with Optimist and Extra! Gonna swap Extra for Allegro and boom! Perfect for that assault build. Cheers bro

Ron Aukerman

Great info. Thanks.

Jeff Sepp

Where do you get the BSAVE samples?


This is awesome

Lost Boy

Thanks man

Nico_ CTM

All rigth!! nice.

Gilbert Nunez

Can these secret rooms that we've done be done again after some time or just a one time thing?

Mike Moore

You can do the lights in any order Btw


Helpful information, thanks!


Thx again me boi!;)

D Byrd

I think there’s 3 gold keys in here if I’m not mistaken some Russian kid made a video about this

Adam Hurd

You just found this? Danng, I found it first week but I do play on PC. Maybe it takes longer on controller idk

Wayne Riley

Nice one man, thanks. ✌

Rodrigo Zamora

Looks good, gonna try it later because it looks like ubi nerfed the loot area near Washington Monument (since yesterday is a miracle if I get a High end item, usually I get only purples)

code-name bake

Any idea why the Nun won't take my sample, nothing comes up for me to interact with

christopher lind

How do you get your specialist weapons me and my dad can't figure it out for both level 30 and we did 2 strong hold please help

Vile Nation Gaming

Good video and info. Too bad it’s for common items

Kevin Kowalski

I found that room before the key!!

Lady Thren

Where do we get BSAV Samples?

Alexander Champagne

Thanks for the video. I also love the attention to detail, so many secrets even if they are nothing crazy inside. Def makes you appreciate the amount of effort put in to this game.

Javi Martin

I just did it, at level 20 without having to give the vaccine to the woman

Mountain Sound Records

Thank you Skillz. I've gotten my gear score up to 5:03 but I had yet to find that entrance into that contaminated zone and the instant you hopped up on those blocks that let you drop down into the entrance cavity I knew exactly where I went wrong all three times I've been there. Keep up the good work!


i wish there was npcs and bosses whit quarantine outfits to kill here that would be fun the explore

Diego Franco

Thanks skillz !. I'm heading that way tonight. I haven't explored that room yet. Thanks, thanks, thanks..


Think your a great youtuber. Been watching your channel since Division 1. You explain things very well. Please don’t stop, you have great potential


Trying to listen to you over that transmission sucked.

Javi C


Just a random Person I guess

Wait why would I give up my broad spectrum antivirals to some random stranger instead of using it to help make more BSAV samples just for loot? Well, ok then


My first time going to that room, there was two enemies, the shield weilding dude and the bow and arrow dude. I wonder, how the hell did they get in?


I know this is a little dated but I figured i would ask if anybody knows if it is possible to open up what looks like a secret door in the contaminated zone that is to the west of the nest CP. it is when you come down the stairs and there is a statue that is in front of a book case. If you look at the book case it looks to be swinging doors that swing out. Just curious.

Salty Apple

So much work for 1 weapon box? but why? :D