EASY Blaze Farm 1.12.2 Tutorial | ALL PLATFORMS , CHEAP

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EASY Blaze Farm 1.12.2 Tutorial | ALL PLATFORMS , CHEAP

295 536 views | 15 Nov. 2017
295 536 views | 15 Nov. 2017

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This is a pretty simple tutorial for a blaze grinder / blaze farm. I've tried to add as much detail to the tutorial as possible while also trying to get to the point. The design should work anywhere. Drop any questions below!



What You Need - 1:25

STEP 1 [Finding] - 2:29

STEP 2 [Dig the Top Room] - 3:28

STEP 3 [Dig the Pyramid] - 5:07

STEP 4 [Grinding Room] - 8:50

STEP 5 [Sticky Pistons] - 9:58

STEP 6 [Redstone] - 11:27

STEP 7 [Finishing] - 13:00

STEP 8 [Starting it Up] - 15:20


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This design should work in all versions of Minecraft. (1.13, 1.12 , 1.11 , 1.10 ect.) This design should also work on all platforms. ( Minecraft PC , PE , Xbox , PS4 , Wii U , Switch ) This video was shot on Minecraft Java Edition (PC) on version 1.12.1.

if you see this comment "

Sire Miro

Its been 2 years...
Then i finnaly get that

M8 = m eight
M eight = mate

Death Strike Gaming

would it be easier to have lava flows going to center then just have stone plates to block it from going in the hole? or just have wither roses with a soulsand hopper

Jorge Cortes

i’m watching this in 2019 and i’m happy to say that it works perfect on ps4 for village and pillage update :)

Holden Strickland

Just spent 2 hours making this after gathering all the resources, making it look nice, and adding a piston crusher. Only to have my PC give me the blue screen of death as soon as i activated the crusher. I had to completely reset my PC... damnit


You can stop them from spawning with glowstone fyi

Jacob Romero

Sometimes the blazes fall to the corners and don't drop. Also they somehow see me in there and shoot fire. Any way to fix?

Meme Machine

Great video! Does this work on 1.13.2/1.14? Before I build it?

Gamer is Different

sticky piston are very expensive


At the Moment when you Break the Floor you can usw shield

Htoo Myat Min Oo

Your voice is kind of weird back then it weird

Overseer TV

If you build it outside will ghasts get it?

Anthony Maurice

also put slabs all around the farm to increace spawn rate

Jordan Smith

20 minute video... lol what a joke

Christian O'Reilly

Y not just do peaceful and none will spawn for first step cause technically 1 u don't need host privileges 2 u can kill them they are just very annoying and it just so you save time by not having to deal with them

Raging lion

Your skeleton farm helped me a lot since I got a skeleton spawner pretty close to my base. Thanks for the video man

Takahisa Valarien

So you have to walk up and down stairs every time they spawn? Sounds like for all this trouble might as well just stand at a spawned with a bow, easier.

Randy Keller

Cool design

Yodeling Goethe

They all get stuck in the corners...

big uzi vert

Really love how you explained everything in depth. Thanks alot


I don't know if this is the best design. Remember that mojang added "squishing" so now mobs have collision detection for all living things. They can't fit in a 1x1 space if not forced, and if forced by pistons, the one that can't go down will be forced to suffocate, like the center hole was blocked.


my pistons keep on spitting out their blocks


36 sticky pistons isn't cheap

WICKID /Austin123xx

The blaze get mad and fly up and kill eachother

Pak Ladut Sing

Good bro


Just did it on ps and it works (; thanks


There is lava above me on my ceiling will it still work if i don’t dig out the ceiling?

Eduardo 54z

You can always plays torches around The Spawer or to prevent them from Spawning

Da Wootzi

Not fucking cheap dude... remove the fucking cheap title


No virgin im not gonna like your fucking video


for 2 minutes, I thought "why didn't he just put water, and make a normal mob farm?" then I realized...


Hey I had some trouble with the grinder.. Had it 4 days so far and one thing I noticed is that every few minutes the bottom layer of pistons lock up and stay pushed outwards and I have to manually fix them.. Can anyone provide me a reason or solution as to why this occurs I haven't seen any other comments like this and I built it as per the video.


What texture pack is that where the glass connect?

Living Dead Girl

I just built this on PS4 and it works! So sick of tutorials that claim they work on console but they don't. So I'm pretty pumped this blaze one works. Thanks

Carson Henderson

Make the floor out of wood and then set it on fire bam no floor

Leonardo Castellanos

You sound so full of yourself and we can hardly see

Barak Safiq

Thank to Create Video My Friend,
Its so Help for My Survival :D


Does this work on ps4


Hmmm yes wattles 9 years old hmmmm

icebear &

I can make it in 1.8??


this is great. easy explanation with the edits over the important parts, it works, wonderful, thank you so much! i get so much XP out of this; and of course the blaze rods too. on ps3 edition too! ( i know, old school, lol)
many thanks!


well sir it's diffcult to see anything in dark in the nether but next time if you make a video in neter plz use night vision it helps! :)


If you could cause the pressure plates to trigger non-sticky pistons placed one block closer to the center, could you avoid having to use sticky pistons? I'd really prefer not to go digging out slime chunks.


Is it possible to just use regular pistons one extra block forward to avoid the grind for slimeballs?


whos wathcing 2020

Darion Rose Aquiningoc

Bro I've subbed, and I enjoy your vids

Kyle Sheng

This is such a good video! I just built this in factions

Mike Hanson

Built this and love it. I looked at several designs and this is far and away the easiest to build.


Mr gay


What happens if you use normal pistons instead of sticky pistons?


Its great and all, but theres a thing where blaze only spawn when im on the top floor for some reason

Dominik Zawadzki

I would also enchant the sword with Sweeping Edge III.


I had all the materials to make this, however on the way to the fortress i fell into a lava ocean and lost all my gear. Lucky i didn’t bring my fortune 3 pick and my really good armor

Laurits Salicath

Im pretty sure that on ps4 you can just put torches on the spawner and it will prevent the blazes from spawning

Master Pope Yoda

I got all the supplies. Started building, even used glass blocks for the pistons then realized one of the walls was bedrock...

Alex Price

Instead of putting a block at the bottom, put a hopper going into a double chest so then when you afk and the blade push the limit they will die without the loot being lost


"easy" yeah, you just need to spend your day farming slimes

Ashish Sahu

I heard
Hello there bottles here
Instead of wattles


For some reason the blaze won't spawn for me when I am in the killing chamber

Taylor Meads

For some reason, I built this and it works fine, but as soon as i hit them they get aggravated?? They don’t see me and they’re completely calm right until I hit them with my sword. How do i fix this?


Wattles, thought you should know that as MR OZ pointed out below, if you place a torch on every block in the 9x9 area, blazes will not spawn. I think it you be a great idea to add this as an annotation in your video.

Mateusz Maciuszonek

Jestem z polski i uwielbiam ten kanał :) (i love this channel )

MMN Legend

Does it work with regular pistons?


Yeah, it's not really working on PS3, I don't recommend it on that platform. Don't know about others thou.

Ludovick Almanon

This can still works with just a normal piston, right? We just need to make a few adjustments?

Felix Hoehner

my pistons wont activate but only not for the blazes

justin st aubin

Tried it and died, lost all my sticky piston in lava, should have put em in a chest close by.... Fml

lauren williams

Instead of sticky pistons, can’t you use regular ones, one block in front without a block?

Zach Craigen

Hey wattles, I have the farm finished but for some reason, not all of the sticky pistons are being triggered. I'm not sure what I've done wrong

Aidin Townsel

Holy fuck is this efficient. Came back after watching this to drop my like and a comment. This is one of the best farms I’ve used for any mobs and the tutorial was simple, to the point, and never felt like you were padding for time. Good on you and thank you for the guide.

Cody Torio

Ok but not the best the blazes stayed on the corners without the pressure plates


why can't u just go into peaceful mode

Lord Smajl

What's so good about this design ? Nothing new... just pistons... one of the oldest designs. This video is for people who are new in the game or just dumb.

Eli Bardwell

Mojang: there is no safe way to get blaze rods.


they end up in the corners for me

Kaleb Hyde

Do you have to use sticky pistons


The spawning room is 9X9, but they tend to stay on the ledge. What if I make it a 7X7 (to save on pistons), they would be forced to drop on the first pressure plate ledge. Would that affect the spawn rate?

Boydyboydadam 1



I just have one problem whenever in going Done for killing the blazes they start to rage and the blazes that spawns arter keeps shoooting and flying heat should i do?


Can't you just use lava to transport them?

Jordan Smith



CAN....YOU....PLEASE....ST....P ....TA..KIN....ING... LIKE.... A... ROBOT

Jordan Smith

you and Mumbo Jumbo are the two worst channels for minecraft


I have a question


i let the spawner work for me^^ i enclose 8 blazes in a corner so the spawner stops spawning new blazes :D

Apex Gaming

not cheap

Eric Lenske

I love all your videos and the way you explain how to in them, just wondering I wouldn’t mind a video to show how to find nether fortresses, or the best way to

Kid NF

suggestion: give ppl a explanation how the farm works before showing how to build


Why don't you just use pistons?

Chloe_is_ my_Name

Put it on peaceful and when your done, put it on easy,normal or hard. :) just a suggestion ( not hate )

Bertram Påhlsson

This video was so helpful. Thank you fam


You can always go peaceful

Vlone Bandit

Why do my blazes shoot each other without looking at me

Mike Nijland

The corners should also have a piston to make it more efficient. as long as you dont place 2 pistons it works.

(Take it from a pro)

Fat Snowdog

Is this still a working farm?

Ethan Rossignol

Thanks man I built mark 1 and it works great thank you!

Callum Purvis

you can add ones in the corner by adding a single piston mechanism on only one end of each wall.


Still works beautifully even in 1.15.2.

Thanos Pik

Thank you it actually worked! 2 levels in less than a minute. You got a sub♥️

Josh Lefelhocz

Now this is cool. Needed exp for enchanting, and now I got tons. Thanks!


Can you destroy a spawner with a silk touch pickaxe, and then put it back when needed?