Futzuki Review: Does This Reflexology Mat Work?

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Futzuki Review: Does This Reflexology Mat Work?

79 946 views | 20 Feb. 2017
79 946 views | 20 Feb. 2017

Futzuki is an As Seen on TV reflexology mat which is said to relieve foot pain. While I realize something like this is completely subjective, I found Futzuki to be uncomfortable with bare feet, yet bearable while wearing socks.


• See a brief update about 3 minutes into this video: https://youtu.be/dgKcf3Y52zs

• Written review: http://bit.ly/2lnWboQ


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Buff Barnaby

I put my foot through the rusted-out floorboard of a Suzuki...Does that count?
FootSuzuki !

Holy Smoke

It hurt my feet just watching this - yikes! Our Irish Setter gnaws and licks on our feet while we relax (especially when we rub a bit of steak gravy on them, ahem!) She's best feet relief on the planet earth!

Great looking socks. Thanks for another fine review!

Seek The Truth People

I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet and it 100% helps even after the first use. I use socks and yes it hurts a bit. This product WORKS for me!!!!

Pablo Reyes

U are cute and your feet look beautiful


Just turn your car's floor mat it has the same points

Justina Anderson

how long did the paim relief last?

Pablo Reyes

I wanna run and jump on his arms or meet him at the bed

Randy Pullman

geez did your try the obvious such as sitting down?

Annie Fenter

Just stand on it with socks at first, no movement at first, to get used to it.


I went to China a few years ago on business and I was taken for an authentic Chinese foot massage place. The experience was unique. It was a combination of both pleasure and pain. The pain was when they dug into pressure points to release pressure. I guess Futzuki could lower the durometer of the plastic but you may not get the pressure point dig in effect. I found the item on barginjunkie.com for $7.77 shipped so I am going to try it and build up to it with socks on so I don't get foot indents or sit on the couch cause the full body weight load can be too much to bear.


If a person has (say) plantar fasciitis then they need to break-up scar tissue with massage that can indeed be painful. All the wimpy stretching exercises wont do much. I haven't used this footzuki but the fact it causes pain is a good sign to me.

Cyndy Meehan

I just got one exactly the same and i lucked out with paying only 3.99 but I have to admit that I kinda look on deals or won't buy I never heard of it I tried a little barefoot and Luke you no,tomorrow after gym i Will try with socks at least from ur video I learned its a total waste i Will let u on the socks situation ty

Monique G

I use it. It does provide relief but....if your into massages you know that when your muscles are tense....you have to have a hard message before the pain melts away. If you have a low pain threshold do not buy this mat because it does hurt. I got mine from a discount store called ollies...only paid $2.99....so I had nothing to lose...but I like it.....

Joanne Monaco

Thank you for the review. I have very flat feet and plantar fasciitis.


Unbeknown to me what I was buying, in plastic sandals
I was wondering why the souls of my feet were hurting until I rubbed my hand down inside the shoe and felt the rather prominent bumps, *that were suppose to be beneficial. had to put an insert on top of reflex bumps to use the shoes

Wayne C Alderman

sounds like acupuncture


My kids leave sharp plastic toys everywhere, is walking barefoot on sharp plastic bits the same?

Deena Petrick

1 question: did the bottom of your feet bruise?

Anthony Frazzini

I'm dying here!! hahah! Your reactions are exactly the same as mine everytime I try to make this work. I'm feeling a return trip back to bed bath and beyond is in the near future. Thanks for the review! lol


Wear orthotic insoles or shoes. It makes a huge difference for flat feet. I hate walking barefoot now, I wear vionic flip flops around the house and they don't look like nursing home shoes.

sherry a



I can tell pain by your facial expressions, got a laugh, 'feels better only because I was in such pain before'

Ivan Vasquez

Good video I just got my futzuki to help me with a mild sprain foot


Heals pain by distracting you with more pain.

Lisa E

Yikes! Your poor feet! Who came up with this, Torquemada?

Benedikt Bast

I like the Futzuki Mat. I don‘t think the Futzuki solves any major problems people maybe have with the feet, but this is how I use it: I only wear minimal shoes (vivobarefoot,..) or walk barefoot. So I do not have the common foot problems and my skin is not that sensitive anymore. When I walk a lot, 6 km or more, the feet feel kind of tired and „stiff“. Then I step onto the Futzuki mat for a couple of minutes and they feel refreshed again. So for me it does not hurt and really works well :)

Janet Newbill

reflexology is great I had shoes and when u get use to them they feel great. but thanks I won't but it.


I feel like you've never even walked barefoot in grass before... hahaha love the videos anyways man.

Greg Wierzbicki


Dr Demento

Just looking at the wincing tells me all I need to know - it hurts, and probably does nothing good.

Buff Barnaby

Use it in shower with hot water.


I have seriously over-sensitive feet. As in, I hate even having to touch them to wash them. I also have fallen arches, a pronated ankle, and chronic SI joint and low back issues that likely all exacerbate each other. I’m in my 40s and have only been able to tolerate 1 foot massage in my life (I was drunk lol). During the 1 pedicure I forced myself to have to try and get over my aversion, I was praying for an Ativan the whole time and I had to stop her during the foot massage. My MIL has plantar fasciitis, so I actually bought the Futziki for her yesterday after finding it for 0.99 at a salvage store. Thought I’d give it a ride. Yup, not pleasant. Tried it for the first time without socks despite the recommendation. Stupid idea. It WAS like standing on needles. It was very uncomfortable at first, and I was unable to stand upright immediately. I leaned on a coffee table until I got used to it in addition to standing on it 1 foot at a time before moving to both feet. I also just stood on the flat part of the mat, as my arches really hurt standing on thee raised section. But I couldn’t believe the difference after putting on socks! Much less uncomfortable and tolerable, even though the socks were super thin. I’m going to go get myself one with hopes that I can continue to desensitize my feet and see if regular use helps with the other issues.

Cherry Berry

Wow he looks like the rapper common I can’t wait to get mines


I actually found your channel today. I might get it but use one foot at a time. I have flat feet and arch pain. Thank you for suffering through this review!

Clarebear 49

It is Amazing!!! I have had terrible Planter Facititus and it gave me instant relief!! The day i found it in the store I could barely walk. Yes barefoot for me hurt, but not nearly as bad as the pain I was in.. I stepoed off and felt 10 years younger!! I can walk thanks to this thing!!

Nicolas Cage

When did they start putting foot fetish videos on Youtube?


I have a similar mat it was painful but you get used to it made my feet feel better...

Sunshine Cleaning

I like this man.

Teddy A

Love the colorful first pair of socks

It's Chaddkns

So I finally got my foot massaged for the first time... Y'all need to go get y'all feet done here.i feel like an angel!


If you look up the wiki for Reflexology it plainly says "alternative medicine" and "pseudoscience". If you aren't a spirituality astrology nonsense kind of gullible person this mat's placebo effect isn't going to work for you.

Esmeralda Maldonado

So funny. Thanks for the review!!


My grandmother had a long plastic walk on mat that stretched through the hallway of the house and if you flipped it over it had spikes just like this that you could walk on if your a fucking PSYCHO.

Chad Pugh

I remember a childhood friend of mine had fallen arches and his footprint looked so strange lol.

Heather Montrose

I agree. It's ok with socks


Save your money just walk on Lego and get the same results


ShaoLin Priests gave this 5 Stars =))

Janet Haley

hey I just saw this TV ad and wanted info about it and I guess after focusing on da pain in your feet you ain't gone notice the others pains

Tony Nathanson

One of the most entertaining reviews I've ever seen!  Reminded me of the two friends.One of them says "My feet are killing me."The other one says, "Why do you keep buying shoes that are too small?""My feet feel so good when I take them off."


I tried it with socks and without socks. The results - it was still uncomfortable. I returned it & got my money back.


I have narrow feet (shoe size 10AA), so my weight is distributed over fewer square inches than someone with wider feet. I seldom go barefoot, so the Futzuki is definitely not for me. Thankfully, I don't have any medical conditions that the product is designed to alleviate. Thanks for the review.

Life Adventure

Got one from marshalls it works in shower and it doesnt hurt that much, as long as it hurts which means your feet really need help

Furby Gender

I definitely understand the point of the product, unlike the sponge on a stick review. It seems like it's something they do in Japan, China and probably other Asian civilizations. I think that if you were to use the product daily and then rereview it after a month, it would yield better results

mardeca art

actually enjoy this barefoot.

lor zam

I was able to attend one seminar about acupuncture. One topic is about acupuncture pads or mats. The very reason you feel pain and uncomfortable upon stepping on it is that your internal organs are not at all healthy. Vital points on your feet are directly connected to different parts of your body. So when you step on it especially for the first time, those vital points on your feet will connect to your ailing internal body organs and it definitely makes you uncomfortable. So just continue stepping on it until you will realize that there is no longer pain while doing it after few sessions. It is really good for the body, proven and tested.


Setting aside the woo-potential of 'reflexology', this seems like it may have a similar effect to the foam rollers used to relax muscles after working out, only on your feet instead.

Guy Bartlett

I'm a barefoot hiker this looks great for me! If people went barefoot podiatrist would be out of business, thanks for this review

Eve Lu

Thank you for all your reviews. I truly appreciate it. I suffer from extreme foot pain , plantar fascitis and heel spurs on both of my feet. I have tried everything. Have you ever tried the Theraflow dual wooden massager?

Matt H

Basically Adidas sandals

Chris Taylor

I haven't used Futzuki, but I have stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night. They looked comparable.

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Paparazzi Entertainment

Dude your too funny this is actually good for you, if standing on it is too much try sitting down first LOL then gradually adding more pressure and length of time stick with it after some time it will help you... socks do help...LOL

x x

That kind of therapy, it's not designed to be comfortable or relaxing. The pain indicates that you have some issues(posture,feets,stress, even in some organs*)
PS No musical or sexual connotations in this comment. LOL

Charles Bikely

I'm guessing the smaller the foot the more pressure per square inch. I've got size 13s, futzuki feels great!

Sally Soucie

I like it it help ya feet I can do it barefeet...think it calm nerves n it feel good got to use it get ya feet use to it ...thumb up for my feet!

Angie Mayer

Looks like the back side of those plastic runners

m mora

have you done a review on flex seal ???

Jen Smiles

You should probably try just sitting down and then placing your feet on the Matt, then you can control the amount of weight & pressure you apply to your feet, making it relieving as opposed to just painful.


All it made me think of is the old cartoon "Godzilla" and "GodZookee" with this pain and enducing Foot Dookie! I woke point ballet shoes for years but I enjoyed the pain. I guess it comes with being young, little crazy and lots of passssion. LOVE honesty in your review of foot killing rock pad of dookie!

Julie Baker

I used to have a bath mat with bumps like that, (minus the bigger ones) I had to go get a different mat. Those bumps gave me what amounted to stone bruises on the bottom of my feet that took several days to heal.


FootDookie? Thanks bra!


Right now the item is only 99¢ at Pulse dot com.


This video is fucking hilarious .. especially with that music

Dope Action Big Facts 614

It's mushing your feet meat .


Just buy legos

Eleanor Polchinski

Lololol I’m getting this thanks !

Jesse Stewart

Good man I'm gonna buy 1 of those.

Marion Janusz

Stop being such a pussy! I love mine!

Shequonnia Cooper

it's very painful when first stepping on it. maybe I did something wrong. I'll try it with socks on next time

Live Simple

It doesn't hurt that bad

Prabh Chahal

Just walk on Legos, you don't have to waste 1038485931038483929388493 dollars so yeah


You can get a much better effect using a cheap lacross ball


Does this video have creepily more views than all your others? :/

Korean Elvis

I appreciate your great attitude. And your review. Thank you


Between this review and the 15.00 veneer video I got a good several minutes of nonstop laughs thanks

Kitty Stewart

That looks painful. I had one of those rubber spikey balls that kids toss around. I used to roll one around on the floor with my foot and it felt good lol and not painful like this device

Fatima Dyy Adam

You’re so funny

Tony Rose Ilagan

If its way too painful in the middle of your foot it means there is something wrong with your body and also you need to drink a lot of water


Foot porn ;)

Praise Love

Omg at first it hurts but after some time it made my feet feel soooo good may be because i live barefoot so my feet take a lot of stress lol