How to Fix a Haier Portable Air Conditioner

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How to Fix a Haier Portable Air Conditioner

26 617 views | 13 Apr. 2016
26 617 views | 13 Apr. 2016

I need to know how to fix a Haier portable air conditioner.

Because it breaks down so often or because you can't find anyone to fix it?

There are plenty of people who want to fix it, but none for the price I want to figure out these error codes.

The E1 error code usually means there is an electrical error or notice to change the filter.

What do I do about it?

You can use a really basic color code to determine if the air filter needs to be cleaned.

It isn't dirty or clogged.

That doesn't mean you were negligent in resetting the timer on the AC when you last replaced it.

I don’t think the air filter is it.

You could then have an electrical problem, and the first thing you do is turn it off.

That only stops the error code.

Waiting five minutes and turning it on may clear the memory and the electrical glitch that caused the error.

I wonder if there's a mechanical problem, like a problem with the condenser or a refrigerant leak.

Run it on fan only mode if the air conditioner coil has ice on it due to a refrigerant leak.

Not all of the Haier portable air conditioners have a fan only mode.

So you turn it off and let it thaw.

I've also seen it flashing lights at me.

There's a water tank to capture the condensate, and it will flash a warning when the water tank is full.

I checked that, and that isn't it. What else can I do?

Haier air conditioners let you hold down the power button, unplug it, then plug it in while holding down the power button. It will then run through a test sequence as you hold down the power button, beeping when it is done.

And then I can release the power button.

You can run through this same process with an extra unplug and re-plug in after running the test sequence.

I can't believe two reboots is necessary to clear an error caused by not resetting the timer for the air filter.

It won't eliminate the error if it is caused by wet wires when you emptied out the water bin or have an ice build up melting onto something critical.

If there is ice build up on the compressor, the solution is repairing the coil.

I've also seen the E1 error come up when there's an electrical wire glitch, but using the remote to reset or modify things sometimes fixes it.

What do I do if the remote doesn't work?

Change the batteries in the remote for the AC. And if all else fails, reboot everything.

That I'd expect for a generic control board error.

The E7 error code is a communication fault, while E4 is an EEPROM error, and rebooting can solve both those.

And if it doesn't, I know I need to have the control board replaced.

F2 is an over-current error, I think, while F4 is an over heat protection.

In either of those situations, I want to turn it off and call for service.

At least if you've tried rebooting and checking the mechanical answers means you'll feel less bad about doing it too.


Mine is brand new and the air isnt cold

Robert Crawford

what is ee error code on a haier portable ac


what is the stop sign for

fran williamson

HAIER HPN14XCM Portable A/C bought in 2017 - FAILED!

* Dedicated plug. Wasn't tripping the breaker on the plug.
* No error codes.
* Just stopped producing cold air after 3 years of being used 2 months each year. Always stored properly.
* Always throughly cleaned the filter before using and before storing till the next season.

To clarify, the unit turns on and runs fine. It just no longer produces cold air after 15 seconds. It's just a power guzzling fan now.

From reviews I saw, this portable A/C has had a HIGH failure rate after just 3 years of service. It was suppose to last 8 to 10 years. Protection Plan refused to cover it. Guess this unit was making them go broke trying to replace them all.


Going with a different brand with a better track record.


Mine keeps saying that the water tank is full when it's not and it will do it when it's not on

Gilles Des

Good grief, it’s a voice emulator, so robotic

atown Ish

haier is junk

Karl Weinger

Wtf is this......

Yeshua Man

Mine won't turn on . when I press the power button a "!" light comes on. I cleaned the filter and it didn't have water in it and nothing .

Krystal dejulio

What is Lo

Amanda Teeters

I have a pink light on my air conditioner...what does that mean?

Martie Tucker

My air shut out when you turn it on it flashes a little red light by the power button