Diablo - Black Mushroom (Diablo 1)

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Diablo - Black Mushroom (Diablo 1)

97 282 views | 18 Jul. 2008
97 282 views | 18 Jul. 2008

This is the story and lore behind Diablo's "Black Mushroom", the quest itself and what the townsfolk had to say about it. I plan to do this for all of the Diablo and Diablo 2 quests.

Note: Pepin has nothing to say for the first part of the quest.

Pasha Defragzor



griswold has the best voice actor ever




0:48 Careful, observers are listening and mocking you


I don't have any mushrooms of any size or color for sale.

Valantis OneForSorrow

Well it sounds like boaah or woaah it is so funny :P


lol drunk guy


Pepin: Would you please carry this to the witch? I believe that she is expecting it. *throws elixir on the floor*

N O W T H A T ' S O N E B I G M U S H R O O M . . . ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


Ogden is so offended.

My Games Today LLC

Black mushroom on the dark floor hmmm easy to find eh??

Densuke Mifune

miss starcraft and the olkd observer... they should re used that quote as an easter...


what level of the place is this?

David Hoffnung

"THAT MUSHROOM'S THE SIZE OF A CADILLAC!!!" - cut voice-line for this quest that can be found in the game's files

K. Lockhart

bitch ass adria. selling out her daughter in D3.


I am Ogden lol I guess fighting your own demons can be tough.

Der Typ Da

That sound, when the mushroom drops


"When the player consumes the Spectral Elixir, all stats are increased by 3."

Jazzy Desert Mouse

bööw xDDDD

Natalie Moisa

That's what she said ;)


aww you shoulda added the extra dialog you get **IF you bring the brain to the witch before giving it to peppin**


1:55 .......Excuse me?

Oliver Draathelvete

Is it possible to drink the spectre elixir and save your game, start a new game and do this quest over and over so you can raise your stats how much you want? or does it only work once per game?

Mark Printz

@ILoveTheJackBlack You'll have to search the whole levels since the mushroom, for the brain. I know I had to do it...


Dat "Red Hering"-Pun still made me piss myself laughing.


Diablo heroes are always too late, even for a pointless fetch quest.

Grovajl Yukari

bloated mushroom xD even cleverbot knows that phrase xD


Carbot diablols anyone?

Mike O'Tren

Hahaha best quest in the game.

Quagsire Clearaszerg

i would've enjoyed this game.


I clicked it and clicked it again and again just to hear that noise, because I find it hilarious and entertaining :3.

Creative- Name

The warrior sounds kinda like Duke Nukem.

Chris Olenik

what does elixer do?

Bootie Warrior

Omg the sound he makes when he picks up the mushroom is priceless XD


You didn't talki with Pepin, the healer !


I just realized that the drunk sounds like Bill Cosby

Visual Novel VN playthrough

The voice acting of diablo 1 is very impressive.


As a mushroom myself, I find this racist.


1:56 bəʊ

Tyler Ellyson

Damn it Farnham!


Market value of the spectral elixir she hands you for free...60,000 gold pieces. That's if you don't take into account that Elixirs of vitality are actually priceless because they can only be found, not bought.

Lorenzo Rauco

Carbot teach


Adria: "It's a big black mushroom that I need! Now run off and get it for me..." Mushrooms have long been phallic symbols in folk and classical artwork, for centuries, in fact. It's totally an innuendo, and I would wager, completely intentional.


Now THAT, is a biiiig mushroom.

J Trum

zomg, thats where the observer got that one pissed quote from 0:51 i always wondered what it was saying LOL


Pssh, you ever been to Mushroom Kingdom?


yes very big :D


Lol, the sorcerer doesn't need to fetch the mushroom. All he has to do is pull down his pants. Pause


Black mushroom TIP


i like the mushroom's sound effect


Hahaha, I say this ALL THE TIME and nobody knows what I'm talking about :( Oh well, I do! And so do you! :P

Нет Нетович

Fuck. How do I post an image here?

James Phillips

Wow. I didn't think Ogden would be so angry and offended.

Isaac Halley

2:00 lol this part is perfect when you play as Rogue

Wax N' Wane

Baww... 1:56


why does the mushroom go "Woahh" everytime you pick it up? a lot of this game has funnies in it.


This is a funny quest

Rik'tor Heverez

i came here just to hear Griswold go nuts over a black mushroom



Ted Brogan

The real, spoken NPC lines really add so much of the atmosphere to this game. Little touches like having professional voice-actor Bill Cosby voice the town drunkard were what made this game so amazing.

Thanquol Greyseer

"Woahh..." Sounds so stoner-ish. XD

stcaey p



@yaerius: Yeah XD: ''Baww!'' X)


Has a Protoss Observer been here?


@Dendarang I hope Blizzard confirms this "tasty" rumour.

Lysergic Brainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal

0:48 lol "that sounds like an exaggeratingly big, huge, unbelievably massive, legendarily bloatedly swollen, super mushroom enough to feed the entire planet 10 times over of astronomically jaw dropping size which is incredibly unbearably intense to behold because of the mega mushroom madness Mario must muster making mighty meals out of that thing!" lol Griswold says some CRAZY ass shit!


it sounds like ... A huge,gargantuan, swollen,bloated mushroom. Well, good hunting I suppose. haha, griswold always cracks me up


a mushroon the size of a cadillac!


I love how cryptic Farnham sounds for this one, he's giving you a clue that you need to make room in your inventory.

Merlin Yes Really

0:47 - You likely came for the Griswold quote.

Benjamin Sword

I used to say it too. I haven't for a long time then a couple of days ago mushrooms were brought up several times and then I remembered "wow, now that's one big mushroom!"

Uncle Gamecube

I hate those Illusion Weavers.

Universal G

third one is grounds keeper willy XD hahahaha!

IgorSoulCach Channel



The mushroom sound never ceases to amaze me, event after all these years.

peter siri

Question is... will Adrea will use her BIG BLACK mushroom on her daugther Leah?

James Jiao

Lost and found again, that mushroom in D3 :)..

Aidan McLaren

Why does Ogden sound so hateful...?


I just love the sound of that mushroom hitting the ground :D

Aidan McLaren

Griswold sounds like Billy Connolly when he starts talking about the mushroom.


"Swollen" and "bloated" eh?


Is this a black dick joke?

Nikola Minčič

1:56 Boah!

Андрей Олешко

На Русском есть что нибудь?


a lot...


whats levels is ist ?


All of this save for the early events of D3 are referenced in the Book of Cain.


Those are health potions, not vitality elixirs.

Talking Fishbone

the Protoss Observer receives transmissions from the fourth wall within Blizzard.


0:50   LOL!!


@Dendarang That can't be true because Aiden was under the influence of Diablo at the time. As the story goes, after Aiden had lodged Diablo's soulstone into his head in an attempt to contain his spirit, Aiden had been consumed by him and he later sought council with Adria. In D3, Leah mentions here father was some brave warrior and there's an audio of Adria mentioning how strangely Aiden was acting the night he had left. It was Diablo's intention to knock Adria up. For what purpose we dunno yet


the illusion weaver has a design and Death animation similar to archivile from doom 2 oO


Who else came here after watching carbot video "Cave Man" ?


1:57 if you came here for the same reason I did

Universal G

second voice has got to be sean connery hahahaha!!

Passaralho o alado


Pedro Perez

That's what SHE said!

Cheeki Breeki i v Damki

A Protoss Observer has recorded it.

Cyberdemon Cyndi

Ha ha, why does the mushroom say whoa when it hits the ground?


Adria asks you to find a huge black mushroom for her to make a poiton. You find the mushroon and keep it to yourself, so that you can indefinetely throw it on the ground to listen to the sound it makes just to relief stress from all the demonslaying... What a disappointment.