Midnight Spooks 2 - Walkthrough

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Midnight Spooks 2 - Walkthrough

40 127 views | 2 Sep. 2017
40 127 views | 2 Sep. 2017

Midnight Spooks 2 walkthrough by Carmel Games - Play at http://carmelgames.com/midnight-spooks-2-the-photo/

Osmari Miranda

muy bueno el juego

Twiceu Cherry

wow this was a pretty good game

Espresso Rapido

just finished this game. always love the storyline! please make more horror games :D

- Beeman

"Tell you what. You find a way to open Captain Morgan's chest and I'll give you the photo."

I Didn't think about this until now. Dan wanted the photo, but Tycen was the one who opened the chest, not Dan. So shouldn't the owner have given Tycen the photo?

Sandra Kusuma

That's what he gets for wanting something and troubling someone else, not getting it by himself. That Dan guy

Aiswarya Rajeevan

All i understood is the girl was holding three fingers OH WAIT I UNDERSTOOD WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE PHOTO At first when he got the photo the girls was holding two fingers (might be to indicate how much life she has ended) at after the guy died the girl was holding three fingers (also indicating that she has killed another person so now three fingers)

Espresso Rapido

the story somehow reminds me about a creepypasta. How if that picture kills 100 people? Is she gonna hold 100 fingers lol


Just asking what cainda game engin do you guys work whit .
Hey just asking

Sahana Bindal

I want Carmel games to make a game on this photo, in which they include the Vortex Point and reveal how this photo kills its owner.


that number riddle is beyond ridiculous....

Liz Moock

Photo is creepy at the ending

sanjana sharma


sanjana sharma

love the mystery hate the math

Melody the Flying Pig

is it me or do the characters in these games look like their from gravity falls

- Beeman

A man walked by the insane asylum and heard the inmates shouting, “Twenty-one! Twenty-one!” They sounded ecstatic and he stopped to have a look. He put his eye to a hole in the fence and they poked him in the eye with a sharp stick and yelled, “Twenty-two! Twenty-two!”

N Rampadarath

Scary end....

- Beeman

I wonder what would have happened if the shop owner kept the photo, and didn't sell it.


somebody explain me this riddle 3:58


you time is 06:23


why is the photo deadly?I don't get it,please answer my question