Tom Segura Came Out As Non-Binary on Morning TV

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Tom Segura Came Out As Non-Binary on Morning TV

1 985 156 views | 5 Jun. 2019
1 985 156 views | 5 Jun. 2019

Taken from JRE #1310: Sober October 2019 Preview:

Soarin Dragon

My 15 year old Canadian Honda is saving itself for the day Joe Rogan buys an Italian Bugatti.

Mitchell Cryer

morning TV is huge in the UK


my brain yelling at joe bc a bugatti is german not italian

Johnny Rotten

“Dirty Honda driving savage”

Andy Gilmour

Bugatti owned by Audi/ Volkswagen!!!!


I think joe secretly hates arie


Ari sucks, stop having his lame ass on

dillon neal

Joe “2milliondollaritaliancar” rogan


So now everyone who doesn't drive a $2million dollar car is a dirty savage? I don't own a Honda but that is the most ignorant entitled asshole statement I've ever heard. I lost any little respect I had for this idiot.

DigDoug 702

Bugatti isn't Italian lmfao


I know I’m not the only one, but every time I listen to this clip, and I hear Joe call Tracy Morgan’s Bugatti an “Italian sports car” it hurts me a little inside.
But it’s not like there are many other French car manufacturers, especially if you look at the American market. I assume the average car bro assumes every multi million car is from Italy

Ronnie Rhodes

If you’re driving a two million dollar car around in traffic you’re just asking for something to happen to it. What a moron.

Trev Moran

In England especially, the morning talkshow is actually a very influential and often free-flowing format in which one can actually expand their fanbase, but maybe it's different in the US.

Clay Allsman

Not to be a douche but Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen so that’s german

Jericho Rell

I worked as a tv host for a morning show for the news. This is hilarious. But people do watch those shows , they are called old people haha


Who are these homeless guys?


The funny thing is technology will synthetically make it possible for non-binary people or even non-human people to exist. Until then it is more like a fad. But is it if people can assume such technology to exist in the near future thus making it a reality?

Clay Reed

"Dirty honda driving savage" I feel like a fucking lowlife now

Vickie Lawson

Ari looks like a balding llama.

Christian Ranslam

Never heard of Borat?


Joe "it's like you're broadcasting out of a Christian convenience store" Rogan


These guys are comedians..?


"Yeeeah... Is this that J.K. Rowlings guy?
"First of all, that's just a spokesman, and it's J.K. Sim-
"Whatever. This friggin BLACK guy came out of nowhere & he's saying my Honda Civic 'ruined' his $200 Million 'Boo-ga-tee?' He says he's Tracy Morgan & he's 'bout to get my ass pregnant' over this shit."

David T

Am I the only one kinda shocked Tracy Morgan has that kind of money?

Scott DeSalvo

Must not of been selling enough tickets, needed some attention.

Chris Cawthorn

Ari makes me wanna go to dental school and become his dentist so I can drill his teeth without freezing. Because every time he talks its like he's drilling mine. Worst dude in show business.


So the non-binary thing is mockery? I don't get it.


did joe just call Bugatti an Italian sports car? cos its a french company owned by germans

Gilbert Grape

first time i found this group funny....not really funny i guess, but intresting

33 ONT

Who gives a shit about this virtue signaling asshat .

Richard Brown

Three bald men sat at a table speaking into microphones....

Nero Valentine

Them: Talking about a car accident

Ari: "I got hit by a wal-mart truck."

Neon Mercury

4:28 pog

Todd Edwards

Bugatti is French


Good Morning Bert! GoodMorning Bert!


needed some rubbers late one night, went into a christian convenient store, damn near shit a plum when I saw no rubbers.... True story.


Non-Binary? I don't even know what that is.... I guess its a fat comedian Incel lol


Question: The American "Boo-garti" or the European "Bew-gatti"? Just wondering...

Cq Thatdude


Walter Langkowski

What’s even more hilarious Ari is when some destroys their entire career for a joke that wasn’t even funny

Joe Hamilton

Ari Zionist arsehole is the lowest rung of comedy

nandan krishna Murthy

It's hilarious when people don't know what job they are in , truer words have never been spoken aari


Fuck Ari

Yasser Essa

2020 rogan can't have Callen, d'elia, or Ari wtf

High and Tight

Fuck Ari. Everyone else is cool.

davur magnussen

bugatti´s not italian.... :( come on joe


That poor poor brave oppressed hero!


Fuck Ari Sharif!!!!!


I see Tracy Morgan driving around my neighborhood fairly often.


Bugatti is not Italian joe... it was first French and now it’s german

Tommy D

Oh wow ari , dude who made fun of Kobe Bryant and his daughter in the helicopter tragedy , dude can go fuck himself

Djalil Derr

"italian sportscar"
First its a Hyper car
Second owned By Vw Wich means German


Joe rogan the goat , shout out Pittsburgh’s weak ass morning show hosts , they got me through acj

Veezus Pappas

Tracey is too cheap for a Bugatti


Brent was already saying ahhhhh-hundred percent a year ago

Chad Kyle

Mark Norman

Michael Brown

Segura looking incredibly Russian atm.

Matthew Dinsmore

Why the hell is ari there...he makes everything worse.

Salvage Monster

I a, surprised Tracy didn’t pretend he was unconscious and try and get another 100 million dollar settlement.

Danny Pope

I get why you guys don’t like morning tv... but there are 80 year olds, and Christians who like that stuff.

Adam Burgos

The Honda driver was an Asian lady........... watch the actual video wtf

Theforcer 1

Bugatti is French

Kyle Tuck

Ari is a total slime ball. Fuck that guy.


Hahaha Ari is finished


Oh a Bugatti got damaged? Not badly enough, how miniscule a dick are you compensating for if you need that status symbol. Piece of shit.

Luca Marx

What is up with these Canadians getting cars wrong

Mark Travis

Fat Joe, Skinny Joe, Normal Joe, Hat Joe


DJ Dad Mouth or DJ Deadmau5 ??

Bobby Beans

Bugatti is actually a German super car not Italian sports car

Mattastic Mattattack

Dirty honda driving savage

Tony Montana

id do anything to be a morning show host... literally anything. i would sacrifice my first born for even a 1 mil salary shit sounds like fake money. game show host get like way more, vana white gets like 12 mil, and pat sajak gets 20 mil lol... they get more money in a year then ill ever see in 3-4 life times, and they do less work then i do in an afternoon shift lol

penguins can fly

This would be funnier if they yelled "SHUT THE FUCK UP ARI!!!!" every time he tried to say something

scott kerr

German sports car

marinko musique

fuck your 2m italian sports car - 2004 toyota matrix 4ever!

Dan Simpson

Not really a fan of that other dude idk why... Love segura and bert Aite but the other dude I dont kniw why but im not a fan

Todd Edwards

Bert is nasty and not funny and seems like a douche.
" I cant drink and take my shirt off on morning tv BUT THATS ALL I DO

Michael Heider

Do the headsets cause hair loss?

Paul Fields

Ari_"it's funny when people don't know what job there in".

Everybody else_oh you mean like when you said " it was a great day" because Kobe Bryant died in the helicopter accident. You're supposed to be a comedian not Satan

Luke Jo

If I hit a 2mill car I would just laugh in their face


This would have been great had the juice not been speaking. POS that it is.

Charles Miller


El Pistolero

Hang on, is Morgan one of the “oppressed” people I keep hearing about?

Cody Zimmer


K gu

Ari would do anything to get on morning television these days

Soarin Dragon

Bugatti Is French not Italian... Joe "car guy" Rogan.

Nick Wancho

its french sports car but that's ok lol


Isn’t Bugatti French?

Eric Boxer

what the hell is non binary


Actually Bugatti is french not italian. And now owned by VW so technically german

Peyton Brimmer

Aaaaaahundred percent.


I drive a Honda what's wrong with that?


Tom Segura Hates that his last name is Segura

Sanman Sabane

Joe has a great car collection and still thinks Bugatti is a Italian company.

Albion Bodle

Joe ”some dirty Honda riding savage” Rogan

DOMINIC Albanese


Ivan Espinoza

The worried nut intrestingly afford because copper psychologically tire behind a safe caravan. faded, slimy giraffe

harry callahan

About a month tell SoberOctober. 2020 going to be a tough one.

Lindsey B

Give them a break morning shows are for old people and moms watching tv with their kids they aren’t supposed to be edgy entertainment

Mike Cook

Fuck him for driving a 2 million dollar car.


Non-binary: my life is F....ed up and I want attention