Stream GameCube & Wii Games To PS Vita! (Dolphin & Moonlight)

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Stream GameCube & Wii Games To PS Vita! (Dolphin & Moonlight)

70 579 views | 3 Oct. 2018
70 579 views | 3 Oct. 2018

Hi guys, Tech James here,

In this tutorial. I’ll show you guys how to stream GameCube & Wii games to your PS Vita using, Steam, Nvidia Experience, Dolphin Emulator and Moonlight! Make sure to watch my other Moonlight tutorial!

This video is for educational purposes only.

➤ (Moonlight Tutorial):


Music: Hisohkah - School Rooftop (

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shitty rave dj mixes

Doesn't work



Tech Place

Is there an alternative for amd?


Where so i insert The ip address?


Are you not able to just use the touch screen on the vita to control mouse movement?

yousef abdo

you are the best

Ruben Grscia

long life a la playstation vita

Manuel Cendejas


Christian Chavez

Does this work with retroarch installed on the PC?


Amazing bro!


Quando eu toco alguma coisa ao luar, é uma porcaria e deixa a transmissão sozinha. como você conseguiu isso?


I purchased a ps vita thanks to this channel


Time splitters poderia fazer port de mega game pro vita

Dimas Widianto

I have ghrapic card nvidia is not support gamestream :"(


James can u tell me ur game id?


tech james can you downgrade ps vita 3.69 to 3.68


follow your instructions and it is still not registering my vita as a controller, HELP!


Hi Tech James, can you do a tutorial about how to stream games through a PS3 with CFW via Multiman to the Vita? Thanks

The Awesome Fellow

Have you tested Melee or Brawl on there? Would be neat to play with this since it’s so hard to get a switch rn


You don't actually need to do the whole open up Steam and close it. On the PC, in GeForce Experience on the same screen that you turn on gamestream, click on add game and add Dolphin emulator. After you do that Dolphin will show up as a game in Moonlight and can be launched directly.

Blue Warrior

This is amazing another question can i play with moonlight while the computer is off


you dont need to stream it you can just download retroarch and run dolphin direct in your vita

Earl Crisostomo

Can you stream pcsx2 to vita as well?

Вера Уколова

erorr code 1 how fix?


You should make video, how to install PS Vita games updates/add-ons from game that already inserted vpk files


tech james can you back up ps vita 3.69 to 3.68 softwere

brutal guy

Play cod bo zombie xd


You really need to work on your Audio ma boi. Your „S‘es“ sound so harsh. Use a filter to get rid of those annoying frequences:)

Vlone Wrld

Every time I click the windows button and back out to the home screen my moonlight app says disconnecting, and goes back to the pairing screen, making leaving steam virtually impossible... has anyone else run into this annoying issue?

Daniel Del Aguaro

Steam doesn't show up wtf

Lazy Ox

Instead of using the steam add the MSTSC.exe from windows/system32 folder to the gamestream to stream your desktop

Gotengs K

This is really cool

Smoke Inc

time to play borderlands 3 save us fro. the shit borderlands 2 port





Doge di Amalfi

Just use launchbox (big box).


Can you do this over wifi away from your network?


You cannot come up with anything else other than playing video games it's no use what else system can do

loulou ritaj

Please ask you how to play mame games on ps2 devices

Yolomaster 29

I do have a nvidia graphics card a Gtx 1050 ti and a nvidia shield set. I'm having trouble my the graphics card as I can't upgrade it to latest version without issues. It came with a disk and updated to version 382.33. Anyone have a fix?


BTW, for someone using pcsx2 and wants to be able to set up their games to open up through a shortcut and not need to use their mouse at all. Create a text file for your iso or game and put something like this in ("E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\pcsx2.exe" "E:\PCSX2 1.4.0\Games\SpongeBob SquarePants - Battle for Bikini Bottom.iso" --fullboot) Remove the ( & ) and change the paths to wherever your games are, then change the .txt file to .bat and add your game to the gamelist on GeForce Experience and you should be able to open your specific isos through the vita without needing to touch the computer.

B arkermush

James, does this work for 3.60? Or is it only for 3.65 and higher?

Asking, as it doesn't work for me on 3.60.

Everything loads up fine with moonlight, but Dolphin doesn't recognise my controller.. I can't self map the buttons either, as it only seems to pick up my left analogue stick movement.. nothing else. Also, the right analogue stick on the vita, acts like a mouse and moves my mouse curser on my pc.

I can run steam games fine with moonlight, my controls work perfect. But dolphin just will not pick up my vita controls..


So I’m connected but my nonsteam games won’t let me use the vita controlls. How do I get that to work

Abdul Khan

Plz make a video on how to fix ghost movement!

Hope Alvarez

Do you know if I can play Twilight Princess on PS Vita?

Owen Terzic

Can i stream ps2 games to vita as well?

Carl Johnson

How to Play Ps3 games on Ps4 hack



James I need help.
I charged my Vita one night and I tried to turn it on, but the screen was black. Turns out it operates normally, it's just that the screen is fully black. I tried the restart and safe mode method but neither seem to work. I even tried navigating to restarting with a fully black screen but that doesn't seem to work either. Plz help!


Do a vid on download enabler, tried to get the plugin but I can’t get it to work


orders psvita sorry psp go, but it's time to upgrade.



Weeaboo Karwan

It would be way better if my Wii streamed to my vita, instead of PC to vita.

William Torres

Can the same be done with a ps2 emulator? General curiosity and possible video idea, if it does end up somehow working.

Emirhan Şanlı

how to hack google nad facebook using a ps vita

- Sin -

iTLS enso is a must have for vita users. It would be cool if you or skullator made a video for it. Its in the homebrew browser as a vpk. Its kinda beta but apparently it will be available as a plugin in the future.


You are one of the few youtubers that I turn my adblocker off for. You should use the ad rev money to build a new PC. I feel like you need an upgrade. It would also make a good video!

The Passion

Could it play wwe day of rocking

Cameron Sharp

if im running a lower end pc and stream it to my vita will it run slow like the pc or would it run better


How did you get rid of the Moonlight video failed error ? Everybody got this shit, go on the gihub page, the app doesn't work propely anymore...

Ghoulish Graveyard

can you play sega CD

André Tsushima

Tech James can you do a video about how to fix the PS VITA error C2-12828-1?

candido silva

Csgo on vita i wish.)

Antonio Pio Sponsillo

Is possible stream also android on psvita?


Please buy a wiiu and make hbc tutorials. I love all of your videos.

Daniel Del Aguaro

Yeah none of this works.

rikardo fernandez

Techno James you geniu .i want emulator ps3 for psvita



Luis Davila Saire

emulator ps vita in wii is best

The Velvet Carpet

Basically emulating


Hey Tech James how do I add Steam to to Geforce? I would love to use my steam big picture as the main app for my steam library.


I wish my graphics card supports nvidia shield thing .c

Hussain Jassim

What about nintendo switch ?is there an app or tutorial for it

Rose Gravidez

Hi tech james. can you have a tutorial how to use facebook on vita. thanks

Dio Brando

Anyone know how to get dolphin to recognize vita controls? I hit configure but it doesn't work

SukoNon Suko

its possible dolphin emu on ps vita?

أبو تيم الشامي

Error code 11

Ride To Hell: Retribution

Nice video James very helpful but I think I'll wait till the switch emulation gets better

Reaper Nero

Hey, thanks for all the help!

Could you maybe, possibly in the future, make a tutorial on how to connect a PSP to the PPSSPP emulator for LAN play? Thanks!

Ruben Grscia

qué viva la sony playstation vita


hi @techjames i have followed this tutorial and have run into issues, so basically i have dolphin up it recognizes my commands in the config a weird thing though my right stick seems to be controlling the curser and when i load the wii/cube game it doesnt recognize the vita as controller
please please please help



Midas Nightsong

Hey Tech James, so if we can stream Dolphin via steam, how about other emulators, such as PCSX2? Would love to sit down with a proper Persona 3 on my Vita! :D


does this work with cemu


Amazing as Always


Nice ! U can rock some xeno and some botw with cemu too !)

Kaiser Rino

I just played F-Zero GX with 60fps and 4k (internal resolution) on the Vita. This is just mind blowing.


Lmao he just doxxed himself!111!1!1!11!

Youtube Support

ok, dolphin doesn't recognise the pvita's control inputs as shown in your video (4:04) when i move my joystick nothing is happening


Do you have to to be around your house to play and stream Wii games on your PSP vita.