DST: BLOCK KLAUS USING STAGEHAND (During the first Winter)

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DST: BLOCK KLAUS USING STAGEHAND (During the first Winter)

29 511 views | 13 Sep. 2017
29 511 views | 13 Sep. 2017

I discovered this trick watching a chinese player named 'de 饥霸 唠叨", here's his youtube channel, subscribe to it guys please!


He streams aswell, even if you don't understand nothing its still interesting to watch! http://bit.ly/StreamPandaTV

I'd like to precise that I have his approbation to showcase his technique, I'm chatting with him on Steam often and I added him as a contributor on my Steam guide (although he's the creator, everyone should know that). I created the guide+video because it'll definitely help players who never fight and grant them a chance to kill Klaus in a funny way.

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☺ Thanks For Watching! ☻



Xander's Game

I just pulled this off on PS4; thanks very much for the strategy (and to the originator).
I admittedly wasn't as good as you... I could only get 2-3 hits in per time;. plus I pan fluted and 2 gunpowdered the krampus; I just didn't want to mess up the spacing on Klaus.

Valentijn Koot

Too bad my Klaus have a habit of spawning in my dear barrier, destroying it before I have a chance to position him.

Thanh Bình Nguyễn

You wanna make this fight even easier? Play as Winona and put 10 catapults behind ya. When Klaus gets stucked, the catapults will chuck a hell lot of stones up his asse. The fight would end in less than a minute. It's a lazy fight, by hey I like being in a lazy fight.


song at 3:00 ?

Maciek Składanowski

10.09 xdd

Max Eidemiller

7:14 "Go for the eyes!" Wilson, say that again, but slower... =_=

Raul Garcia

still works.


What if you'll spawn tentacles and use this method as well?

Little Dio

I only use lureplants its more easy but can be burned


i did it first thing that happens klaus destroys everything XD

Cutelaria Henrique

Works with end table? :'D

Angel Cruz

Can this work on ps4


didnt work for me for some reason

Noisy Ninja

last song ??

Mateusz Parus

5:06 whats that mod called?


Wilson: Klaus is finally dead!
Krampus: I'm about to end this man's whole career

Julia Clifford

He going to do it oh no krampus

☠️ He dies


does this still work


Ok, for those like me who derped:

Don't use lureplants if there is any mob around (like pigs) that can accidentally trigger the magic attacks. It burns down the lureplant and... well shit goes bad real fast.

GuywithGreenShades s

Oh lets leave the Krampus alone, hes not a threat

dies to the krampus after the Klaus fight

Henrik Bever Fikse

For peeps that use lureplants, if you have an ICE STAFF with you, you can freeze the fire

Jan Uary

Can anyone write the specific distance between the structures? Preferably in terms of wall blocks, like 4 walls in a single tuft block

Real Human

I struggle a lot with bee queen, could you make a tutorial for her aswell

Raul Garcia

does this still work

pepsi boi

after the first winter I always use 6 fossil bones for the deers and a lureplant instead of the stagehand

Jan Uary

there's a trick to easily move stagehand into the "perfect spot"...
all you need is a super heated thermal stone ( hot enough to produce a small light around you)
it will attract the stagehand much like a torch but when you go close to the stage hand, it will still be standing up because the light source is not wide/bright enough to make it "hide," because of this you can move/push it just like any entity(mob) in the game
just make sure to switch to torch/lamp if you want to check the position
I hope this helps since i found that the hardest part is getting the stagehand into the perfect spot

Dark Magic

What is this song called? time7:00